Becoming The Maid Of a CEO/C6 My boring days
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Becoming The Maid Of a CEO/C6 My boring days
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C6 My boring days

Episode 6


I checked the headlines on my laptop. The story concerning Brogan's illegal Drug business, I had written this a long time ago. Five days ago I guess, and it already got 80 million views. Well other news medias seemed to pick the story. I are going down Brogan.

Recurring the incident way back.

When Matt's skyline met me up in the Restaurant and pleaded for his life. Said he believed I could help him take revenge on Brogan, For Taking his family away from him.

When he supplied the evidence I couldn't hold back any longer. Brogan was a Drug pusher, and abuser. He was also part of various syndicates and kidnappings. Some politicians go crazy for Money. Well I took it as a win win situation for I and Matt, at first it seemed to be a game, I mean raise My companies fame higher and give justice to Matt and his family. It was not until it was first published, two days later Matt was found dead in his bedroom, stabbed seventeen times with bruises all over his body. I got angry I posted that the reason behind Matt's death was because of Brogan. Well now am in a serious business. Cause Brogan took it personally.

My thoughts were, cut short as I heard Melanie's voice again. I turned and saw that it was the CCTV, the camera for the Kitchen captioned her every word.

"But you are old enough to be his mother, who gave him the right to??"

I stared on, who gave her the right to talk about me in the first place, what kinda woman is this.... she's trying to recruit the Maids against me now?...what Nonsense, Ofcourse Esther gave her a befitting answer. If not I would have....But what did she mean by that. Am I supposed to give respect to the Person I pay? That's dumb...F**k her she's just dumb.

It had effects on me...her words...what did she mean by Esther being old enough. We are talking about me being their owners. This girl, is truly rebellious. I sighed.

A few minutes later Mira Called.

"Hey Dee..."

"Mira...How are you"

"Am good you sound a bit off....what's wrong"

I didn't realise when I blurted her name out "it's Melanie...That girl....."

"Dee??? A girl!!" I heard her scream excitedly.

Shaking my head I explained myself"it's just a new Maid....She lacks Manners...I was annoyed..."

"She's the first person I wanna see when I get back....Soo swallow up your anger and Don't fire her yet"

I laughed at the absurdity of My sister's words. "Excuse me....she isn't my girlfriend"

"I know....that's exactly why I wanna meet her"

" and your silly games"

I sighed finally remembering Melanie's words.

" your favourite colour still pink?"

She laughed"of course not it's red silly" I smiled.

"Oh yeah it is " playing a music on the radio, loud enough for her to ask about the noise I replied " it's your favourite musicians the beetles"

I heard her laugh Soo hard" ofcourse it would have been the Beatles if I was born in those days.....My favorite musician is Sia.. remember house on fire?" I felt stupid, how could I forget.

I replied finally turning the music down" your brother seems to be forgetting alot this days"

"Maybe he should consider getting a wife, so that he could save his memories with her"

"You are just 17 and yet you talk like an old lady" I playfully scolded her.

She finally replied "We are the Carson's....we act older than our's just our thing"

That night I didn't sleep, i couldn't, sitting outside my balcony. I stared at the stars, thinking and Missing Treasure.

The Next Morning I put on a brown suit, hoping that when Fabian would arrive I would be able to go out for awhile. I got to Mira's room and saw that Melanie was already working in her room.

I walked in recalling her words about how she indirectly called me ignorant. I didn't want to talk about it so I just ran the whole Mira thing down and moved out.

It didn't take awhile, I felt her touching my first I thought she wanted to hug me from behind or something...but then I realized that she was just plain blind.

"Why can't you look before you leap..Miss Walters?"

She shuttered before me, it seemed funny how she always was at loss for words...When I was in front of her, it weirdly made me feel good.

She wanted me to tell her the whole Mira thing again, well I wasn't surprised...She didn't look like a fast learner.

I moved to the office. Just immediately Fabian came in. " are you doing?"

"I don't really want to answer that.." I slowly walked to my window and stood.

Fabian sat on my office Chair, bringing out some documents.

