Been A While, Doctor Soong/C10 I Accidentally Read Novels about Men and Men
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Been A While, Doctor Soong/C10 I Accidentally Read Novels about Men and Men
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C10 I Accidentally Read Novels about Men and Men

Gu Yaan averted his gaze and turned off his phone. He put his hands in front of his stomach and forced a smile. "It's fine. I have something to do now. I'll be leaving first." After saying that, he got up and left in a hurry.

Chai Yue elbowed Lin Feng a few times and touched her chin. "Hey, where do you think he is going?"

"It has nothing to do with you," Lin Feng replied in a jealous and impatient tone. He was very anxious. He had been chasing Lin Feng for so long and had not been able to catch up to him. Now that he came, it was as if his soul had been hooked. "I can't possibly like you. Look at you."

After a round of ridicule, Lin Feng went over to continue eating and did not look at Chai Yue anymore.

Chai Yue secretly cursed in her heart with disdain. Tsk, then I also can't possibly like you.

He ran all the way back to the main hall of the hospital to look for the hospital director. He went to several places but could not find him. He did not know where he had gone. He had no choice. He had to take a leave of absence half an hour earlier to go back now. However, he could not leave without permission when he was not around.

"Forget it. I'll go look for Soong Yuanzhi." He frowned and rushed to the office without hesitation. He opened the door without a care.

Only then did he realize that the person's back was facing him naked.

Soong Yuanzhi slowly recovered from his shock. He picked up the pants on the floor and threw them at his face. He closed the door when Gu Yaan's vision was blurred by the pants.

"Don't you know how to knock?" Soong Yuanzhi's slightly angry voice rang through the door. It was deep and magnetic, just like his appearance was tempting.

Gu Yaan took off his pants. He chuckled twice. "I have to get off work early, but I can't find the director. Can you tell him for me?"

There was a moment of silence inside. Then, he answered word by word, "Yes."

Gu Yaan left with a peace of mind. He still had that naked look in his mind. It was a little hard to get rid of it, and it was breathtaking.

Soong Yuanzhi still felt a little awkward and dissatisfied. How could he get along with such a shameless person in the future? Suddenly, he was shocked by the idea that he wanted to get along with someone. He smiled as if he was trying to get rid of ridicule.

Jin Nan should have met that old classmate at this time. In the past, he was in the same school as Jin Nan and Zhu Hao. Jin Nan and Zhu Hao were senior students of the senior high school, and he was the reserve class of the junior high school.

Jin Nan had told him that he liked Zhu Hao, but both of them were men. Even if he knew what they were thinking, he did not say it out loud.

Only after they had dispersed did he realize how regretful that was. It was a pity that things had come to this point...

He retrieved his memory and sat on the sofa with a bottle of yogurt. He picked up his phone and sent a short message to Jin Nan to explain what had happened to Gu Yaan. He then opened the link that Jin Nan had sent a few days ago. It was a novel called "Three Two Years.

"Why are you sending me this novel?" He logged out of the link and sent a voice message to him. It was unlikely that he would reply so quickly. He muttered to himself, "Forget it, let's take a look first."

That line of small words introduced the author: BY. Gu Fei Yan.

Half an hour later, he was so angry that his entire body trembled and he patted the sofa a few times. He almost wanted to jump up. "Jin Nan, f * ck you, what kind of crappy thing did you send me?"

The beginning of the book was very attractive. The writing was also very delicate. It made people slowly savor it and chew it carefully. However, after reading it for a long time, he finally realized that it was a book about love between men!

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