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I can't believe I'm getting married and that to some low-class girl. I just came back from Netherlands that finally I will be taking over father's business but instead I received unexpected news. Events of what happened flashed through my mind.


We were eating dinner when dad announced he wants to talk to me, I was a little bit excited because I knew he was going to talk about handing me the company, but what he said made my eyes widen in shock.

“You're getting married” I choked at my food, sipping a glass of water immediately.

“What? Dad getting married, I just came back from Netherlands”

“No son, you're 25, you're not getting younger you need to settle down and we've already discussed with her family, she's a nice girl, you will like her” I stared at my dad dumbstruck

“Dad I can't, I'm not ready to get married, I have a lot planned for myself. ” I blurted out. Seriously I'm not ready for any marriage, besides I want to marry someone I love.

“And what if I said you must,” dad said with a serious tone.

“Calm down son, we want what is best for you” mom chipped in, after keeping quiet for a while.

“But mom, I want to marry someone I love not someone you choose for me, I'm not a kid”

“You have no choice but to accept this marriage or forget about the company” dad threatened. “I know you want the company so badly”.

“Are you serious dad?” I asked utterly surprised at my dad's statement.

“Did I ever joke to you? Choose: you either get married to her or forget about the company” he fumed in anger and stormed out of the house.

I was beyond short of words, this is unexpected. I looked at mom for some explanation but found none.

“Look son just trust us, we won't choose what's bad for you. Think about this, what will they think if we tell them we won't go through with the marriage. Please do this for our sake” she patted my back and left leaving totally speechless


I connect my fist with the chair beside me, placing my head on my hands. I swear she's going to suffer, its all her fault this is happening, I have no choice I will have to accept this marriage proposal or I will lose the company I've been dreaming of.


I perform my wudhu and prayed my Namaz after I'm through I got getting ready as we are going to my so-called wife-to-be house. Just the thought irritates me. wearing my navy blue kaftan, I smoothed my black hair with my hands, descending downstairs to meet my parents already dressed waiting for me, my eyes flickered to dad but he didn't even glance at me. He's still angry. We made our way toward the car and drove off.


It’s a simple modern house, with a black gate the walls painted in milk and white. I pressed the doorbell. A young-looking girl opened the door.

“Assalamu alaikum aunt”

“Assalamu alaikum uncle” she greeted my parent with a smile on her face.

is she the girl? I find my mind asking.

She led us inside the house which is also simple with 4sofa, a plasma TV, and wall frames hanging on the white wall. I sat on the 2sitter sofa while mom and dad sat on the 3sitter. A woman who will be almost the same age as mom came hugging mom she must be the mother. I was busy with my phone when I heard a soft voice greeting mom I looked up and my eyes met with a beautiful one's she is wearing a maroon abaya, with a lipstick matching her outfit and a scarf covering her head. The moment she noticed me staring at her she quickly averted her eyes, my lips form a smirk. so she's the girl I'm getting married to. Not bad.

The greetings were over, we were seated at the dining eating, all the families were chatting which I have no interest in. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Farah focused on one direction. It was her mom’s voice that brought me back from my thought.

“How's Netherland Jawad?” she asked

“Fine ma'am” I croaked a smile. a fake one at it.


As we're through with eating, the families are now in the living room discussing. giving us space to talk to know more about each other. Farah is leading us outside and I'm walking behind her. We sat on one of the benches outside, no one speaks a word. I bet she's nervous. What she said almost made me laugh but I held it in.

“Salam I'm Farah” she started. So she thinks I don't know her name.

“I'm Jawad” I spoke back without showing any emotion.

“You must have heard about me from your parent, so tell something about you” she bites his bottom lips this girl is playing with fire, she wants to know me.

“Don't worry, you will get to know me when we get married” I glanced at my watch we've spent some time already.

“If you don't have anything to say can we go inside” I stood up. It’s better if I show her a little side of me so that she won't give her hopes high. She bites her bottoms lips again, which I think she did ever since we came to the balcony.

We went back inside taking my seat in the same place I sat when we came beside Dad and she sat beside her Mom and Dad starting speaking.

“Since everything is settled now, let fix the date for the wedding” everyone nodded.

“Okay let's fix it in the next 3weeks, are you okay with it Farah” I wish she could say no but no I'm wrong, that isn't happening. we've already agreed on no turning back now.

“Yes, uncle” I felt angry now I'm going to marry this girl in the next 3weeks ya Allah.

“Masha Allah may Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala see us through” dad prayed

“Ameen” everyone answered.


We were leaving to our house after everything is being discussed. I unlocked the car for dad and entered the driver's seat waiting for mom to finish her talk with Farah's mom, she approaches me with a frown on her face.

“Jawad why are you behaving like this” she exclaimed, placing her hands on her hips

“What did I do mom” I muttered, I really don't have the strength to argue now, after going through a lot today.

“We are leaving and you didn't even give Farah your phone number, even if you don't like her you shouldn't disrespect her like this. Give me your phone” my mom likes nagging if she wants something she will do anything to get it. So as you my inner voice spoke.

I gave her my phone and she went away with it towards Farah. I hissed in anger without dad noticing wallah I will make her suffer, she's going to regret getting married to me.

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