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Uncle Fu was Young Master's most respected and trusted person. Once Uncle Fu told her this, the steward's wife knew that the girl in front of her was not to be trifled with, so she gave her the best she could, not daring to treat her lightly.

It was already late at night, but Fu Yu didn't feel tired at all. He carefully thought over everything that happened after they went out this time. The manager's voice came from outside.

"Come in." Fu Yu waved his sleeves and replied in a low voice.

"Young Master, your servant has brought the young lady to meet Young Master!" The woman led Er Ya in and greeted Fu Yu respectfully.

Fu Yu's gaze fell on the little guy. Every time he went out to 'play', he would come in for a day or two and hide his ears, preparing quite a lot of things for the house, the children's clothes were naturally there, now that Uncle Fu had found a wife for the little guy to pick up, he was dressed in a pink orchid with red thread and had two exquisite flower bun on his head. The scattered bangs were combed down neatly, making his eyes appear more black and bright, with two little braids hanging down by his ears.

"Has the doctor seen it?" Fu Yu was a lot more satisfied. He asked his wife, "Did you say anything?"

"To reply to Young Master, the doctor said that the girl is fine. She is just weak and weak. She will recover after three months of rest."

"Mm, let's go down and pass the food." Fu Yu nodded at Er Ya and said, "You, come here!"

Er Ya was ignorant enough to know that Young Master should be a very powerful person. So many people were so respectful to Young Master, and when she saw Young Master calling her over, Er Ya trembled and looked timidly at Young Master.

"Sit down." Fu Yu's eyelids twitched as he glanced at the timid little guy. His eyebrows immediately tightened, "What? Am I scary? "

Er Ya subconsciously shook her head. Seeing Young Master staring straight at her, she was worried that Young Master would not believe her, so she quickly raised her hand and followed, "No!"

"Hiss!" Fu Yu frowned, "Done, stop shaking. It makes me dizzy."

In just a few words, the servants waiting outside had already brought in the prepared dishes one after another. They were all prepared according to Fu Yu's preference, but this time, Fu Yu had indeed received instructions to specially prepare a dish of medicinal soup and a small bowl of porridge.

When the dishes were all set up, Fu Yu waved his hand to signal everyone to leave. Then, he ordered Er Ya, "Eat!"

Even though the medicinal soup was made in a hurry, it still had a strong aroma. Er Ya's appetite was aroused as she smelled it closely. Although she had eaten a lot of sesame seed cakes this afternoon, she was hungry when the time came.

However, when Er Ya saw that Young Master did not move, she did not dare to move first. She only stared at the bowl of soup in front of her with her eyes.

"You! After you finish eating all those, you're not allowed to sleep until you're done eating tonight! " Fu Yu picked up his chopsticks slowly and said to Er Ya.

Er Ya's face twitched when she heard that, and the corner of her mouth curled up. Young Master's meaning was that the food in front of her was for her to eat?! Her voice was filled with obvious excitement, "Thank you, Young Master!"

Tut! He wasn't afraid of him now! Fu Yu grunted but didn't say anything. He elegantly started to eat.

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