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C4 Spying

Episode 4


"I didn't want to be a burden...Mel"

I Cried as I heard Kyrmen say those words"How could you even think..like that who said you were a burden??"

I watched as he sat on the sofa. "You and Micheal keep working hard to make sure am happy, but I feel useless... because of me..you haven't completed College...I.."

I hugged him"Don't say that, I and Micheal love you alot...I will earn Enough... Please don't neglect Schooling, please." He Looked at me blankly, and I realized that he wouldn't listen so I brought up a solution."Why don't you work, part time...after school you could earn from that supermarket you work in...How does that sound" he was Soo happy, he immediately gave me a hug. I was just glad That He wasn't suspended from school or anything.

It was over an hour and the lipstick stain couldn't go of. I panicked, he didn't want me to take it to the dry cleaners, he wanted me to hand clean it.

"Argggghhhhhhhh!...I curse this suit!"

"What was that...Miss Walters?"

I turned abruptly, and saw him gosh how long had he been standing there....He leaned on the door, Looking quite Normal, in a red Top and shorts. The only odd thing was..The glasses that he wore.

"Sir...I was just...umm.. singing"

He smirked, the first time I have ever seen him do that. "Okay...Do it...I wanna hear" it finally came to me, This maniacal Boss of mine wanted to bully me. Gosh why do I keep attracting problems. I stared at him as he walked towards me. We were in a wash room and I felt that if anyone saw the boss and i in there questions would be raised, blinking, I realized that he had gotten Close to me. My hands dropped the brush on the floor. I started to breath heavily. "Miss Walters...sing"

I prayed for help, I couldn't even say anything, Almost immediately Kira the other Maid came in. I thanked my stars.

"Oh Kira...is Miss Esther calling me?....okay okay let me go see her.."I tried to rush out even before Kira said a Word. Leaving the suit on the table.

"Miss Walters.."

His voice held me back. I stared at Kira, who slowly backed away.

"Come back to this spot right this instant."

I shivered... turning slowly I moved back to my Work, as i Spread the suit on the table I began cleaning it slowly. Expecting him to Leave...but instead he didn't.

"Miss Walters....what kind of maid are you...if you do not know the basics of cleaning a suit."

I answered in My mind. It's so hard to work properly when your boss is one step behind you.

I wanted to tell him that I could handle it. But almost immediately. He Moved behind Me, he was Soo Close I could feel his face close to My neck. Taking the hand with the brush, he spoke "This is how you should brush a dirt..."

I began to feel uncomfortable. He was too Close, I felt so weird.

"Oh umm sir..."I moved away taking my hands from his"it's clean..now Thanks".

Rushing outside I took in some air. What was that, it felt so weird.

My heart kept Skipping beats. Plus I had these Goosebumps.

Taking a deep breath I went straight to the maids quarters.

As expected Kira had already filled others all about seeing Mr Carson in the washroom with me.

"Well whose the boss favorite..." She commented as I passed by...while others laughed.

I couldn't give her the pleasure as It was evident that she didn't like me. "Well Kira...you know who"

I smiled sitting on one of the beds.

She eyed me. "Look you are just a Newbie....so stop acting like you are the Boss's girl already"

I laughed, it was really funny. "Mr Carson?....hell No...what do you see in him anyway?.

Peter the male servant rushed in."Don't mind her... Melanie...She just has a thing for Mr Carson.."

Oh it made sense now. I moved to Kira..."don't worry boss Carson is yours".

I enjoyed bonding with the other maids as they all made me feel at home. There was Susan who seemed to be a narcissist, Deborah who singed alot Chris who was the Male chef. They all seemed funny and lively. Although I was the youngest they never made me feel lesser, or Small.

"Why don't we go for a picnic" Susan suggested, "I mean we will all be free on Saturday...Soo"

Deborah laughed "You seem to be forgetting that Miss Mira will be coming back...silly"

Everyone gave a sad sigh...Chris sat down beside Me, after taking off his apron.

"We are all going to be busy this week, Her parties are the craziest...and too crowdy and...gosh"

I asked "But why does his parties seem too extravagant?"

"It's not" peter replied putting his arm around my shoulders.

"Let's just say... Mira is really very important to Mr Carson...and he always wants her to be happy...Soo he makes sure that every momment with her gets to be special."

I smiled, That was just how much I loved Kyrmen...I would do anything for my little brother. If I was this rich I would have thrown a party for him too.

"Well...."I added "why don't we have the picnic in the upper week"

They All agreed.

"Do they pay you all to gossip.."

Miss Esther came in and everybody rushed out,With different excuses. I stood up and moved out to the fields...I just Loved how they all looked like Family. It was wonderful, Their Friendship was something I hoped to keep.

Looking far ahead I saw Mr Carson on a black Horse, he was riding so fast. Looking at How cool he was riding I almost lost my balance. He couldn't see me, so I went under a tree and hid. Well it was weird staying there and peeping at him, but it was fun. I always wanted to ride a horse, but I never had the chance.

Something touched me, it felt like a snake I immediately became scared and screamed. When I turned I realized that It was just a tree branch. Slowly I turned and saw Mr Carson and his Horse Moving towards Me. I gasped...Mel You have messed up big time.

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