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Soon, they arrived at Fu Yu's villa in Tianjin. It was a day's journey to the capital, so they stopped in the manor to wait for the next few days when the snow stopped.

The horse carriage stopped and servants who had already heard the commotion came over to serve them. Fuyu County jumped off the horse carriage first and walked nonstop, instructing the manager of the manor: "Get someone to prepare water, I want to bathe, then ask the kitchen to prepare some food."

"Yes sir!" The supervisor bowed and was about to leave, but was stopped by Young Master just as he was about to take two steps back.

"You, go find a husband." Fu Yu instructed as he saw Uncle Fu carry out the little guy and lead him towards the side room, "You can leave, Uncle Fu!"

"Young Master?" Wu Jingyuan wanted to send Er Ya to a side room for the time being before he went to look for Young Master, but he didn't want to be stopped by Young Master.

Fu Yu didn't wait for Uncle Fu to come over before waving his hand to signal him not to come over. His gaze was fixed on the sleepy Er Ya, and he didn't try to hide his disgust.

"Yes sir!" Uncle Fu always knew that his Young Master loved to be clean, so he didn't feel that there was anything wrong with hearing Young Master's words. He agreed to bring Er Ya down next time.

"There's more!" Fu Yu frowned as he looked at the coarse fabric on Er Ya's body, "Change her clean clothes! "Bring it to me when you're done!"

He looked at the confused girl, then looked at the clothes she was wearing. This was the clothes he had asked the waiter to look for last night. Although it was a bit crude, it was still new and clean, so why did Young Master say that? With some doubts, Uncle Fu still took Er Ya to the side room and went to find the manager's wife to bathe and change her clothes.

Fu Yu took a hot bath. His body felt refreshed and his mood improved a lot. Although he had just eaten some sesame seed cakes on the way here, a few hours had already passed. He was starving and was about to call the supervisor over, but Uncle Fu came over.

"Young Master? Young Master is hungry, do you want to eat something now? " When Uncle Fu came in, he saw that Young Master had already finished his shower and changed his clothes. Young Master had never liked serving close to others, so he did these things himself.

"Mm, pass it on." Liu Shouwei ordered, then suddenly remembered something, and asked again: "Where's the child? "Bring her here."

"Young Master, Er Ya has already taken a bath. The husband is just showing her." Uncle Fu didn't know why Young Master wanted the girl to come over, so he replied respectfully.

"Then we'll wait until the husband is done reading before we bring her here!" Fu Yu waved his hand, "Uncle Fu is tired from the journey. Let's go eat and rest!" Fu Yu had some respect for the old man who had been serving him since he was young, so he gently instructed, "Uncle Fu, rest well tonight. You don't have to come."

"Thank you, Young Master!" When he left, he first went to Er Ya's side room, where the steward's wife was still there. While the husband was writing the prescription, Uncle Fu called the steward's wife and told her in a low voice, "Tai Fu will take this child to Young Master's place. I have ordered the kitchen to prepare porridge, soup, and bring it over for her to eat.

Er Ya had changed into a new set of clothes, but her hair was still messy and she was still not far from being separated. If this girl were to go over and see Young Master like this, she would probably be despised by Young Master again, making Young Master unhappy.

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