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Liu Tie lowered his head slightly to look at Fu Yu, his face full of embarrassment. "Wu Tie, this old servant saw that the child's body was a little dirty, I originally wanted to help him clean himself up, who knows …" "Who knows …"

Uncle Fu said this with some difficulty. Looking at his family's Young Master's unmoved expression, he sighed to himself and forced himself to finish. "Who would have thought …" The child turned out to be a girl. "

He was embarrassed, not because he found out that the child was a girl, but because the child looked to be only four or five years old, he did not have any ability to guard against men and women. It was just that Young Master had always disliked having a maid by his side, so all the girls that followed him were small. Now that he had picked up a girl, Uncle Fu was a little worried.

Fu Yu did not say anything. Uncle Fu had been with him for more than ten years, and he could guess what Uncle Fu was thinking with a single glance. After a long while, Fu Yu did not ask about the girl's whereabouts, but asked, "Has the doctor come before?"

Uncle Fu was about to say that he still hadn't come when he heard the waiter calling from outside, "Young Master!" "The doctor Young Master wanted has arrived. This is the best doctor in Yin City, Doctor Liu!"

"Sure, as long as you can treat her well, you will reward her well." Uncle Fu waved at the waiter. "Dr. Liu, please follow me."

Uncle Fu led Dr. Liu to another room, and when he went back to invite him in, he saw that Young Master had followed him. He looked puzzled. "Young Master?"

"Since you have nothing better to do, come over and take a look." Fu Yu said lightly and went around Uncle Fu.

Looking at Young Master's back that was not straight and upright, Uncle Fu shook his head. Young Master must be bored to death since he had been on the road all this time! Otherwise, with Young Master's personality, how could he say something like that when he has nothing better to do? Young Master was a person who did not feel bored after reading a military book for a few hours.

The doctor checked the pulse while Uncle Fu stood aside. Fu Yu sat at the table and leisurely sipped on his tea.

After the time it took to make a cup of tea, the doctor withdrew his hand.

Uncle Fu pointed at the child lying unconscious on the bed and asked, "Doctor Liu, what do you think of this child?"

"Doctor Liu stroked his beard," "It's okay, it's just that she's frostbitten and often hungry, but this little girl is different for boys. She needs to be taken care of slowly, and I'll give her a prescription to cure this fever first. Her diet is mainly about food, and it's best not to eat too much, and not to eat too much."

Uncle Fu thanked him. Doctor Liu wrote down the prescription and sent Doctor Liu out. He also went to find a waiter to help him get the medicine.

After drinking a cup of tea, Fu Yu patted his robe and walked to the bedside. He looked at the dirty thing that Uncle Fu said was a girl's doll, but Uncle Fu had already helped him clean his face, it wasn't as dirty as the one in front, but it was still yellowish and thin, extremely ugly.

Looking at that yellow skinny face, Fu Yu's heart skipped a beat. Being able to meet Uncle Fu was her good luck. Just as she was about to turn around and leave, the person lying on the bed suddenly opened her eyes and stared at him.

Fu Yu was stunned, but he was a bit surprised. Even though this kid was yellow and skinny, his eyes were sparkling black. He looked energetic, as if... The gyrfalcon he raised in the manor.

Fu Yu stopped in his tracks and stared at the pair of black eyes with interest, as if he was sizing up something new that he had never seen before.

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