Belated Love, Cherished No More/C1 You yellow face woman
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Belated Love, Cherished No More/C1 You yellow face woman
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C1 You yellow face woman

"Big brother Chi Yuan, I missed you so much!"

In the crowded airport, a young, stylishly dressed girl sprinted into the arms of a man.

Gu Chi Yuan lovingly stroked her soft hair. He looked at her with a gentle gaze and said, "Qin Qin, it's been three years since we last met. You've become more and more beautiful and more feminine."

"Really, does big brother like it?" The girl blushed and lowered her head shyly.

Gu Chi Yuan was even more fascinated by her captivating appearance. He wanted nothing more than to eat her dry and wipe her clean.

"I like it." He felt his throat tighten, unable to endure the thirst.

The two siblings' actions were so intimate that An Yi, who was standing beside them, felt her heart skip a beat.

She comforted herself in her heart. It must have been three years since they last met that she was so intimate. A smile broke out on her face as she walked up to Ai Hui and said, "Ai Hui, welcome back."

"An Yi?"

Gu Qishao sized her up before a look of disdain flashed in his eyes.

Three years had passed, and this woman's taste in clothes was still so rustic. She was no different from those yellow-faced grandma. How could she be worthy of big brother Chi Yuan!

She had never called her "sister-in-law" before, so she addressed her by her first name. An Yi had long since gotten used to it.

"Take my luggage."

Gu Qishao unceremoniously shoved the luggage into An Yi's hands, completely ordering her around like a maid.

An Yi received it in a daze, but before she could say anything, she saw Gu Qin hold Gu Chi Yuan's arm as the two siblings walked away, talking and laughing.

A wry smile appeared on An Yi's face.

Ever since she had married into the Gu family, the Gu family had looked down on her, because her father was only the Gu family's driver and felt that her background was unworthy of the Gu family's eldest grandson, Gu Chi Yuan. Even the servants in the house laughed at her for being a sparrow on a branch and for wanting to become a phoenix.

After three years of marriage, she had gotten used to her in-laws' attitude towards her. She forced herself to follow him, lugging her heavy luggage behind her.

After taking Gu Qishao home, An Yi didn't even have time to catch her breath. She put on her apron and went into the kitchen to get busy.

Because Nanny was not satisfied with her daughter-in-law, all the servants in the villa were dismissed, and all the household chores were taken over by her alone.

After An Yi busied herself for a long time, she carried the chicken soup that she had just stewed and walked into the dining room.

Upon seeing her greasy hands, the mockery and disdain on her face deepened. "An Yi, I didn't know you could cook!"

An Yi ignored her and walked around her towards the dining room.

"What kind of attitude do you have? Is this how you treat your sister-in-law?" The anger in Gu Qishao's eyes gradually surfaced when he saw this.

This yellow-faced grandma actually didn't put Miss Gu in her eyes!

Gu Qishao walked over and blocked her path.

"Qin Qin, wash your hands first. We're going to eat soon." An Yi didn't want to argue with him, so she spoke up in a good-natured manner.

She glared fiercely at An Yi, pretending to turn around and leave. However, one of her feet quietly stretched forward.

An Yi didn't even look at the road as she tripped on her feet.


An Yi didn't even have time to react before her body heavily fell to the ground. The bowl of soup in her hand was smashed into smithereens. The scalding soup directly splattered all over her body.

Gu Qin Qin's eyes were filled with schadenfreude. She said in a strange tone, "An Yi, how did you walk?" "It's not easy to make a good stew, but it's already wasted!"

"It's obviously you …"

Before An Yi finished speaking, Gu Chi Yuan walked down the stairs.

When Gu Qishao heard the sound of footsteps, he immediately turned around and dashed to the man's side. With a very aggrieved tone, he complained first.

"Big brother Chi Yuan, I was so kind to help An Yi just now. I never thought that she would actually say that I was trying to seduce you. You are my big brother, isn't it normal for us to have a good relationship? "I argued with her for a bit, but she actually wanted to burn me to death. Fortunately, I was able to dodge in time so I wasn't scalded …"

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