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As a young strong man, Fu Yu naturally wouldn't prepare any goods to protect himself from the cold on the carriage. Other than a blanket that Wu Tie had placed on the carriage, the car was much better than the cold wind that was blowing outside.

Uncle Fu carried Er Ya into the car. She hid behind the curtain and leaned against the corner, not daring to move inside.

The carriage swayed as it moved forward. Er Ya was curled up against the side of the carriage. Soon, she was lying down. The blanket inside was much more comfortable than leaning against the wall of the carriage.

Fu Yu had a book in his hand, but the carriage was swaying so it wasn't suitable for reading. Just as Fu Yu was about to put the book down and find some other fun to spend the boring time on the road, the carriage jolted and a bunch of things rolled up from beside his feet.

Just as she was about to fall asleep from her drowsiness, the carriage suddenly jolted and she was actually sent flying after being caught off guard, rolling in a circle until she bumped into a foot. She rolled onto her knees and looked at Fu Yu with a face full of fear, the grandfather who drove the carriage outside was extremely respectful to this Young Master, and since Young Master had promised Uncle Fu to take her in, Er Ya naturally knew that she could not easily offend this Young Master, but now that she bumped into someone, she panicked a little in her heart, afraid that she would be thrown away by Young Master.

Fu Yu wasn't unhappy. Instead, he watched with interest as the little guy quickly sat up and then looked at him with a terrified expression, as if he was looking at some ferocious beast.

"Come here." Er Ya was already frightened. However, when she heard Fu Yu's voice, before she could react to what he was talking about, she had already shrunk backwards as if she was shocked.

Fu Yu frowned and laughed in disdain, "So timid! How did you manage to escape from the granny broker? "

Er Ya bit her lips and looked timidly at Fu Yu. Fu Yu didn't seem to care whether she would answer or not. He just asked casually, "Can you read?"

Er Ya saw that Young Master didn't seem to be angry, so she quietly let out a sigh of relief and shook her head at Young Master.

Fu Yu's forehead twitched. He asked in an emotionless tone, "Are you mute?"

Er Ya was startled and shook her head. She looked at Young Master who was frowning at her and said weakly, "No."

"Then why did I ask all of you to speak?" Fu Yu raised his eyelids and leaned back leisurely. His tone was so calm that it sounded like he was chatting with Er Ya. In fact, he was indeed chatting, but it still scared the little guy.

Fu Yu sneered, "I don't eat people, why are you so afraid of me?! Or do you think I'm hard to see? "

Er Ya shook her head furiously. "No!" "Young Master is good-looking!" She didn't lie.

Seeing the little guy's serious expression, Fu Yu nearly slapped his chest to make a promise. His eyebrows loosened and his lips curled up, but his tone was still as indifferent as before: "Since that's the case, then come sit here!"

Fu Yu was referring to the empty seat beside him. Er Ya glanced at him but hesitated. Wu Tie was really good-looking, but she didn't dare to do that!

"Hmm?" Seeing Er Ya hesitate, Fu Yu looked at her blandly, "What's wrong?" Do you still dislike this Young Master? Since that's the case, then let's go outside, Uncle Fu! "

Before Fu Yu finished his sentence, Er Ya immediately sat down. Even though she was afraid, she was only afraid that Young Master would leave her behind. She knew that as long as she cooperated with Young Master, she wouldn't be left behind.

"Young Master?" Uncle Fu, who was separated by a curtain, naturally heard the conversation between Young Master and the little girl and sighed silently. Young Master must have been too boring after travelling for too long, even though he knew Young Master was just scaring the little girl, he still responded.

Receiving Uncle Fu's response, Fu Yu lightly instructed: "Go faster, find a place to settle down before nightfall."

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