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C5 Denise Carson


"Why can't This be solved.

F**k Enemies, I can't stay at home and do Nothing!"

"Denise why do you have to be So ignorant" I looked at Fabian angrily. This is The painful part of it all. My protection. People want me dead. Why?...Cause being The CEO of DMC media is quite frustrating...and As every CEO you make enemies without realising them. It doesn't quite add up though, First it was a Gunshot, Then someone tried to Run me over, Waking up and going out just to be threatened with a laser light on your suit. My life is Complicated.

"You are The king Of all Media in Grundy...what do you expect?"

"Fabian I can't stay at Home..How long will you Oversee My Business?"

"It's all in Good hands....It's just For A Month, just until we are able to prove That Brogan Did this to You.." When he left.

I Sighed as I stood outside my balcony,What an annoying Day Obviously

It didn't take a while Mira called.



"Fabian told me everything...are you okay?"

"Of course"I lied.."This is Nothing your big brother can't handle"

She laughed, but not the Your joke is funny Laugh, it actually sounded like the You can't lie to Me laugh.

She said finally "Snakes...You can handle...Pain you can handle...Liars, and Cheaters you can handle...But Death....Dee..Just listen to Fabian... you've got nothing to lose, but if you don't I have alot to Lose...you know that.."

I smiled controling my anger. "Mira I will be Okay...Trust Me"

Giving her an assurance I wasn't sure of felt painful but I had to.

"Dee Consider getting a girlfriend for a change...You are 27 for crying out loud... Haven't you gotten over Treasure?"

I laughed she always told me that..

"I will think about it.."

When she cut The call, I stared at the gate and saw a girl...She wore a cute Red Gown...and her hair was pretty long. I couldn't see clearly. But for a second...I thought she was.... She reminded me of Treasure.

I Moved inside The Office and sat down. Not too long later Esther came in. "Sir...we have a New Maid who you would be interviewing. I stood up, and moved downstairs. Straight to the courtyard. As I saw her Back, it Looked just like...it Felt like...Treasure was sitting right there waiting. When I got close enough to face her. I saw her face finally, She was almost her lookalike, The brown eyes, The lips,The hands seemed small. I regained Myself. Denise pull yourself together. Treasure is Dead simple. When I picked up her Resume, she finally Looked at me, my eyes clocking hers. It was when I realized that she wasn't at all Really that Much of Treasure's Lookalike. No one was like Her...No one.

"Melanie Walters" I liked the Name..it sounded like Royalty. She finally Answered. Well, She had a Good voice. I stared at her resume, it seemed impressive, she seemed to have worked in alot of places. I told her I was impressed. Looking down Further.....The F**K she's eighteen!. How Come, She Looked twenty Two. I asked just to be sure and she confirmed.

Second thoughts came in. What if this girl, acts way too Childish, Can she really perform a task.

I Handed her back the resume. But when She stared at Me...I couldn't say a word For awhile. "Sir it's something wrong?" She asked me... Ofcourse alot of things were Wrong. She looked like Distraction, Plus, she seemed young. Well To Me eighteen is a pretty Young age...I just had to tell her.....

"Teenagers have a lot of excuses ..you know?"

Well the girl was quite defensive. I didn't realize it...but I gave her the job. Well fixed on a probation...so she could take this seriously. She thanked me, I sent her to the next room to meet Esther and smiled as she left. I like her.


That night, I Had those Nightmares. She was there in that Fire, Screaming my name. I couldn't sleep after that. Ever since Treasure, had died in that Fire incident. Things have been quite difficult for me especially in terms of sleeping. It was Five years ago. But it was still Fresh in my memory, or heart...or anything in me that saved up horrid momment just to play them over and over by depressing and opressing me.

I would remember her touch, her lips, her hands, her comfort. Tresure was the only woman on earth that made me Cry. She was always there for me. I remember hallucinating and in each Hallucinations she was in everyone of them.

