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When Uncle Fu saw Doctor Liu off and came back, he saw his own son, Young Master, standing at the end of the bed. His sharp eyes were staring at the girl who had already woken up.

"Thank you, Young Master!" When Uncle Fu walked in, he heard the little girl still lying on the bed, looking at his family's Young Master timidly as she thanked him.

Fu Yu patted his robe and sat down on a small stool beside the bed. He looked at the little girl with interest and asked, "What's your name?" Where do you live? "Why would they..."

"Young Master!" Uncle Fu looked at the timid girl on the bed and sighed in his heart. His family's Young Master was interrogating the prisoner! Only Uncle Fu would dare to do this, and then he would comfort the girl, "Don't be afraid, I'm Uncle Fu, my family's Young Master has no ill intentions, I just want to know about your situation so that I can send someone to take you home."

"Who knew that the moment Uncle Fu finished his sentence, the girl on the bed looked at Fu Yu timidly, probably knowing that the one who could make the decision here was the young Young Master." I don't want to go home! "

Don't want to go home? This sounded interesting! Fu Yu waved his hand to stop Uncle Fu from speaking. "Why don't you tell me why you don't want to go home?"

"The girl on the bed pursed her lips, looked hesitantly at Uncle Fu, then looked timidly at Fu Yu." "My dad sold me." Young Master raised his eyebrows and weakly added, "I ran away."

"Huh?" "Escaped from home?" Fu Yu raised his eyebrows and was still in high spirits.

"No." "The girl was delicate and weak." "I escaped from the granny." Then, as if remembering something fearful, she clutched the quilt with her small hands and said in a low, sobbing voice, "The woman said she would buy me to be her maid at Spring and Splendor Pavilion." A pair of large, dark, watery eyes looked at Uncle Fu. "Grandpa, I don't want to go to the Spring and Flowers Restaurant."

Aiyo ~ Uncle Fu was at his prime age to embrace a grandson and enjoy life. Unfortunately, he never married or had children, and all he wanted to do was to stay by Young Master's side.

"Fine, fine, fine. If you don't want to go, then don't want to go!" "Young Master, let's take this child. Even if it's inconvenient to go back to the house, this old servant will voluntarily bring him up."

Fu Yu looked at the timid girl on the bed with interest. Uncle Fu had been in the house for decades and had always treated others with respect. Now that he was touched by this skinny little girl, he couldn't help but feel sympathy for her.

After saying that, the girl stared at Young Master who was sitting beside the bed. She knew that the one who would make the decision would definitely be Young Master.

Even Uncle Fu looked at Young Master expectantly. However, there seemed to be some pressure under that expectant gaze. If Young Master rejected him, he would have to continue begging Young Master tonight until Young Master agreed!

Fu Yu acted as if he did not notice their gazes and did not change his posture at all. It was as if he did not have this episode in between. He asked again, "What is your name?"

"The girl on the bed looked at Uncle Fu timidly and said," "I don't have a name. My parents call me Er Ya-tao, but the villagers call me Er Ya."

Looking at him, he seemed to be the child of a poor family. Uncle Fu felt even more pity for him.

"Then why did your parents sell you out?"

Hearing this, Er Ya seemed to remember something sad, her sallow face did not have a trace of spirit on it. "I …" "Father, Mother …" As he said this, he started sobbing softly. At the end, he carefully looked at the expressionless Young Master. "Dad said …" Speak... Sell me... "My younger brother will live, and my younger sister will not starve to death." He lowered his head and grabbed the blanket that covered her.

Fu Yu raised his eyebrows, "So your dad sold you out because you agreed to it yourself."

Er Ya blinked uneasily, hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

"Then why did you run away?" Fu Yu asked, but before Er Ya could reply, he said, "Your father accepted the silver and you ran away from the granny. Is what Ben Wu said right or wrong?" Although he retorted with a question, his tone made it hard for people to refute him.

Er Ya bit her lips and timidly glanced at the expressionless Young Master. Hearing him tell her the truth about her story, she couldn't help sobbing out loud out of fear of her despair. "I …" "I just don't want my brother and sister to starve to death." She looked at Fu Yu with tears in her eyes. Her shiny black eyes were filled with stubbornness. "I …" "She also did not want to be sold to the Spring Flower Hall as a maid."

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