Been A While, Doctor Soong/C8 Do Something to Compensate
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Been A While, Doctor Soong/C8 Do Something to Compensate
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C8 Do Something to Compensate

Jin Nan's expression changed instantly. He walked over and held his hand. "Don't tell me you're faking it. Are you Gu Fei Yan? "

"What... Director, you... What are you talking about?" Gu Yaan was still pretending to be stupid and did not want to admit it. If you can pretend, then pretend. The other party was a man. If he could not accept a man falling in love, he would know that he was a beauty lover.

In the end, if you're fired, you'll be as wronged as Dou'e.

"I'm that Mihua. She left you messages in the morning and at night." Jin Nan would never have thought that he would one day see the author who had been chasing him for so long. He used a female account number and pretended to be a loli, thinking that he could get closer to Gu Fei and Yan.

The coincidence of those pet hospitals and the pictures of the hospital that Gu Yaan's author had posted on Weibo a few minutes ago had allowed Jin Nan to determine who it was.

Seeing that he could not hide it anymore, Gu Yaan simply told him everything. "Director, I am that Gu Fei Yan. But I hope you can keep it a secret for me. If too many people find out, it will cause unnecessary trouble. "

He had encountered many "readers" who were in the same boat as him, as well as those who were of the same gender in reality. "Love is full of contempt. Reality is not as beautiful as described in novels. There would be too many wishful thinking, love but not be able to.

No matter how difficult it is to be heterogeneous, most of the difficulties are not as long as love of the same gender. Only those who had experienced this sadness and bitterness would know that they had never felt it before.

Jin Nan nodded. He still could not accept the fact that the author was right in front of him. The feeling in his heart was self-evident.

"Director, we can talk about the contract now." Gu Yaan really didn't want to be stared at by this kind of admiring and passionate gaze. He felt really uncomfortable.


It was probably a stranger slapping Gu Yaan ten times, but it was more likely than a loyal fan slapping a handsome uncle who was around thirty years old and a superior.

It was really unexpected.

All the preparations were settled in the morning, and the contract was in effect. The pet hospital was no different than any other hospital. Everything was done quickly.

Gu Yaan changed into his work clothes and felt an unprecedented sense of holiness. Although he was just a cleaner, his work did not discriminate between high and low. He dragged the floor excitedly, humming a little tune in his throat.

Soong Yuanzhi walked to the front with a straight face. At the same time, the beautiful body of the broom swept under his feet at an even faster speed, leading to the ending. Soong Yuanzhi fell to the ground.

"What the f * ck? Dr. Soong, how are you?" Gu Yaan was shocked. He dropped the broom in his hand, took off his gloves, and helped him up.

"Why don't you look at the road..." he muttered softly. He swore that it was not intentional.

... "" Soong Yuanzhi still did not say a word. He only frowned so tightly that his legs hurt. Fortunately, he did not manage to clench his teeth. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn't spare this brat. He forced himself to stand up and limped away.

Gu Yaan didn't know if he should feel that this person was generous and tolerant, or was he too stupid to not even know how to get angry?

Forget it, forget it. He patted his head and said, "After dragging this place out, we can go and see the Aayan."

In the office.

"Damn it." Soong Yuanzhi sat on the sofa with a twisted expression. He rolled up his pants. The place where he had been burned a few days ago had fallen again. What a sin.

He took out a medical kit from under the coffee table, took out alcohol and a series of things to apply medicine to himself.

Gu Yaan had unknowingly snuck to the door. He was stunned by what he saw. Just because he tripped and tripped, he fell into such a ghastly state...? No, if that was the case, he had to do something to make it up to her.

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