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After entering the city gate, Su Changcheng parted ways with Fu Yu and the others. Duke Jing Ann's Mansion separated from Liu Steel Manor to the south and north, and they were separated by a few streets, almost half an hour's journey.

Er Ya had slept for less than four hours last night, and today she had been on guard against Young Master Su, who was eyeing her like a tiger. After entering the city gate, Young Master Su left, swaying along with the carriage like a cradle, and following which, Er Ya's head also started to head down.

"Young Master, here we are!" Wu Tie's voice came from outside. Er Ya was shocked. When she looked up and saw Young Master's expression, she immediately became timid and didn't dare to make a sound.

Uncle Fu had already opened the carriage's curtain, and as the curtain was lifted, the entrance was a red and red lacquered gate. On the top of the gate was a black, gold, silk, and zhennan signboard with four big, eye-catching words "Duke Jing Ann's Mansion" carved on it.

It was Er Ya's first time seeing such an imposing mansion, so she was stunned.

"Young Master is back!" The butler, who was informed by the gatekeeper, rushed out and stood by the side of the carriage, bowed and said in a respectful tone.

Fu Yu had already jumped down from the carriage and nodded to the butler. "Is everything alright in the Duan Residence?"

"Go back to Young Master, everything in the mansion is fine." "Yes!" The butler replied and gestured for a few servants to bring Young Master's carriage in.

"Uh-huh!" Fu Yu replied in a low voice, "Uncle Fu, go get someone to prepare water. I want to take a bath. The butler will pass on the message. After I take a bath, I will go over to greet the old lady." As he spoke, he took a step towards the door. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a few servants leading a carriage towards a side door. He frowned: "Wait!

"Young Master?" He looked at the carriage, then at Uncle Fu beside Young Master, and asked respectfully. Even though he was the butler of the house, Uncle Fu was the steward of Young Master's Suifeng Hall, so even though his position in the house was lower than his, but that was not the case. Even Young Master had some respect for Uncle Fu.

Fu Yu also looked at Uncle Fu, who walked over and carried Er Ya off the carriage.

When Uncle Fu carried Er Ya down, her jet black eyes were still rolling with curiosity and surprise as she sized up the Duke Jing Ann's Mansion door.

Fu Yu scoffed and said with undisguised disdain, "Idiot! "If you don't come back, you'll live with the horse!"

Er Ya glanced at the horse Young Master was pointing to, and her eyes narrowed. Then she looked at the amiable Uncle Fu. Seeing Uncle Fu nod, she ran to Young Master with her short legs.

"This is?" The steward was confused and couldn't ask Young Master directly. He saw Young Master leading a girl he didn't know into the house and stopped where he was, waiting for Uncle Fu to question him.

"I met that girl on the way back from Young Master's sightseeing trip. I took pity on her and brought her back to be taken care of. In the future, she will send me off for the rest of my life." Uncle Fu chuckled as he spoke.

"That Young Master?" The butler was skeptical. Could it be that the girl had some background and wanted to hide her identity? Otherwise, why would Uncle Fu arrange such a reason? If it was really picked up by Uncle Fu, why would Young Master personally lead?

"Could it be that Young Master was bored and liked to tease little girls along the way? It's still not that fresh, and I probably forgot about it after a few days." After saying this, Wu Dingle ignored the butler's disbelief and followed him into the mansion.

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