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we laugh, we cry. Sometimes we feel like giving up finding ourselves in an unfortunate predicament. When it's too much to handle we feel like hurting ourselves or doing something out of character. Such thing leads us into shutting out the people dear to us, Chasing away the people that are good to us. One thing to keep in mind is that no matter the hardship, sorrow, or any dilemma we should have faith in Allah, and know that Allah is with us. Whatever we're going through will come to pass someday. Insha Allah. Such is life.

The room was a bit dark, the open windows being the only light reflecting the room, making the white ceiling visible. A dim light lamp laid on the left side of the bed, which made the room more composed.

“Sis Farah”

pulling the duvet to the brim of my eyes, I readjusted my sleeping position, completely ignoring my sister's call.

“Sis Farah... Aren't you going to work today, mom said you should come down for breakfast” She yelled again ya Allah.

Lunging my hands towards the nightstand, I managed to land my hands on my phone. peeling my eyes a little, I jerked up in shock seeing 7:30 on the mobile screen.

Subhanallah 7:30 I'm almost late for work.

“Coming” I shouted, not sure if she even heard me.

I made my way to the bathroom in a fast stride tripping along the way, I feel my body react to the hot water, soothing through every joint in my body. The shower didn't last longer, remembering I'm close to getting late. I couldn't wash my hair due to the time that was striking fast. Wearing a black long-sleeve gown, I topped it up with a sandy color coat. I'm not a makeup person so I applied a little powder and lipstick, making sure I collected the required things I needed. I wore my hijab while exiting the room.

“Farah. I sent Yasmin to call you what took you so long?” Moms started as soon as she saw me coming down. Taking the seat facing her, I took a fresh plate and placed two slices of bread and prepared my tea.

“Mom I drifted off” I ushered back while munching on my breakfast, which in the end I couldn't finish. I kissed my mom's cheeks and Yasmin's

“Take care of yourself, Farah,” she said when I'm halfway through the door.

“Insha Allah mom, bye Yasmin”

“Bye sis”

I love my mom more than anything, . Our dad passed away when Yasmin was 2year old, our mom took care of us. she's always there for us whenever we are in some situation. I love my family;


I made my way towards my desk and bumping into my colleague.

“Morning precious” I greeted cheerfully placing my bag on my desk.

“Where have you been, the boss had been looking for you, I tried calling you, but you're not picking up,” she said, her face crinkled in worry. I have a feeling something is up.

“Sorry, my phone was in silent mode” fishing out my phone from the bag, I changed it back to ring mode.

“Go meet him, before he throws a tantrum,” she said moving back to her seat.

I know he will

my knuckled folded in a light fist, I knocked on his office door with some files on my other hands,

“Come in” he deep voice reverberates through the hard wooden door. As usual, his face was croaked in a frown.

“Good morning sir” I greeted putting on a fake smile and placing the files besides the pile documents in front of him.

“What's good about the morning” he ushered back his attention still on whatever he's working on. He said nothing for like five minutes completely ignoring me. I almost thought he forgot that I was still standing there, and my legs are killing me already.

“Call this number and schedule a meeting with him,” he said finally looking up. I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes.

“Anything Sir?” I asked, taking the note from his outstretched hands. He waved his hands dismissing me.

“Okay Sir, ” I muttered, getting out of his office, and closing the door with a slight thud. I hope he didn't hear it.

“I hope the boss didn't snap at you” precious asked. I just shrugged knowing how the boss is. sometimes I used to think that he's being forced to work.

After working for the day, feeling exhausted; packing my things, I bid precious goodbye and left not before making sure the boss doesn't need anything but warns me to always be at work on time.

It is not that I used to come late to work, it's just today.


“Assalamu Alaikum” I muttered stepping my foot inside the house.

“Wa alaiki salaam” Yasmin answered, who was seated on the couch reading a book I assumed.

“Welcome back sis Farah” she spoke up side hugging me. I squatted myself beside her and plopped my leg on the center table.

“Where is mom?” I inquired, removing the coat off my body.

“She's in the kitchen”

I took five minutes of rest before strolling to my room, freshening up together with Wudhu, and conducted my Namaz. ya Allah protect me and my family.

“What's the delicious you're cooking mom” Mom was in the kitchen as always, the kitchen is one of her comfort zones.

“Rice with vegetable sauce” a smile made it way out of my lips. Rice is one of my favorite food.

“Hmm... I can smell the aroma” taking the spoon nearest me, I tasted it. A moan left my mouth Delicious. My mom's food is the best; you can never eat her food without wanting more.

“Okay go and wait on the dinning, food will be done in a few minutes,” she tells me stirring the food.

“Okay mom” I kissed her cheeks and walked back to the dining sitting close to Yasmin.

“How's school my little sister,” I asked, pinching her chin on the accord, which results in her to wince in pain.

“Sis Farah must you pinch my chin” she held her chin, “School is just fine” and then she started telling me about her college, as it's her first day.

“Masha Allah Yasmin, papa will be proud of you, Keep it up” just then mom placed the food on the dinning.

“Let me serve” Yasmin jerked up taking the serving spoon from mom and served everyone. We prayed before eating Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving us food and shelter.


Later when we're done eating, we sat down in the living room chatting and reminiscing our old memories. And suddenly the room echo with the sound of the telephone ringing, mom went for it, living us two with our talks.

“Assalamu Alaikum” mom salam-ed, the next thing we heard is her yelling.

“Khadija is that you! It’s been a long time, how are you doing” she said in enthusiasm.

“Tomorrow? OK, Insha Allah, we will be expecting you, Allah Hafiz” and she hung up the smile not leaving her face.

“Girls, Aunt Khadija, and her husband are coming tomorrow" she announced merrily. Yasmin started jumping up and down,

“Insha Allah” I answered

Aunt Khadija is Mom's closest friend, they attended the same school and they've been friends since then. Aunt Khadija's husband is also papa good friends, even after papa's death, they still didn't sever the relationship. few years back they left the city and we lost contact. Uncle Abdallah, aunt Khadija's husband has a company, Abdallah Enterprise where I'm currently working now. They transport goods to different countries. From what we heard from Mom they have one son, whom we've never met before maybe because he's living abroad since his high school days.

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