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"Young Master, we have arrived at Wan An Town. Young Master is hungry, but do you want to find a place to have lunch?" Uncle Fu reined in his horse, and the carriage slowly stopped as he respectfully inquired.

"No need, it's more important to hurry. Uncle Fu, go and find some food to eat on the way back."

"Yes sir!" Uncle Fu greeted them and drove the carriage forward slowly, looking around to see if there was anything to eat. In this cold weather, it would be great if they could get some hot food.

"Young Master, it seems like it's going to snow heavily today. Are we going to continue on our way tonight?" "If it snows, it'll take five or six days."

"En, let's hurry on our way tonight. We need to get to Tianjin's Manor first before planning anything." Fu Yu frowned as he estimated the distance.

Uncle Fu went to buy a few hot sesame seed cakes. Fu Yu didn't have much appetite as he casually handed the sesame seed cakes over to Er Ya and stared at her.

She just ate a big bag of snacks that Young Master gave her, then drank some water, and the snacks started to swell up in her stomach as if they were drinking water, and the first thing she did was to feel bloated. However, she had only seen this biscuit before, and she had also smelled the fragrance of the scones, but she had never eaten it before.

Er Ya first carefully ordered a small piece of the cake, then she eagerly started to eat it in big mouthfuls. The sound of chewing could be heard, and the sound of swallowing could be heard. Looking at the way she was eating, it didn't seem like it was meant for a six year old girl.

Fu Yu, who had just eaten a little bit, closed his eyes lazily. He glanced at Er Ya, who was wolfing down her food, and smirked. He glanced at the remaining three sesame seed cakes and couldn't help reaching for one of them to take a bite.

Could it be that the sesame seed cake Uncle Fu bought tasted the same?

As Er Ya was eating, she saw Young Master, who was sitting leisurely with his eyes closed, suddenly grab a sesame seed cake. She was stunned as she stared at Young Master with a blank expression.

Fu Yu noticed something was wrong with his bite, then saw the little guy foolishly staring at him with a mouthful of sesame seed cakes. His eyebrows immediately twitched, "Why are you looking at me like that? Sit there and eat your scones! " It was smooth and round, with a tender chin and a small chin. He pointed to the opposite side of the room. The voice was hoarse, but it was not the voice of a male duck.

She first glanced at Young Master, who suddenly looked displeased, then glanced at the place where Young Master was pointing at, she directly nudged her butt a few times with her foot. After sitting there for a while, she did not see any reaction from Young Master, so she secretly moved her mouth that was filled with scones like a thief, wanting to take a look at the scones in her mouth. However, she did not want to take a big bite.

Er Ya's face reddened when she saw all of Er Ya's actions. She felt it was funny. She didn't expect this little rascal to feel embarrassed!

Glancing over, Fu Yu said in a commanding tone, "Continue to eat your sesame seed cake!"

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