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C4 A narrow escape

I hated myself for having rape fantasies and dreaming of men raping me, much older men. God, I was so fucked up. But I didn't care, I just let myself drown in sensation.

I unconsciously let out a soft moan.

"Fuck! You want me to enter that fucking pussy of yours, huh, you fucking desperate bitch."

He continued as a panicked look crossed my face when I heard him unzipping his pants," You want me to fuck you hard, till you're limp and your pussy is gaping wide?"

His penis grazed my pussy, making me lurch forward as I tried to shake him off. But it was useless. My hands were tied. My breathing got uneven, my lungs taking erratic breaths as I tried to free my hands.

He lifted my ass even higher in the air, my knees on the edge of the sofa, my legs flailing about in the air. I felt something warm on my butt cheek, my body jerked forward in a reflex as he slapped his dick against my ass.

"Aw, fuck!" Ronnie howled out, fucking my pussy with his fingers relentlessly as I wailed when he entered three fingers inside me, moving against my slick folds.

I was hyperventilating, my mind racing, my body screaming from the inside.

Gareth tugged at my blouse, ripping it into shreds as the red synthetic fell apart.

I cried and begged them to stop but they didn't listen.

Ronnie slapped his dick against my ass, groaning in response. He fisted my hair as I started getting dizzy, feeling a piercing pain in my scalp as he tightened his grip on my head, making me feel like he would rip it all out.

"Jesus fuck! Your pussy is so fucking tight." Ronnie said as his fingers continued to fuck my hole, ripping through my wet folds.

Caspian’s POV

"Are we done here?" I said in an eerily calm voice.

"Yes, Mr. Donovan, of course, of course, if we could just go over terms of the Australian merger, I still have some doubts about the new hotel chain in Sydney. "

"I'm afraid you'll have to leave Mr. Byron, I have some other business to attend to," I said, getting up. This man was dumb as fuck. But I had to get this contract. "We'll discuss the features of the hotel chain over lunch tomorrow evening. If that's not a problem?" It wasn't really a question.

"Of course not Mr. Donovan." Hmm...he isn't a dimwit after all.

As they left, I looked up Miss Lucy Kerington's profile. The only reason I even agreed to this was because I owed Mr. Kerington a debt, a debt that could never be repaid, this was the least I could do for him.

I waited, thinking how boring this interview was going to be. Being fawned over by some stupid college girl.

Bella’s POV

Ronnie suddenly flipped me, making my butt land on the sofa as I gasped out in surprise, crying for my dignity but there was none left of it.

Gareth pinched my nipples through my bra as he continued to torcher my sensitive buds. He held my arms up above my head, so I just couldn't move.

I was crying, unable to stop myself. They both just cackled at my sobs and groaned harshly. I've never been so disgusted in my life, my crying was turning them on!!

Fucking sick psychos!

Ronnie rubbed my clit as my pussy heated up. His one hand held the underside of my knee as he continuously torchered my wet core.

That's when it hit me and a plan formed in my mind!

I forced myself to stop crying and my body unwillingly calmed down. My one leg is free, that's the only advantage I have. My brain started thinking again and planned a plausible escape.

I had to go through with this. I had to get out of here.

"What a dirty little whore you are", Ronnie said, grunting as his dick grazed my opening, making my whole body tense up.

I decided to put my plan into action. Moaning, I groaned out his name.

"Oh, pls Ronnie. Aah!" I said in a tone I thought was convincing.

Gareth groaned as he gripped my breasts even tighter, I had to force myself to not scream.

I could see the effect of my moan in Ronnie's eyes as they darkened even more.

"You're a virgin, aren't you?" He said in a disgruntled voice.

I let out an exaggerated moan.

"Pls Ronnie, can I touch it? I promise I'll behave." I said in a meek, girly voice.

He eyed me suspiciously but then nodded to Gareth to untie my hands.

Desperate son of a bitch, so desperate to get his wrinkly dick touched.

I leaned forward as I took hold of his length. Ronnie's eyes closed as a very audible gasp escaped him.

I suddenly started stroking Gareth through his pants with my other hand as the sicko grappled my breasts even harder, making them ache.

I inwardly glared at him, fire burning out of my body. But outwardly, I bit my lip, making him moan in response.

It was time. I tried to ready myself, bringing all the energy I had in me to the surface.

Stroking Ronnie, it seemed like he was lost in his own fucked up bliss.

I brought my foot up in a flash and kicked him in his "special place" before he realized what was happening.

Simultaneously, I grabbed Gareth's balls and twisted them so hard his face turned blue as he tumbled backward, rubbing himself, trying to soothe the pain probably.

Ronnie was on the floor now, cupping his dick, screaming in pain.

My heart was beating out of my chest, my mind racing like it would jump out of my skull as I made a run for the door, I heard Gareth mumble something like," Stop you fucking bitch. When I catch you I'll fuck you till you drop."

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