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Fu Yu raised his eyebrows. "You want money but you don't want to pay the price?"

Although he said those words calmly, his eyes were extremely sharp. Under the sharp gaze, Er Ya was so frightened that she shrunk backwards.

"Young Master!" Uncle Fu still didn't understand his own Young Master. Seeing this thin and weak girl scared stiff, he was just about to step forward to say something when he was stopped by a glance from Fu Yu.

"Tell me where you live, and I'll find someone to send you home. I'll give you some silver, enough to keep your brother and sister from starving to death." Fu Yu stopped Uncle Fu from talking. He looked at the girl on the bed and saw that her eyes were much gentler than before.

"I …" I don't want to go home! " Er Ya suddenly looked up at Fu Yu. Her black eyes were filled with desire and tears. She clumsily crawled out from the blanket and knelt down in front of Fu Yu.

Uncle Fu found a clean shirt for her and changed into it. He didn't know that he was hiding in the blanket earlier, but now that she came out, she was wearing a wide set of clothes. Half of his long sleeves swayed along with her kneeling motion, looking unspeakably loose and comical.

"I'm a servant to Young Master. I beg you, please don't send me home. I don't want to go home."

"Didn't you just say that you didn't want to be my servant? Why do you want to be my servant now?" Fu Yu asked calmly while Uncle Fu looked at Er Ya.

Er Ya pursed her lips and looked at Fu Yu. "Auntie Li from the village said those who went to Spring and Flower Restaurant were not good girls!"

Hearing this, Fu Yu laughed. Luckily, the little guy knew quite a bit.

"It was obvious from the name Spring Flowers House that this was not a good place, perhaps even a brothel where men sought after women. Uncle Fu looked at the timid Er Ya as if she were his own granddaughter, and his heart broke." "Young Master, this old servant humbly requests Young Master to take this child in!"

Uncle Fu rarely beseeched him, Fu Yu patted his robe and stood up, "Just like that."

"Uncle Fu's idea was to keep it for the time being, as for where it was going." Fu Yu paused, looking at the happy Er Ya on the bed. "We'll arrange it when we get back to the capital."

"Thank you, Young Master!" Uncle Fu's face was filled with joy as he said to Er Ya who was lying on the bed, "Hurry up and thank Young Master!"

The little guy was quite quick-witted. Upon hearing Uncle Fu's words, he quickly crawled two steps forward, knelt beside the bed, and kowtowed to Fu Yu. "Thank you, Young Master!"

"Enough!" Fu Yu waved his hand. "Uncle Fu, go down and have a look. Tell the waiter to bring dinner here."

Uncle Fu accepted the order and Fu Yu glanced at the girl on the bed, then waved his robe and followed her.

When Er Ya was the only one left in the room, she sat on the bed. She hadn't eaten for a long time, and her body was weak. However, joy could be seen in her bright black eyes.

Fu Yu only rested at the inn for one night, and got up early the next morning to travel. This time, he came out to patrol and play outside, but the one in the palace gave him a month's time, so he had to report back before the tenth day of October.

Before dawn, Uncle Fu followed behind Fu Yu out of the inn and went to lead the carriage over. When Young Master got on the carriage, he looked at the girl who was curled up on the side and hesitated for a moment before respectfully asking Young Master, "Young Master, this child's body is rather weak. Old servant Feng Han was worried that she wouldn't be able to handle it, so he asked her to sit in the carriage."

Fu Yu's eyelids twitched as he glanced at the little guy curled up behind Uncle Fu. He was wearing the child's clothes that Uncle Fu had found last night, and since it was inconvenient to travel, Uncle Fu had found the boy's clothes. Fu Yu looked more like a skinny boy, and when he looked at Uncle Fu, Fu Yu sneered and said, "Come up."

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