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C3 Men are evil

" Ah, yes, I'll go get your car. And get it fixed right up. But….” He gave me a pointed gaze, his eyes were slightly clouded.

“Oh! Right… it's Bella”, I said hurriedly, kind of embarrassed.

“Well, Bella”, Ronnie started as my name rolled off his tongue so deliberately slowly, emphasizing every syllable. I frowned, trying not to think too much of it.

“Well, lucky for you, I know the cafe you’re talking about. It's just a couple blocks down. Gareth will show you to the garage and we'll discuss the cost of the repair and if you'd like to make any upgrades. I’ll be right back with your car.” Ronnie said as I heaved a sigh of relief, blaming myself for thinking so wrong of him as I shook my head.

Ronnie gave Gareth a fleeting look like he was telling him something. Gareth in return gave him a knowing look as he nodded at him.

They’re just mechanics, I’m overthinking.

As Ronnie made his way out, Gareth motioned for me to follow him.

We went through a door leading to a corridor and kept walking.

I stopped in my tracks, very confused. The passageway had led to a room, not a garage. Why did he lead me here? I was thoroughly perturbed.

The room had a well-kept black sofa and not much else, just some tools and other parts.

I turned around to question Gareth. He stood there leaning against the door, a devious look on his face.

“I thought you were taking me to the garage, why are we here?” I said fixing him with a questioning gaze.

Right then Ronnie emerged from behind Gareth.

“You forgot to give me your keys,” Ronnie said, his expression made it clear he was laughing at me. Gareth let out a little chuckle too.

I suddenly felt very awkward as I replied, “Sorry, I just have a really sucky memory." I let out a forced laugh as I slung my bag off my shoulders, rummaging around in my bag, looking for the keys.

I wasn’t able to search the bag properly, so I plopped it down on the sofa.

“It must be somewhere in here. Where the hell are those keys, did I leave them in the car?” I mumbled in frustration as I rummaged around in there, bending forward in order to look closely.

I thought I heard a groan like voice and was just about to turn around when I felt someone jump on me as I landed flat on the sofa. I let out a squeal when I felt his hands on my lower back holding me down in his iron grip.

“W..what are you doing? P...please, l..let me go”, I cried out in surprise. I felt an even sharper pain in my back as he tightened his grip, bruising the surface on my lower back.

“Oh My, my! What a gorgeous teen ass”, He said, slapping my butt cheek hard as I let out a scream.

“P...please, don’t do this.” I let out a sob as I tried to push myself off the sofa using my hands.

“Ooo, what a feisty little thing”, Ronnie growled out as he again spanked me….hard, the sound of the slap resonated throughout the room.

“Gareth, tie her hands. It seems like this one likes it rough.” He said, letting out a loud moan as he roughly pulled up my skirt. Tears were streaming down my face uncontrollably now, I felt so helpless. He started stroking my ass, his touch made my skin crawl but there was nothing I could do. I felt so weak.

Pushing against the sofa, I again tried to get up….but ended up grinding against his dick as it stood up to attention to my ass...rock hard. I let out a gasp as I felt his length against my bottom, straining against his jeans.

"Fuck! That fucking tight ass." He grunted, rubbing my ass, squeezing it.

Ronnie effectively held me still, his one hand took hold of my head, burying it into the sofa, so my vision was blocked and I couldn't move. His other hand rubbed my ass, stroking it. A shiver ran down my spine when I felt his fingers brush against my….core, rubbing it lightly through my thong.

I couldn't breathe, I was scared out of my mind, causing even more tears to flow down my cheeks.

Why? Why was this happening to me?

I felt Gareth tying up my hands so tight as he bound my wrists together, I'm sure they would leave imprints on them.

Gareth suddenly took ahold of my breasts, cupping them from both sides, squeezing them so hard, making me whimper in the feeling of that excruciating pain. He twisted my nipples through the blouse, making them so hard.

"Jesus fucking Christ girl! You've got the tits of a fucking pornstar." Gareth said as he continued torturing my breasts. I could do nothing but gasp and whimper.

I wheezed loudly when I felt Ronnie rip off my black thong.

"Such a beautiful, slick pussy." He said rubbing circles on my clit so vigorously, it hurt. He slapped me there as he rubbed my clit from behind me, making me gasp in surprise.

Ronnie inserted a finger inside me as I let out a strained voice like a mewl. He pumped my vagina hard and fast inserting another finger, my vaginal walls constricted around his thick fingers. I didn't resist anymore for there was nothing I could do.

"Look at that, what a cunt you are! So wet and desperate, you're already dripping. You like being with older guys, don't ya?" Ronnie said in his deep voice, trying to provoke me.

"You like being roughed up by men, don't you, you wanton little pussy. I'm sure you've had rape fantasies, fantasies of men shoving their dick down your throat, pounding into that tight, juicy pussy. Fucking that huge, creamy ass they came in your cunt of a mouth."

He continued, groaning as his fingers kept working my pussy, spreading my juices in circles all over my ass and vagina. I was so ashamed for being aroused by the thought of him forcing himself on me.

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