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Er Ya ate all the snacks with extreme hunger. However, the result of eating all the snacks was thirst. Fu Yu only glanced at her slowly after she gulped down her thirsty throat a few times.

"What is it? "How do you feel after eating a bag of snacks? Tell me about it." He stretched out his long arm, took out another kettle from the grid beside him, and held it in his hand as he casually turned it around.

Er Ya looked at the canteen in Fu Yu's hand timidly, then looked at Young Master and stared at the canteen again. Er Ya looked at the canteen in Fu Yu's hand timidly, then looked at Young Master, then stared at the canteen again.

"You want to drink it?" Fu Yu put away the spinning kettle and looked at the dumbfounded Er Ya as he asked.

Er Ya looked at the canteen and then looked at Young Master. She nodded timidly but didn't say anything.

"Speak, do you want to drink?" Fu Yu's sword-like eyebrows creased slightly with a hint of coldness. He was a little displeased.

Seeing that Young Master seemed to be unhappy, Er Ya was shocked and a little scared. She knew it was because she didn't say anything that made Young Master unhappy, "Yes."

Glancing at Er Ya's timid appearance as if he could eat her, Fu Yu frowned in annoyance. He threw the kettle in his hands over and said, "Get out of my way."

"Thank you, Young Master!" Er Ya hugged the kettle and showed a smile. She was even happier when Young Master told her to f * ck off. She preferred to sit on the soft cushion rather than bumpy here, so she happily rolled to the side of the corner.

Perhaps it was because the bumpy road had passed by, but the bumpy road didn't seem to be that bad, but it was a lot more stable. Fu Yu took the military book and started to read again, and after reading it, he leaned against the wall of the carriage to rest his eyes and took a nap, hearing a low snoring sound and opening his eyes, he saw that the little guy in the corner of the carriage had already curled up and fallen asleep.

Fu Yu looked at the little guy who slept quite happily, without showing any signs of discomfort on his face. He had been on the road for almost ten days, riding horses to find someone to watch him, and sitting in a carriage every day. It was one thing for him to be so boring.

Ever since she escaped from the granny broker, she had not slept soundly. Her clothes, which were still cold due to hunger, were curled up in a pile of grass every day, and for a person like Fu Yu who was used to living a comfortable life, it was painful to sit in this carriage. However, for Er Ya, not only was she full, but she was also drunk.

Er Ya's consciousness had already sunk as well, but she was woken up by the constant pushing around on her waist. When she opened her eyes, she was still a little confused. When she met Young Master's calm eyes, she immediately ran away in fright.

Fu Yu felt comfortable after waking the guy up. He calmly withdrew his foot, as if he was just stretching his feet leisurely just now.

"Tsk!" Don't drool all over the floor! " Fu Yu felt comfortable as he retracted his leg. However, he didn't want to look at Er Ya-shuang. He glanced at her and spoke with a tone full of disdain.

Er Ya wiped the corner of her mouth subconsciously and didn't drool. She was relieved that she didn't want to make Young Master unhappy again.

"Idiot!" After taking in all of Er Ya's little movements, Fu Yu was slightly shocked. He then heard the vague sound of a busy city outside. He turned his gaze back, lifted up the curtain of the window beside the carriage and looked out, "Uncle Fu, have we arrived at Wan An Town?"

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