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C5 Five

It was 6:44 PM and I had just finished my last class which was, chemistry 101. I remained in the hall with the other class representative, who had informed me that sufy would be addressing us later.

"where is he na!" Tara, my Assistant said angrily.

"I'm sorry about keeping y'all waiting" sufys Voice echoed into the hall as he walked in majestically.

"Good evening" everyone in the hall said except me because I was busy staring at Sufy as he stood at the alter.

"Good evening, As you all know I am sufyan Jada and I am your president. I am here to address you all on the duties you are entitled to as being the class representatives" he was looking round the class until it stopped on me.

"And I believe that some of you already have such beautiful traits" he smiled at me and i looked down at my hands worriedly.

I felt his eyes on me as he spoke, "And I really hope you all are able to meet my expectations" he said.

"Yes sir" some people mumbled.

"Thank you, you may all leave. And Tomorrow I'll introduce you all to the convoys" He said.

"okay Mr president" they all said, excluding me as usual.

After our dismissal, everybody decided to leave but I stayed back in other to return sufys headband which he had given me two days ago. I don't want to have anything to do with a cultist.

"Sufyan!" I said when I noticed that he was about to leave.

"yes?"he turned towards me while dipping his hand in his pocket.

I walked over to where he stood and passed him his headband.

"I don't need it" he scoffed. Oh what a rude human he was.

"I also Don't need it" I said in the same tone as his.

"Keep it, it'll help you someday" He said and turned swiftly and walked away, leaving me dumbstroked.

Need it for what, I thought while trailing behind him.

"sufyan I don't need it, and I don't think I'll ever need it, so take abeg!" I said Making him turn on his heels to face me.

"Consider it a gift, last time you saved me from killing someone so I am showing my gratitude towards your kind heart" He said so calmly, he looked as though he is being forced to speak to me.

"like you didn't kill him in the end" I thoyght.

"Sufyan I Don't like keeping people's things, it isn't good" I said.

"heza I have a whole lot of things to do" he said, "see you at the meeting tomorrow" he added.

"Whatever!" I mumbled and turned around to walk away and I made sure to throw the headband into the dumpster which was in front of the class.



walked lonely on the path that led to my Dorm, PHU looked so beautiful at night, the cool breeze of the night blew into my ear making me sigh in relief.

I clutched my bagpac tightly as I let the air play with my Scarf.

"you do know Its isn't Appropriate for a girl to be Lurking around a scanty pathway" A male voice startled me and I immediately turned around to find My broad shouldered friend.

"damn you scared me" I said making him chuckle.

"where are you Coming from?" he said.

"from the meeting, The president is Annoying I swear" I said.

"Eyya, let me walk you to your hostel. Which hostel are you?" he asked as we both walked slowly together.

"Royal girls hostel" I said.

"Fancy" he said.

"What's so fancy about Royal girls hostel?" I asked.

"it's the home of queens" he said.

"Seriously, There's nothing royal about that hostel" I said as we walked past Brixton.

"And that reminds me, what's your name?" I asked.

"Kamal, my name is kamal" he said.

"oh wow, and why didn't you attend the chemistry 101 class?" I asked, we had already arrived at my hostel so we halted.

"I Don't offer that" he said.

"Why?" I furrowed my brows.

"I am carrying over Gens 101" he said

"oh really?" I said, I was trying my best to hide my Surprise. Like seriously what's so hard in Nigeria people and cultures.

"yeah, I hate Gens 101" he said and I chukled.

"oh, It a really nice course and it's kind of my favorite" I said and he simply nodded.

"what level are you?" I asked.

"shockingly I am in level 3" he said.

"ouch, third year carrying over a course" I said.


Before I could give my reply, a call from Saafa came in so I had to pick it up.

"Help me heza, I've been Arrested" those were saafas words the minute I picked up the call.

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