I got to my Mini Bar in my room and took some alcohol, I could easily feel her presence whenever I drank. After a few glasses, I heard her voice. "Why do you have to drink so much..." She sounded sad and when she moved towards me, she slowly took the cup away.

I touched her cheeks and she kissed my palm...She looked Soo beautiful in her night gown..I didn't want her to go.

"Treasure....My queen" she giggled and taking my arm she Slowly took me to Bed, and lay beside me. I felt renewed and happy. She whispered into my ears. "I love you Denise......you know I do.."

I told her that I loved her too but when I tried to kiss her, she Slowly vanished into thin air.

I felt Sad, This deep pain cut through...I just couldn't get Over her.

Treasure...I kept Muttering her name. Slowly a deep sleep came. And everything turned blank.

The next day, Mira chatted me up saying that she was gonna push through with the trip. Excited for at least one thing in my life. I sent for Esther.

"Tell all the Workers to assemble downstairs....I have an urgent meeting." She Nodded. I came about later watching them, stand in the hall...The new Maid looked a bit Nervous...But I don't care. Fixing up my Jeans I slowly came down the stairs.

Now this was Power, as I got down they all Bowed down to greet me...okay not exactly but they all greeted. I would have felt better...but I noticed that Walters didn't utter a word. Well this girl is quite rebellious.

"Can't you greet..miss Walters?"

I asked her rudely without looking at her. I would have scolded her much more. But when I heard her greet...I felt... Actually it was pity..or mercy Soo I just let it be.

"You all know my sister would be coming back soon...this week, I would be Throwing a welcome party for her homecoming, listen I don't tolerate Mistakes" I didn't want them messing up my Mira's Party. I wanted Mira to be happy and I wanted her to feel for once that everything was alright. I kept telling them about their Do's and Don'ts, But In other to annoy me Esther interrupted, I would have told her to shut up..tho. but I just reminded her that until am done talking others can key in. I looked at Miss Walters direction and I saw her making Faces at me. She didn't realise that I saw her. Ignoring I continued.

Later on When Esther brought the topic about Mira's room. I felt confused. But then I heard one of the maids... Mentioning Melanie's name. I had to ask the young girl...who to me wasn't even On earth at that moment to help.

I was expecting a No but she said Yes. Well I just had to see what she could do. I asked Esther to take Melanie, to Mira's room while I retreated to the Office.

My phone rang minutes later, it was Fabian.

"Hey Denise...How are you?"

I sighed "Does it Matter?....The Office though?" I heard him laugh.

We found some evidence that could implicate Lord Brogan...Expect me Tommorow or Next."

"Well I could wait..."

"And your Office is Moving smoothly, News on Spot... don't you watch the Tv?"

I suddenly remembered that I had one. "Well you know I hate ...noise am not really into screens anymore" I told him plianly.

"Well you were into them...when Treasure was around..."

I gave a loud breath..

"Talk to you later" I heard a knock on the door."I will expect you.. Fabian, with the Evidence."

"Come in" I said roughly checking the news headlines on my PC.

The nervous footsteps already told me that it was Melanie. "What do you want Miss Walters?"

I heard her say immediately" Sir, I would like to know Miss Mira's likes and dislikes, like her favourite musician, and colours in other to design her room better."

I almost went like, What the...? Gosh this Melanie Girl is trying to embarrass me. It's not like I didn't know Mira's likes, I just forgot.

I was about to tell a lie....but she immediately suggested that I ask Mira, wait that was a good idea, an idea that I thought of... Who's this maid? Some kind of mind reader. I got annoyed and moved towards her. Intimidating her alittle would be fun. "Did you just suggest to me?"

I said obviously getting annoyed.

She looked really cute when terrified. I could see the sweat fall down her face. But I felt within that if I acted to comfortable with her. She would lose respect for me.

"Oh sir" she laughed" I was telling you plianly no hard feelings"

Exactly what I thought, she lacked respect, "you need to learn how to speak Miss Walters, words really matter to me... respect...? Now that's the way to my heart"

I wondered why I said it that way. There was No way to my heart. well later I let her go.

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