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C2 Two

"Are you mad?!. Do you wanna kill him?" I yelled at the fair guy whose looks screamed murder. He wasn't ugly though, he was sweating and breathing like a lion.

"Get out of my way" he said, trying to walk over to the Chocolate skinned guy who was panting like a racer.

"No, come with me!" I dragged the fair stranger by his Arm. I dragged him out of the faculty and headed towards a garden where benches where kept. People kept staring at us and mumbling words like,

"She’s In trouble"

"Can’t she just mind her business"

"She wanna die" I heard them mutter all this as I walked.

I made him sit and he stared at me blankly while I panted like I had just ran a marathon race.

"Are you okay?" I asked him worriedly because he was bleeding on his lips.

"You should have let me killed him" he bellowed.

"Calm down, you aren't thinking straight, Killing him will only lead you to jail" I spoke calmly to the fair stranger.

"Heza!" I heard Saafa scream as she ran to where I stood.

"I'll be right back" I mumbled to the angry young man who kept on mumbling words like,

"That bastard, Fool"

I ran over to Saafa and she was staring at me like i had lost all my senses. “What was all that for?" She asked.

"They were about to Kill Themselves" I said.

"Do you even know them?" She asked.

"No" I said nonchalantly.

"Then why did you fight for them?" She asked.

"Look Saafa they almost killed them....." I paused when i turned back and stared at the garden where i had left him but he wasn't there "where has he gone?" I mumbled.

"Probably gone" Saafa said. "Let's go please"

"Okay" I mumbled, he is a weird person i guess.

"Hello" A hoarse male voice startled both I and Saafa when we were about to leave.

"Yes" I mumbled while turning on my heels to meet the face of the guy whom The fair stranger almost killed.

"Thanks for saving me" he mumbled while staring at both I and Saafa. He looked so familiar but I couldn't tell where I had seen him before.

"You're welcome" I said and turned to Saafa in order to leave.

"Wait... Heza right?" He called my name making me turn back to him.

"Huh?" I was shocked as to how he knew my name.

"You look familiar" he scratched the back of his head.

"Yes I am Heza and how do you know my name?" I asked. I glanced over at Saafa and she seemed lost on her phone.

"Farooq, I am Farooq Junaid, you schooled in Model Highschool right?" He asked and I nodded.

"I am Farooq, Ilham Junaid's Elder brother" he said making me recall one of my classmate, Ilham who also happens to be my friend and now schools in heritage high university.

"Oh my God, Trojan right?" I asked and he chuckled, Trojan was his nickname back in highschool and he was two years ahead of me back then.

"Yeah, But I am not called that anymore" He winked.

"How about ilham?" I asked.

"she's fine, what are you studying over here?" He asked.

"I am studying medicine" I said proudly, like seriously who wouldn't be proud of becoming a doctor someday.

"Wow so is ilham, isn't that Saafa over there?" He asked and i nodded at my cousin who was presently lost in taking selfies.

"Wow she's Fat now" he said and I laughed.

"So is sufy a friend to you?" He asked.

"Noppppppe" I said placing emphasis on the p.

"Better, stay away from sufy if you like yourself or your family, Don't go anywhere near him" he said sternly, he looked just like Tariq Always did when scolding me, Tariq is my elder brother who schools here but is in the Second campus.

"Okay?" I mumbled.

"Yeah, Please be careful in this school, things and people aren't what they seem" those were his last words before we departed, this kept me wondering if my choice of coming to premier high university was right.

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