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Er Ya was two steps behind Fu Yu, she trotted with her short legs and followed behind Wu Tie. After taking a detour through a few small paths, she saw a door, on the door side of the door, the words "Windward Yard" were written in large calligraphy.

Uncle Fu had already caught up and called out to Er Ya when she was about to follow Young Master inside.

"Young Master!" Lu Qi rushed over and saw that Young Master had returned safely. His face was filled with joy.

Fu Yu nodded towards Lu Qi, "Uncle Fu, you've been tired since you rushed here recently. You should rest well during these two days. If you have any business, just leave it to Lu Qi."

"Thank you, Young Master!" Uncle Fu bowed and thanked him. "Then, this old servant will take Er Ya to settle it down."

Hearing Fu Yu's gaze on Er Ya, who was two steps behind him, the little guy looked around curiously with a strange expression. After pondering for a while, he said, "Go tell the nanny that we're going to temporarily put her at the nanny's side. Liu Tie, I'll prepare some water.

"Yes sir!" Uncle Fu and Lu Qi answered.

Bringing Er Ya down, Uncle Fu also felt that it was more appropriate for Er Ya to stay at the wet nurse's side. Other than the wet nurse who brought Young Master with her since childhood, they didn't even have a rough little girl in their Windward Yard.

"Uncle Fu, this is?" Lu Qi followed up, curiously looked at Er Ya, scratched his head and asked Uncle Fu.

"I met her on the way. She looks really pitiful. Young Master is kind and brought her back. She's called Er Ya." Uncle Fu then looked at Er Ya, "Girl, this is Lu Qi, he served Young Master, you can look for him if you need anything in the future."

Er Ya glanced at Lu Qi. He looked to be a little older than Young Master and looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old. He had a friendly smile on his face, but she wasn't afraid.

"Hello, you're Er Ya!" Er Ya called him by his name to his heart full of joy, "In the future, you will be one of our Windward Yard's people. As long as you don't make any mistakes and anger Young Master, you can come find me if you have any difficulties."

The wet nurse looked like a kind-looking old man in his forties. He was dressed in the proper clothes, and his hair was combed neatly, not even a little messy. There was an occasional strand of silvery-white hair in his black hair, which could be clearly seen, and his well-developed figure, slightly visible wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, quietly recounted the traces of time.

"Uncle Fu?" When the wet nurse saw Uncle Fu, she immediately showed her joy, "But Young Master is back?"

"Nanny, Young Master is back!" However, Young Master went to bathe and change his clothes after he entered the door. The one who answered was Lu Qi. Although he looked simple and honest, he was smart. There were only a few close servants beside Young Master. The wet nurse was also very kind and treated people very well. Lu Qi had always been close to her.

"You brat!" The nanny snappily glanced at Lu Qi and then looked at Uncle Fu, "Uncle Fu just returned home. Why aren't you taking a good rest? Is there something you need here?" As he spoke, he noticed the girl standing beside Uncle Fu staring at him, "Who is this lady?"

Uncle Fu then pushed Er Ya forward, but before he could open his mouth, Liu Tie spoke first, "Nanny, this is Er Ya. Young Master brought this home with him. He will live with Nanny in the future!"

Uncle Fu also nodded to his wet nurse and said to Er Ya, "Girl, this is Young Master's wet nurse. From now on, you will follow her."

Er Ya glanced at the good-natured aunt and greeted obediently, "Good morning, nurse!"

The little girl looked young, about four or five years old, with a pointy, thin face and dark yellow skin. From the looks of it, she was a child who had suffered a lot, but if one looked carefully, they would see that she was very meticulous, with a small, straight nose, two thin lips and a dark complexion that could not hide the delicate elegance of her entire face. She was a good girl.

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