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It’s almost a week now since my encounter with Jawad I didn't hear from him, his mom used to call mom so we get in touch

Preparation for the wedding is taking place at both houses. Mom had been busy with the preparation and Yasmin is also preparing for her exam. I'm sitting on my desk working on my laptop when precious tap me on the shoulder.

“Have you heard about the news?” she whispered looking around the surrounding.

“What news?” I asked furrowing my brows.

“We're getting a new boss” she chuckled as if it's something to be excited about.

“Oh that's good” I fake a smile. My boss and also my husband to be.

“I hope he's not like the previous boss” she spat. he's far more like the previous one.

Just when we were in the middle of our talk a man walked pass us, dressed in a suit, his hands stuffed in his pocket, my gaze wandered to his face, he has light brown eyes, with a beard, he has a curl black hair. That person is none other than Jawad. I won't lie, the guy is indeed handsome. I was busy admiring his face I didn't notice precious calling my name

“Oh Farah, I've been calling you since what are you thinking about” “You better start walking to his office” she pointed to the office door.

“Now?” I asked

“What do you mean, you're still the secretary, you better hurry up” she pushed me toward the door. I almost tripped.

“Come in” his voice spoke. I entered closing the door behind me; I felt my heart speeding up.

“Good morning sir, here's your schedule” I pressed my lips in a thin line. The moment our eyes met, I felt uneasy.

“Tell the rest of the staff to gather at the conference room, I will be there in thirty minutes.” He spoke without even sparing me a glance.

“Okay sir” I was about to leave when he spoke again.

“And I need a hot coffee, make it with little sugar” I close my eyes to calm myself. I walked out of his office and close the door behind me. He acts as if he doesn’t know me. Ya Allah! announcing to everybody about the meeting, I made the hot coffee for boss Jawad.

“Here is your coffee sir” taking the cup to his lips, he took a sip and his expression changed immediately.

“What's this? I clearly told you little sugar, but you put in too much sugar” he shouted gritting his teeth.

“Sorry sir, I will make another one”

“Better, I give you 5mins to bring me my coffee” with that he shot me an angry look and dismiss me. I made another coffee making sure the sugar is not too much.

“Here is the coffee sir” placing it on his desk,

“Is everyone in the conference room?” he inquired glancing at his watch.

“Yes sir”

The conference room was filled to the brim, all waiting for the boss to arrive. Earlier event flashed through my mind I made another coffee but he didn't even drink it. An annoyed smile made it way out of my lips, I'm being calm because it's my job if not I would have given him a piece of my mind, we are not yet married and he's ordering me around. The Sound of footsteps emerged and the door flung revealing a hard face Jawad. Without much greetings, he started talking about the sole reason for the meeting.

“As you have been informed, I will be taking over the position of the previous President, so there would be few changes” everyone's attention is on now on him.

“I want everyone to be serious with his/her work, if I find some lazy person misbehaving I won't hesitate to fire him/her” he explained the frown not leaving his hard face.

“I have already checked your profiles and I will assign you according to your background. As for the secretary, you will stay in your position, before I find a new secretary. I hope you all understood”

“I will take that as a yes, so that's the end of today's meeting” he added getting silence in return. He left leaving everyone in total silence. I followed behind him, upon opening the door, he's nowhere to be found again and his next meeting is in 1hour. I'm exhausted from going in and out of his office, so I dialed his office number.

“Hello, Sir you have a meeting with Mr. Anthony in one hour” before I could say another word he hung up. I don't know why he gets angry so easily, he wasn't like this when he came to our house what has changed. I hope our marriage is not the sole reason for his arrogance towards me.


I performed my salah, after taking a warm shower to calm my nerves changing into my nighties. After going up and down with my boss today its feels like I've carried a load of books. I lay on my back when Yasmin entered chewing on something.

“Come here Yasmin, please massage my legs” I ushered. slumping down on the bed, she started massaging my legs.

“Sis Farah, did you carry a load of blocks at work,” she asked.

“Oh no...Yasmin, working as a secretary is very hard” I muttered, remembering how I used to work tirelessly.

“Oh right, Jawad called on your phone, that time you were in the bathroom” her statement surprised me. I sat up quickly.

“So what did you tell him?” I asked curiously.

“I told him you're sleeping; I don't want to tell him you're in the bathroom” she stated calmly.

“Thank you, Yasmin, you're the best sis in the world” I pinch her cheeks playfully resulting her to let out a hiss. she hates it when I pinch her cheeks.

“Here's your food, since you're tired no need to come down I've told mom already,” she said pushing herself off the bed.

“Goodnight sis”

“Goodnight Yasmin, thank you”

“Don't mention what sisters are for” Making sure she left, I took my phone and checked the call logs. He did call. What does he want? should I call back or not?

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