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The sky at the beginning of October was already extremely cold. The cold wind blew loudly, and the entire field had turned into a desolate wasteland.

On the rugged and desolate path, a child in tattered clothes sat by the side of the road while trembling. It was also true that the sky had become extremely cold in October, and the cotton-like snow was dancing in the air, instantly melting into the palm of a person's hand. The snow on the ground was also sparse.

On a cold day like this, the child sitting on the roadside was drowsy and would occasionally pinch his numb little hands on his legs. However, the effect of raising her spirit was getting weaker and weaker, she did not know where she was, she had not eaten for a few days, and she did not have any strength left. On such a cold day, her eyelids were getting hotter and hotter, heavier and heavier.

Gulu gulu sounds came from far away along with the sound of the wind. It was a horrifying sound, but the children by the side of the road were no longer able to get up and were no longer able to get up.

The sound was getting closer and closer. It was a carriage, driven by an old man who looked to be in his fifties with a friendly face. The sound of rolling wheels was getting closer and closer and then gradually stopped.

"Uncle Fu, what happened? Why did you suddenly stop?" As the carriage stopped, a boy came out of the carriage. He was young but he wasn't dignified. The man who heard the voice seemed to be around 13 years old. He was hoarse and wasn't difficult to hear.

"Young Master." Uncle Fu was the old man driving the carriage. He quickly jumped off the carriage and faced the curtain of the carriage with a respectful expression. "We have met a child."

"Hm?" Following the sound of a nasal voice, a pair of slender hands lifted up half of the curtain. The next moment, a young but handsome face was revealed. Even though it was not the Year of Encyclopedia, one could still see Young Master's unparalleled appearance.

Uncle Fu already stretched out his hand to check the child's breath, "Young Master, still alive." "If Young Master hadn't opened his mouth to save the child, he probably wouldn't have lived past tonight. Uncle Fu sighed in his heart," "What do you think?" "

"Keep going!" After a moment of silence, the young man's voice rang out and the curtain of the carriage was lowered.

Uncle Fu sighed. He took off his gray shirt and put it on the kid's curled up body. Just as he was about to get on the car, the kid who had his eyes closed suddenly opened them. A pair of black and white eyes stared at him, confused and without any desire.

Uncle Fu was too old to be a child, so his heart immediately softened when he saw the pair of clean eyes. If they didn't save him now, there was a very high chance that the child would die.

"Picking up the weightless child, Uncle Fu said to the curtain," "Young Master, this child is freezing to death. It seems that he has been hungry for a long time. He doesn't have much meat on him, and there aren't any villages nearby. He should be here by now." "

After Uncle Fu had finished speaking, he slightly bent his body and waited for the person on the car to reply. After a long while, a voice finally came from the car, "Carry him!"

"Thank you, Young Master!" "Thank you," Wu Tie said, holding the child in his arms. "Young Master, this child is frostbitten and looks like he's hurt quite badly. His body is weak, so I'm afraid he won't be able to take the strain. Can …" Uncle Fu stopped speaking and looked at the dirty child in his arms. Before he could finish, he heard the man in the car say, "Carry him in."

Uncle Fu's heart was filled with joy. "Young Master is a kind person, this old servant thanks Young Master on behalf of the child."

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