Been A While, Doctor Soong/C7 Why Are You Looking at Me like That
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Been A While, Doctor Soong/C7 Why Are You Looking at Me like That
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C7 Why Are You Looking at Me like That

When they got home at night, they took off their shoes and bodies for a while, and two big men fell asleep together.

It was only when he woke up the next morning and found that they were in a completely different position that Gu Yaan got up as if he was protecting his body. He cursed, "F * ck you, if I hadn't known you for so long, I would have thought that you were going to anus me."

The man did not have any reaction. He was still sleeping soundly. It seemed that he had been exhausted last night. Gu Yaan went into the bedroom and found a sheet. He adjusted Liu Mo's posture with great effort and covered it up. Then he went to the room to find his ID and some other things.

He took a taxi to the hospital with the things he found. When he thought about working in a place full of love and warmth in the future, he couldn't help but feel excited. That kind of feeling was even more exciting than doing anything else.

"Handsome Gu, I heard that you are coming to our hospital to work," Chai Yue smiled and leaned against the front desk with her hands supporting her chin. She smiled like an idiot. "You must remember me. My name is Chai Yue, a beautiful girl."

Chai Yue had a head full of big waves. No matter what, she was 168 centimeters tall. Coupled with her young baby face, calling herself a beautiful girl did not feel strange at all. If not for Gu Yaan not having any interest in women and men, he would definitely have made a move on her.

Lin Feng could not remain calm. His silly face was rarely serious, and his lips trembled a few times. He was stunned. He did not say anything, but in the end, he simply let out a sigh of relief. He said in grief, "Forget it. I'll go and see the dog. You guys chat."

Anyone with discerning eyes would probably be able to see Lin Feng's feelings for Chai Yue.

"Ignore him." Chai Yue waved her hand generously. Her eyes instantly became gossipy again. "What did you do before? Why would you think of working in a pet hospital? Don't you think your salary is low?"

Gu Yaan said half truthfully and half falsely, "I write web novels. He is not very famous. He is just a little transparent and earns a little bit of money. As for coming here to work, it's because I love cats and dogs. " He covered up his job and didn't want too many people to know his identity.

That might cause unnecessary trouble.

Although she was a little curious, she was too embarrassed to continue asking, so she changed the topic. She said to Gu Yaan, "I seem to have heard from the dean that you want to do it. Dr. Soong was the assistant. How about it? Do you think you can succeed? "

"I think so. As long as you are skilled, you can turn an iron pestle into a needle." Gu Yaan looked very confident, but in his heart, he was afraid of others' coldness and superciliousness. However, as a peony, he would never turn back even if he bumped into the south wall. His face was more important than the heavens.

He had to fulfill what he had said.

"Bull!" Chai Yue gave him a thumbs up. Her expression was as if she was looking at a warrior who was not afraid of death. She gestured with her fingers and nodded vigorously.

He was amused by this action and almost forgot to go to the director's office. He said goodbye, "Alright, we will talk later when we have time. I will go to the director's office first."

"Bye bye." Chai Yue waved her hand and still stared at his back as he left. She secretly laughed. This man was really too gentle and too good.

Lin Feng slowly walked over and blocked in front of her, "What's there to see about him? He's already gone, what are you looking at?"

"Tsk, get lost." Chai Yue unhappily patted Lin Feng's head with a magazine. Clearly, she was dissatisfied with him. What, he still did not allow her to have a crush on him?

Gu Yaan went to the dean's office and knocked on the door. "Director, I'm here."

Jin Nan looked depressed, and his eyes were filled with coldness. The atmosphere around him seemed to be reduced with this expression, and the fake flower petals on the table fell.

... "Dean, why are you looking at me like that?" Gu Yaan could not understand. He should not have done anything bad.

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