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C4 Four

After the death of Farooq was told to me, I became really scared of PHU. Some people including Taiwo were pointing fingers at sufy, who I hadn't seen for some days now.

During our orientation, we were Advised by the schools vice chancellor and Dean's, it was the most boring time of my life.

"Hello can I seat her?" A Husky masculine voice said. I raised my head up to find a Boy with broad shoulders staring at me, he was dressed in a blue plain body hug which hugged his abs perfectly, the most captivating part was his brown honey eyes, he was very indeed handsome in his chocolate skin.

"sure" I mumbled.

"Thanks" he took a seat close to me and his manly perfume made me sigh In relief, his scent was captivating.

"Is this the first week of lecture?"he asked. His melodious voice was supperly Amazing, it reminded me of sufy's voice, though sufy's was extraordinary.

"Yeah" I said.

"Oh, That means I'm early" he relaxed on the chair.

"yeah" I mumbled while flipping through the pages of my notebook.

Just in time, the GENS 101 lecturer was before us, it was a middle aged man who introduced himself as Mr Clinton, he seemed to be a nice man until when a boy and a girl were conversing and he told them never to come into his class ever again.

"what crawled into his butt?" The broad shouldered boy whispered in my ear and I chuckled.

"stop or else we would be the one's crawling into his butt next" I whispered and he chuckled.

After the class, Mr Clinton gave us an assignment, yes on the first day of class. How annoying.

"wait, everyone don't leave please" A boy shouted making everyone including I and broad shoulder guy seat.

"we get another class ooo" a guy from the crowd said angrily.

"what could be so important?" I mumbled to myself in frustration with my eyes closed.

"Hello everyone" A familiar voice echoed through the class making me open my eyes to find sufy standing at the alter with a mic in his hand.

I stared at him blankly, wondering what he could be doing here. I felt a pang of fear when I remembered the death of farooq, I am very sure he is the culprit.

"My name is Sufyan Jada and I am the president of the of this Department. I welcome you all to PHU, It is great to have you all here" He said so professionally, making me open my mouth in Awe. How could somebody as rough as sufy get the post of a president of a department.

"To cut things short, I am here to appoint the class representative of this class" he said scanning his eyes allover the class before it stopped on me, yeah he was staring at me with a side smile displayed on his perfectly curved lips.

"Who would want to take the place of the class representative?"he asked, but it felt as though his question were coming at me.

There was a brief silence in the class before a Fat girl stood up so gracefully.

"I" she said.

"And who else?" sufy asked.

"Not me" I said to my newly found broad shoulder Guy.

"Did you say something?" Sufy asked, while staring at me but I didn't want to believe he was talking to me so I ignored him.

"Girl in Purple, I am talking to you" he pointed at me, Making me swallow a lump.

"I said nothing" I mumbled.

"You'll make a really great class representative, seeing that on Saturday you saved me from hurting someone" he said making Everyone focus their attention on the girl in purple, yes me.

"That's a really good Example of leadership" he said making everyone mutter a yes.

"is there any objection to this lady becoming our class representative?" He asked the class.

"No" The whole class chorused, including my broad shouldered friend Whom I smacked.

"Then it's official miss..." he said waiting for me to say my name. Which I didn't.

"I don't want this post" I said bluntly.

"But unfortunately I do, And the presidents words goes, This is PHU and not some federal university" he said.

"just Accept" the broad shouldered guy whispered.

"No" I mumbled.

"Trust me you do not want to get on his nerves" he Whispered again.

"I am waiting" Sufy said impatiently.

"Heza Ibrahim suraj" with that said, I became the official class rep, while the other fat girl became my Assistant.

"Meet me after class" those were sufys last words as the president to me. And just then realization dawned on me that I had just accepted the ticket to my own death.

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