Belated Love, Cherished No More/C5 I owe fifty million usury
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Belated Love, Cherished No More/C5 I owe fifty million usury
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C5 I owe fifty million usury

The sound of someone smashing the phone rang out. Before An Fugui could finish his sentence, his phone was cut off.

An Yi was worried and frightened. She didn't have time to think about it, so she put down her brush and hastily ran back home.

The house was in a mess, and everything had changed beyond recognition.

A few black-clothed men blocked his way out. One of them stepped on An Fugui and threatened him fiercely, "An Fugui, where's the fifty million? "If you can't take it out today, I'll cut off your hand right now!"

After saying that, he threw a sharp dagger in front of An Fugui.

"No, no!" "I will return it, I will definitely return it …"

An Fugui was so frightened that his face turned pale as he begged for mercy. When he turned around and saw An Yi, he immediately pointed at her and said, "My daughter is here. She's rich, so she'll definitely return the money to you."

"Your daughter?" The person looked in the direction that the voice had pointed in, and stared at An Yi suspiciously.

"Let go of my dad, I'll pay back the money he owes!" Although An Yi was scared, her expression was stern.

The man walked over slowly, reached out his hand, lifted her chin, and raised his eyebrows. Why are you doing this? "

"Because I'm the Gu family's Young Mistress! "You should know how powerful the Gu Clan is in City D, right?" For the first time, An Yi took advantage of her status as the young mistress of a wealthy family.

That person was startled, and then he let go of his hands and laughed. "Fine, I'll believe you this once. Give him back fifty million in three days, or I'll take his life! "

The group of people giggled and finally left in a formidable array.

An Yi hurriedly rushed over to help the frightened An Fugui up. With a serious expression, she asked, "Father, you went to gamble again?"

Every month, she would give her father a sum of money that was not small enough for him to use. How could he suddenly owe her fifty million yuan? He must have been itching to gamble again.

"Dad, you said you won't bet anymore, why can't you change it?"

An Fugui knew that his daughter was about to start nagging again, so he impatiently waved his hand. "Got it, got it!" "Your mom died too early, and I'm crippled again. I only have the hobby of gambling. Can't you let your dad make an occasional bet?"

"Fifty million is not a small sum, you …"

An Yi was about to refute, when suddenly, An Fugui saw two people appear at the door. He immediately said with a flattering smile, "Young son-in-law Gu, why are you here as well? Come in and take a seat! "

Coincidentally, the person who appeared at the door was Gu Chi Yuan, who was standing by his side.

Facing An Fugui's passionate flattery, Gu Chi Yuan instead revealed a face of disgust. He looked at the mess on the ground and didn't intend to walk into the room.

"Son-in-law Gu, don't just stand there. Come on in."

As he spoke, An Fugui was about to drag him in.

Gu Chi Yuan quickly dodged to the side like he was dealing with a plague god, causing An Fugui to miss his target.

"I'm here to get An Yi to sign the divorce agreement.

As he spoke, he tossed the divorce agreement in front of An Yi.

An Yi stared at the scattered papers on the ground, her heart sinking. He couldn't wait to divorce her, and when he saw that she hadn't signed, he didn't even hesitate to chase her home.

"An Yi, just sign your name. Don't ruin my happiness." Gu Qili intimately leaned on Gu Chi Yuan's side and looked at her arrogantly.

An Fugui's expression changed as he immediately noticed that something was amiss. "Divorce?" "Marry what?"

He walked over, picked up the divorce papers, and skimmed through them.

An Fugui knew that Gu Chi Yuan didn't like his daughter, but as long as An Yi became the Gu family's young mistress, he would have an inexhaustible amount of money. Furthermore, he couldn't allow An Yi to get a divorce, especially when he was in debt to a large amount of loan sharks.

"Son-in-law Gu, do you have a misunderstanding with Little Yi?" It's very normal for the couple to cause a ruckus, there's no need to go so far as to divorce each other, right? "

An Fugui smiled apologetically.

Gu Chi Yuan had yet to open his mouth when Gu Qishao took the initiative and ridiculed him, "An Fugui, you've gotten addicted to gambling. An Yi secretly made quite a bit of money out of you, right? Those are all the assets of the Gu family. Do you still have the face to speak here? "

An Fugui's face turned purple when he heard Gu Qishao's words.

She then changed the subject and pointed at An Yi, scolding, "Bitch, you're really thick-skinned. You know my brother doesn't like you, but you still shamelessly stick to him! Actually, you can't bear to part with the Gu family's property.

It was obvious that they had let her down, but now, they were actually accusing her of something. An Yi was so angry that her entire body was trembling. You don't have the right to scold me like that. You're the third person to get involved in someone else's marriage! Let me tell you, Gu Chi Yuan, I won't agree to a divorce, I definitely won't grant your dog of a couple's wish! "

Gu Chi Yuan's face sank, and his gaze was tainted with cold.

"Not leaving? An Yi, who do you think you are? If it wasn't for grandfather's last wish, do you think I would have married you? Didn't you marry me for the Gu family's hundred billion yuan? If you agree to a divorce, I will pay off the gambling debts for you and then take your father and go far away! "

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