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When Fu Yu came out of Tzu Ann Tang, he bumped into Second Branch's eldest son, Fu Tong.

"Jing Jia greets brother. When we returned to the manor earlier, we heard from the servant that brother is back. I was just about to pay my respects to the Old Ancestor before heading off to Windward Yard to find brother. We haven't had a good chat for a long time." Fu Tong was standing in a small pavilion outside of Tzu Ann Tang. He was dressed in a jade colored long robe with long sleeves, which accentuated his slender figure, green scented pouch at his waist, and white jade crown at the top of his hair. He had a handsome face, and also had an extraordinary bearing.

"Brother, you're too modest. Just now, the Old Ancestor even mentioned him to me. When I wasn't at the mansion, he was always filial. As your big brother, I am very ashamed."

"Big Bro, don't say that. Being able to pay respects to the Old Ancestor is our fortune as grandchildren. It's also understandable that Big Bro can't go out and pay respects to the Old Ancestor every day!" Fu Tong was modest and polite. His attitude was just right, there were no mistakes, and there was no trace of oppression.

"Thank you for your consolation, Jing Jia. You should quickly go in, don't let the Old Ancestor wait too long."

Fu Yu led Lu Qi and kept walking forward. After a while, Lu Qi bent his body slightly and leaned close to Fu Yu and whispered, "Young Master, Young Master is still standing there, looking at Young Master!"

"If you're walking, then walk properly, why are you looking around?!" Fu Yu glanced at Lu Qi indifferently. His voice was quiet and gentle, but it made Lu Qi shut his mouth.

Just as he was about to step out of the Tzu Ann Tang, the corner of Fu Yu's mouth curled up, "But this Second Brother of mine is actually so filial.

"Young Master." Lu Qi looked at his own family's Young Master's strange smile, "I don't usually see Second Young Master coming over at night with Tzu Ann Tang."

Fu Yu smiled. This was such a coincidence, he had only just entered the room when Fu Tong followed him into Tzu Ann Tang.

On the morning of the next day, Fu Yu entered the palace. Ever since he took up his post in the imperial guards the previous year, he had always been a "loafer", loafing about to linger in the mountains and rivers. Although the so-called "loafing" position was given him by the emperor, he did not have the actual power to protect him.

About an hour later, Fu Yu came out of the Qian An Palace again. On the other hand, the eunuchs who were waiting outside the door heard that the Fu Family's Young Master, Fu Yu, had returned from a trip and handed over a treasure to the Emperor. The Emperor was very happy to see that Young Master had been rewarded.

This kind of thing has happened quite a few times in the past two years. When Fu Yu came out of the Qian An Palace, Liu De, the eunuch who was waiting outside for the emperor, smiled coyly. "Congratulations, Fu Young Master! He was rewarded by His Majesty again! I wonder what treasure Fu Young Master offered to His Majesty this time? Does it make me so happy? "

Fu Yu stopped walking and looked at Liu De. After a while, he smiled: "Eunuch Liu's compliments are just some ordinary items from the outside. It's just a new and rare item for the emperor! I got quite a few things from this trip. Later on, I will call some people to bring some to the eunuch so that he can be fresh and fresh. I hope that the eunuch will not mind us, and he will speak up for me in the future in front of the emperor! " Fu Yu said with a completely stubborn look on his face.

Eunuch Liu's face, which had been covered in smiles, trembled from the laughter. His frown was like a flower. "Sure, sure!"

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