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"You! Why do you keep staring at me? " Su Changcheng walked over and sat on an empty seat beside Fu Yu. He smiled seductively at Er Ya.

In Er Ya's eyes, no matter how good-looking Su Changcheng was, he was just a stranger. At this moment, he was somewhat helpless as he looked towards the Young Master that she was familiar with for help.

Fu Yu was like a puppy that was raised by itself, after seeing the bones handed out by an outsider, it would first look for its owner to ask for permission. Fu Yu was inexplicably pleased by Er Ya's dependent eyes, "If you have something to say, just say it!"

Er Ya glanced at Su Changcheng with a hint of shyness. That gaze made Su Changcheng happy. He had seen too many girls look at him with shyness and timidness!

"She's even prettier than my elder sister in the Spring and Flowers Building!"

Er Ya said shyly. Su Changcheng's complacent expression froze on his face, and in that instant, his expression changed unpredictably. It was as though he had transformed into a playboy!

"You!" Su Changcheng stared angrily at Er Ya. He was used to messing around, so when he glared at Er Ya, his domineering aura was immediately exposed. Er Ya was scared stiff.

As a boy and a girl, Su Changcheng hated it when people said that he was beautiful. Before Su Changcheng could threaten Er Ya, Fu Yu glanced at him blandly and said, "If you are passing by, you can leave now. If you are here to seek shelter, then go find a room to stay in, I want to eat breakfast."

If it were anyone else, they would have left a long time ago. However, Su Changcheng was extremely shameless at Fu Yu's place, so he glanced at the breakfast on the table, especially at the medicinal food in front of Er Ya. He then called for someone to come and prepare a bowl and chopsticks for this crown prince.

Fu Yu originally intended to stay in the manor for two days before returning to the capital after the snow stopped. Now that Su Changcheng was here, he decided to go with him.

Since they were leaving from Tianjin, besides the carriage Fu Yu rode in, there were two more people at the back of the carriage. Sun Zhengyuan had arranged for Er Ya to ride in the same carriage as him, but Young Master Su had already taken over half of it.

The horse carriage moved forward slowly due to the snow on the road. Su Changcheng was riding on a horse when he came. When he left, he left on Fu Yu's horse carriage and followed his follower to lead the horse.

During breakfast, Fu Yu was very interested in the little girl who could eat at Fu Yu's table. He got on the carriage and asked Uncle Fu to send the little girl to them.

Lili sat obediently on one side, taking up very little space, but Su Changcheng had been staring at her ever since the carriage started moving. Lili was not familiar with this Su Young Master, and was a little scared by his stare, so she shrank away from him. Although Young Master was very angry, Lili would rather Young Master was angry than face the man who was staring at her.

The little guy shrank behind him in a very dependable manner. Fu Yu was very satisfied, but how could he allow others to covet his things when he saw Su Changcheng keep staring at the little guy and frown unhappily?

"Didn't De Hui say he had nothing to do? It must be very nice to go out for a while, how can I enjoy the snow while sitting in the carriage? " Fu Yu swept his gaze over to Su Changcheng and told him to stop. "Uncle Fu, tell Young Master Su's follower to bring the son's horse over. The son wants to ride the horse and admire the snow."

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