Beloved Wife Of The God Of War/C4 This Better Be A Dream
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Beloved Wife Of The God Of War/C4 This Better Be A Dream
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C4 This Better Be A Dream

At the military base, a chaos erupted. It wasn't the signal that am unexpected war has come, it was a signal that the god of War had returned. In the recently concluded war that happened, ninety percent of the soldiers returned while ten percent died on battle field. Out of the ninety percent of soldiers that returned, about eighty percent were injured and that was why the country sent for Easter Ocean City medical unit to come to their aid. But the country had been living in fear cause the most important person in the military is no where to be found: The god Of War.

The god of War had lead several battles for his countries and had never lost, though this recently concluded battle was almost lost but luckily, the other country retreated making him and his soldiers also retreat to their country.

But the god of War was no where to be found ever since other military officers return. The government had searched for him everywhere and hadn't found him. Some believe that he was probably killed on the battle field and that his body had been taken away by the enemies.

While others who had a strong believe in the ability of the god of war belives that he will return home strongly.

"The god of war is back!" A top officer shouted into a microphone at the central field of the military base. At once, every military officer in the base, those that are are sleeping, eating, in the toilet, or doing whatever, immediately left what they were doing at once and began to speed towards the central field.

Everyone was glad, they were happy that the god of war is back. Everyone wants to see him, the dreadful beast who single handedly killed five hundred men in battle, the one who is best in the use of gun, best in the use of swords and best in martial arts. Once upon a time, the enemies sent three lions to him at the battle field, with his power, he tore the mouths of the lion and defeated them. Who would not be scared of the god of war?

He had once lifted the gate of an enemy city alone with his own hands, such a powerful and blood thirsty man. He only knows to kill and doesn't understand the language of mercy. He has no weaknesses and is impossible to behold. He's the god of war. The fear of many enemy countries.

Katherine also heard about this chaos but she was eating lunch with her kids at that time, she checked the military group and saw the news that the god of war had returned. She immediately told her kids," I need to attend to something urgent, you all should stay inside, okay?"

The kids could also hear shouts and screams of many officers from outside.

"Mommy, what is going on?" Marie asked.

"The god Of War was lost but now he's back. I need to join others to go and welcome him," Katherine said.

"Okay, mommy," Marie said and received a kiss from Katherine. Katherine hugged her two boys as well then went to change to her military uniform quickly then sped out.

She joined the thousands of soldiers running to the base central field.

In a jiffy, everyone was lined up according to their ranks. The private first class formed a row and column, they were about 150,000 in number. The corporal, staff sergeant, sergeant first class, master sergeant, first sergeant, sergeant major, command sergeant major and sergeant major all formed different rows and columns making it easy to identify them. They all had a look of anticpation on their face as they await the presence of the god of war. The soldiers were about eight hundred thousand in total. They were all lined up in order.

There were one hundred and ten Generals before the eight hundred thousand soldiers, out of these one hundred and ten generals was Katherine. She was also anticipating the presence of the god of war. She had heard a lot about him and can't wait to set her eyes on him.

Before the one hundred and ten generals were ten Grandwar kings. These were men whose ability to fight were beyound the ordinary and before the ten Grandwar kings were 5 Grandwar masters. These ones were old men who thrive in wisdom and are best at war strategies.

All of them all awaits just one man, almost a million people stood in attention to welcome one man, that man is the god of war.

Although everyone was anticipating to see this man, their heart was also beating heavily. The atmosphere fell into a deep silence and no one dare to make a statement nor even say a word.

Like a gush of wind, as if the cloud had suddenly turn dark, a majestic and powerful figure climbed the large podium before them all. He was tall and had the most perfect facial features but his icy eyes were scary. He wore a short sleeve heavy-duty jacket, and a combat boot. He had a black beret on his head.

"Attention!" The five Grandwar masters at the forefront shouted and the officers behind them them shouted in uinson even as they raised their left legs up and marched it to the ground," Salute!" The sound of their boots marching the floor at the same time sounded like an earthquake.

But there was Katherine, whose heart was palpitating and who almost lost the ability to breath. She had seen the god of war and had become extremely scared and confused. Why does her new husband look like the god of war? Can't be him, right? The god of war has just returned so the soldier she got married to definitely can not be the god of war.

But as she looked inside his cold and icy stare, her mind argued that it was him but she argued back that it can't be him. But why was her heart beating like it will fall off her chest.

"I, Marshall Derrick Walker has returned," he said inside the microphone. Everyone watched in fear. There was a drop dead silence and people were even scared to breath. He added, "I will properly address everyone in seven days time. Until then, keep grinding."

"Yes sir!" The voice of the soldiers that answered in unison sounded like thunder.

All of a sudden, Katherine felt him looking at her. Was she hallucinating? She thought to herself but the god of war suddenly stepped down from the podium through the front step and stood before the five Grandwar masters. Their heart began to beat faster than normal as they thought he has something to say to them.

But he left them and soon stood before the Grandwar kings. The Grandwar kings wanted to urinate on their body out of fear. They had no idea what he want to say. Fear was clearly written all over their faces.

Then he left the Grandwar kings and went to stand before the one hundred and ten generals, they all shivered, it was as if they were suddenly enveloped in minus three hundred degree Celsius cold.

But amidst the one hundred and ten Generals, the god of war was standing before one person, and that person was Katherine.

Katherine prayed for the ground to open and swallow her up. Why was he standing before her? Why was he staring at her? Is he really her new husband? Katherine prayed to God that he would not be.

The god of war smuggled a small paper into Katherine's hand without letting anyone know then he walked away and dismissed everyone.

When everyone was dismissed, Katherine stood rooted in the spot with a heart palpitating heavily. She was even scared to open the letter. Was he really the one? Can she meet the god of war easily like that?

Oh gosh? She didn't want to have anything to do with someone as powerful and dreadful as that.

She wanted to know the content of the letter before returning home. She breathed in as she shut her eyes, she held her breath for a few seconds and released it all at once. That was her way of calming her anxious self.

Then she eventually opened the letter and it reads, "Since we are married. We must now live together. Bring your children and your luggage to the supreme house "

Katherine almost fall to the floor as her legs suddenly became jelly. He was really her new husband. He was... She almost cried. Her legs had become jelly and she felt her world collapsing. How could that be. How could she get married to the god of war?

Oh no! This better be a dream. She quickly tapped herself, trying to wake herself up from Dream but she didn't...

Haaa.... Katherine wanted to cry. How will she survive? How can she cope with someone who only knows how to use swords and guns? And he even thinks she can help him find his mother... Katherine suddenly regretted agreeing to marry him. She could have rejected his offer to marry him and walk away.

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