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"Young Master Su? Why is he here? " On the surface, Fu Yu didn't say anything, but his voice sounded somewhat surprised.

"Why can't I come?" Just as Fu Yu finished his sentence, he heard the same hoarse and tender voice from outside. He knew that the person who spoke was a 145-year-old youth.

"Young Master Su!" It was Uncle Fu's voice outside. It was very normal, as if such things happened frequently.

Everyone in the capital knew that Young Master Su had a good relationship with the young master of Duke Jing Ann's Mansion, but only the people close to the two Wu steelers would know which kind of relationship was good.

"Uncle Fu, you may leave first!" Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the hem of Uncle Fu's clothes flashing in from the corner of his eye. Fu Yu told Uncle Fu to go down first.

"Bo Wen, your life has been quite carefree. If I hadn't come out for a stroll, I really wouldn't have known that you were hiding in this manor!"

As soon as he was one month old, his father, who was the head of the Fu family, had already given him the calligraphy. Bo Wen was named Fu Yu, and had only just reached the age of one month old when his father had already given him the calligraphy.

As his voice faded, a young man who appeared to be a scholar walked in. He was the son of the marquis of Huai Ann, Su Changcheng, and he was dressed in a dark green brocade robe with wide sleeves, a green jade crown on his head, matching his dark green brocade robe. His appearance was even more beautiful, and it was a pity that the red plum blossoms on his robe had ruined his charm.

"Dai Hui is really interested. He came out early in the morning to take a stroll. I really admire him." Fu Yu replied with a smirk on his face.

This was the old marquis' hope for Su Changcheng. Unfortunately, Su Changcheng was born unruly, and was destined to fail to live up to the meaning of these words. The old marquis' expectation was bound to be dashed.

Su Changcheng was silent. He glanced around and saw the girl sitting opposite to Fu Yu. He was surprised for a moment and asked Fu Yu, "Who is this?"

Fu Yu swept his gaze across the crowd. "I picked it up on the way back from the tour. Bring it back to Xuanqing for her to play with." His tone was as calm as if he had really picked up an ordinary stone.

Su Changcheng's mouth went stiff. Xuan Qing and Su Changcheng naturally knew that it was Wu Tie's bird, oh no, it was an eagle, a gyrfalcon, Wu Tie was extremely fond of it. Su Changcheng's mouth turned stiff, Xuan Qing and Su Changcheng naturally knew that it was Wu Tie's bird, oh no, it was an eagle, a Hai Dong Qing, Wu Tie was extremely fond of it.

However, Su Changcheng didn't completely believe Fu Yu's words. How could he bring people back to play with pets and eat at the same table?

Er Ya had been staring at him ever since Su Changcheng came in. Young Master was the most good-looking person she had ever seen, and now there was actually someone better looking than Young Master! Su Changcheng was dressed too seductively, coupled with his unusually handsome appearance, red lips and white teeth. Er Ya couldn't tell if he was a man or a woman.

Su Changcheng also noticed that the kid was staring at him with his eyes fixed on him. Su Changcheng nearly drooled. He looked towards Fu Yu and smirked.

Fu Yu also noticed Er Ya's silly look and was annoyed. Even the dogs in his house had to recognize him as their master, yet this ungrateful little guy was staring at an outsider. Isn't he just a piece of sh * t?

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