Been A While, Doctor Soong/C5 I'm Relying on You to Raise Them
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Been A While, Doctor Soong/C5 I'm Relying on You to Raise Them
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C5 I'm Relying on You to Raise Them

Gu Yaan wasn't surprised by this kind of joke. Although he wasn't gay, he liked to indulge in beauty and love pure love.

He replied: Then if we really are together, come out and meet up.

No one knew that his joking words had caused many people in the inner circle and outside of the circle to speculate and fantasize in less than ten minutes.

Gu Yaan did not know whether to laugh or cry. When the taxi arrived, he got out of the car and turned off his phone.

"Ah Gu, you are here." Liu Mo recognized him at a glance. He ran over and gave him a hug between men. He even rubbed it. "I missed you so much."

"Hey, you bastard. Stay away from me." Gu Yaan scolded with a smile. They were not husband, but they were husband. However, he knew very well in his heart that he would not be bent by them.

"Why don't you go and put on makeup?" Gu Yaan let go of him.

When he said this, Liu Mo became extremely angry. He put his hands on his waist angrily. "Originally, I was already putting on makeup, but a big star was inserted in the middle. The filming progress would be delayed." He pointed at the half-covered makeup on his face.

Gu Yaan had always felt that the entertainment industry was a chaotic place. He was extremely disgusted by this circle. Because in this circle, power, power, and money were the groups that often decided a person's path to the stars. Those who could rely on themselves to become famous could be counted on one's fingers.

Just as he wanted to earnestly educate Liu Mo, Liu Mo had already seen through it. "Stop, you old man, stop nagging. I know you will definitely make me quit this circle earlier. " But this is my dream. "

Just like asking you to quit the web novel circle, you definitely won't agree. Everyone has their own goals "

At this point, Gu Yaan didn't have much to say. All he could do was hammer his chest. He revealed a funny smile. "Alright, if you can't continue living in the future, I can raise you. "

Gu Yaan was a platinum author who earned ten thousand in a month, but he had kept his money, in order to imitate those female authors who could film his own dramas in the future.

After all, in this society, there was no film director who would buy up lascivious works and film them under the possibility of being blacklisted by the SARFT. There were only two possibilities for a movie to be released. One: Filming by oneself. Two: Change it to BG.

Usually, the readers would not be able to accept the second option. Gu Yaan himself would not be able to accept it either. He resolutely chose the first option.

Liu Mo threw a flirtatious glance without a serious expression. "Alright, from now on, I will depend on you to raise me."

A male staff member who passed by spat at them disdainfully. "Bah, disgusting!"

He should be a straight man with cancer.

Liu Mo was immediately annoyed. He wanted to go up and argue, but was stopped by Gu Yaan. He was angry. However, he turned his head and looked at Gu Yaan unhappily.

Gu Yaan said with a serious expression, "Ignore him. Go and sit for a while."

This kind of situation was really chilling. What made Gu Yaan's heart ache was those people who lived in the dark corners. Being spurned by the people of the world, they were clearly innocent.

The two of them sat next to each other. Liu Mo did not know what to say for a moment. He just stared blankly at the green trees not far away and only moved after a long time. "Do you think there will really be a day when I become famous?"

His words were a little sad, no matter if it was Floating North or any other place that sought a way out of the entertainment industry. When would people like them, who did not have a family background and were not willing to be kept by a rich person, see hope?

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