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Besides Er Ya, there was no other little girl in Windward Yard right now. Nanny naturally treated her extremely well, and had even personally handled her food and clothing. In the past two days, she saw that Er Ya didn't know anything and had even taught her a few ways to comb her hair into a bun.

Er Ya had not seen Young Master ever since she came to live with her wet nurse. It had probably been four to five days. Even Uncle Fu had only seen Young Master once yesterday, so the one who often met was Lu Qi.

"Er Ya, I'll take you for a walk!" In the past few days, Er Ya had been forced to study some basic etiquette. Now, the nanny had gone to the kitchen to personally make Young Master's dinner. Lu Qi saw the opportunity and came to find Er Ya.

"When the nanny comes back, she will be angry if she doesn't see him!" Er Ya was very conflicted, she had been living a tough life outside before, but she had come and gone freely wherever she wanted to go, but after returning with Young Master, she was always controlled by the nanny and couldn't leave the yard. Although she longed to go out and take a look, she didn't want to make the nanny angry, after all, the nanny was very kind to her, even though she was more strict when teaching her how to do things.

Lu Qi smiled, "I won't be discovered by my wet nurse. She has to prepare Young Master's dinner. Young Master will only be back in the mansion after an hour!"

Er Ya was moved by Lu Qi's words and couldn't help but follow Lu Qi out. Although Lu Qi brought Er Ya out, and the so-called exit was just outside the house, so naturally, Windward Yard wouldn't leave the house. However, he did bring Er Ya left and right into a corner pavilion in the Windward Yard, where there was a huge cage, with a huge eagle inside.

This falcon was really big, Er Ya could tell with one glance that she was stunned, she had never seen such a big falcon, it was estimated that it was three feet long, and judging from its body size, it should be around 15.6 jin in weight, with a lot of willow leaf-like feathers on its head, its sharp beak curved backwards, short and flat, the most eye-catching being its pair of eyes, which were yellow and shiny, when it saw a stranger approaching it, it immediately revealed its fierceness, its feathers standing straight up, looking extremely fierce.

"Good eagle!" Er Ya exclaimed in surprise and didn't dare to go any closer. Although the eagle was in the cage, she didn't dare to go over when she saw how huge and fierce it was.

Although Er Ya was sighing in a low voice, but not as loud as Lu Qi, she couldn't help but laugh, "This is not an ordinary eagle, it's Young Master's gyrfalcon, called Xuan Qing. According to Young Master, ordinary people don't dare to get close."

Er Ya's black eyes stared at Xuan Qing. She had heard from Young Master that Xuan Qing was actually this falcon, not to mention … Er Ya pursed her lips as fear surfaced on her face. Young Master said that he brought her back for Mingqing to play with …

"Brother Lu Qi, let's go quickly!" Er Ya looked at Xuan Qing timidly and ran out the same way she had come.

"Yes?" Lu Qi was dumbfounded. Although Er Ya's legs were short, she was still running very fast. When Lu Qi came back to his senses, she had already run half a meter away and could no longer see her way around the fake mountain.

However, just now, Lu Qi had only taken her twice, so why was it that when she ran out she also took two turns, but she noticed that something was wrong, and it wasn't the way they came from. Er Ya stopped, looked around and decided to return to Lu Qi, but when she turned around, she was stopped by a childish voice that suddenly appeared behind her.

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