"Come Check this out...list of people who once worked for Brogan"

I grimaced"How is this...gonna help" Moving towards him,I pulled off my suit and lay it on the table where he sat.

"Well...Matt Skyline was one of them" Fabian showed me."This could help in Connecting The case...that Brogan's Claims of not Knowing anything about Matt's death is indeed false"

I seemed skeptical "This is good...but how legit is this list?...he could find an alibi...he could Claim that he knows nothing about that list... C'mon Fabian...we need to think like step ahead"

Fabian thought for awhile as I stared at him expantantly" I had to pull alot of strings to get this list....look it even has the dates of when each operation was carried out...I think the pain was worth the Denise let's be positive"

I still wasn't Convinced. I just Had this hunch that something was not right. I felt angry alittle angry. Moving towards the window again I stared at the cars that passed by, the street looking as normal and as regular as it has always been. I need to think outside the box, I needed to....

"Wow...Denise you didn't tell me that you had a Girlfriend"

I heard Fabian say and I turned abruptly at him, watching him hold my suit. I moved hastily to him.

"What the f**k are you saying?...give me that" grabbing the suit from his hands I saw A lipstick stain on it, who?...How?.... Melanie! I got irritated as Fabian laughed, I was about to explain myself,But the Knock interrupted.

I watched as Melanie walked in hastily, her eyes Lowered...She rushed when dropping the Coffee and tried to Run out. What the hell was she thinking? That the Coffee's gonna walk over to us.

I stopped her."Miss Walters!"

She seemed to be controlled by my voice. Cause she immediately stopped. "What concept of serve us Coffee do you not understand"

I watched as she timidly apologized and handed me the Coffee, The coffee cup handle seemed wet. She was sweating.. Was she really afriad of me....that much. I stared at her as she left.. Fabian scolded " gotta have a better attitude when it comes to your maids...C'mon" I laughed... It's fun to be a boss Fabian...I ain't the type that does those Family S**t, am too busy for that. I smiled as Fabian shook his head. "Your a really Kind person...but you have issues bro....Go fix them" I stared at my suit without saying anything.

When Fabian was gone and I was done drinking my Coffee, I Moved over to my tray to drop the cup. But I saw a Folded paper. And opening it, it was a list. I moved to Meet Melanie, So i could give her the money to Buy the things on the list. When I got to Mira's room, I saw Melanie...There she was all curled up at the edge of the bed sleeping. I hated to Admit that she looked cute. I Moved Close enough to Brush her hair off her face, but it seemed like she had been having a dream of some sort, cause she kept breathing loudly,like she was Scared. I Didn't want to wake her up but she Did wake up, and stared at me like I was some kind of Monster, I faked a Frown "Miss seem to be getting too comfortable.."

She apologized to me. Well that wasn't what I wanted to hear...She actually cut me short. I usually loathe people not letting me finish my sentence. "Don't talk until I ask you to!" I barked...She shivered and I kept Thinking, This girl is so Naive, I will Have to Go with her, I seriously need to redeem myself from this Stay at home bondage.

"Am going with you....go wait by the Car" I told her.

I had to dress Casually, I didn't want any attention. Brogan's men Could be anywhere.

As I moved outside, I heard her discussing with Sam. "Well your boss seems to be annoyingly grumpy" Here she was at it again..Bad mouthing Me. I didn't want to make it a big deal. "Can we go Now..".I said.

On the way in the car I stared outside, letting my mind wander. I looked at the sunny roads, the air that hung heavily as I didn't want the AC. It took awhile before we got to the first store, I couldn't go to the mall because as Fabian would say My life was at stake.

"Take this Miss Walters...Go and buy the stickers"

She stared at me surprisingly, what was she expecting that I would follow her under this hot sun.

She took awhile, as she entered the store "Sam...what is keeping this woman" I asked getting sweaty all of a sudden. I stared at the Store's door and saw that she was conversing with a kid. She looked very worried as she approached the car, I stared at her and wondered why.

I didn't reprimand her or anything, for wasting my precious time.

Her voice was cold as she told me about the stickers she bought.

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