Beloved Wife Of The God Of War/C5 Bring Your Kids Here
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Beloved Wife Of The God Of War/C5 Bring Your Kids Here
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C5 Bring Your Kids Here

Katherine arrived at the Supreme House- it's one of the houses built for top officers in the barrack. The military base is twice as large as an estate with many buildings in it, precisely built to accomodate officers. Ordinary civilians are not allowed to enter the military base unless on special invite.

Her three kids were also with her, she had informed them that they would be moving to a new house but she didn't inform them that there would be a man living with them in the house.

Katherine didn't know if the god of war would be at home or not, she was nervous but she was also bothered about whether the man would like her children or not. She had laboured so hard to make her three kids happy all their lives, she didn't want a man that will cause them sadness.

"Mommy, this house is more beautiful," Marie chirped making Katherine retort with a smile. The two boys are usually quiet unlike their sisters who found pleasure in speaking and chatting. She's an extrovert while her two brothers were introvert.

"Let's move," Katherine heaved a sigh of relief and walked with her three kids inside the house. On getting to the entrance, she pressed the door bell and soon, the door gave way.

There was an officer standing before her and the kids. He saluted Katherine as soon as he saw her, Katherine also saluted the man. Katherine had saluted him back because she had sighted the three stars rank that hung beautifully in his shoulder. The officer was a Lieutenant General.

"Miss. Katherine, I have been ordered to wait for you until your arrival, please come inside so I can show you around," he said simply.

Katherine nodded and walked in with her kids, the kids couldn't stop adoring how beautiful and exorbitant the house was.

After the officer was done showing Katherine all the hooks and crannies of the house, he made an attempt to leave but Katherine spoke up," officer, can I know your name?"

"Sure, I'm Alessio Patrick." He responded with a smile and added, "plus I'm the direct assistant to Marshall."

"Marshall? The god of war?" Katherine asked to be sure.

"Yes, General. So you can be comfortable around me, okay?" Alessio smiled.

"Sure," Katherine smiled and watched him walk out of the building. Katherine should have asked Alessio when the god of war would be coming around so she can be prepared.

The children were already in their respective rooms getting used to their new environment. As for Katherine, she was in her room setting some of her clothes to the wardrobe, just when she was almost done, she heard the loud ring of a doorbell and her heart skipped at once.

Katherine was sure that no one would come here other than the god of war. She became very nervous. This new husband of hers, she knows nothing personal about him other than what people say about him. She looked at herself in the mirror to be sure she was looking good. Seeing how her face is, she quickly applied a light powder and when she was satisfied with her look, she walked out of her room.

As she approached the door, her heart kept beating like it will fall off her chest. At the end, she opened the door but dissapointment flashed across her face on seeing one of her colleagues, a female officer from the Eastern Ocean City. Once the female officer saluted her, she spoke, "General, there is a man with the name Richard Caldwell, he said he needs the help of the Surgeon General, what should I tell him?"

Her ex husband is here? Katherine smirked and said, "tell him to wait for me at Base 1."

"Alright, General," the female officer said and walked away.

Katherine walked back inside and changed into a decent civilian dress, just a red shirt and black skirt and black high heel. She informed her children she would be back soon then she walked outside.

She can't wait to see all those who betrayed her in the past lick her foot. From her house to Base 1 would take five minutes by walk, she could have taken a power bike or tell a driver to drive her over to the place but she wanted to intentionally delay him.

Five minutes later, Katherine arrived at Base 1 and saw Richard standing directly under the afternoon sun, he looked pitiful and helpless, no matter how powerful a civilian is, once they enter the military base, they are regarded as nothing but a common civilian.

Richard soon caught sight of a familiar fugure approaching her, as the woman moved closer, she was stunned to see that this woman was his ex wife, Katherine.

'What is this barren chick doing here?' he thought to himself. Once Katherine was before him, he smirked, "Katherine, are you one of the cleaners here?"

"Cleaners?" Katherine was enraged with his words.

"Or... Could you be..." Richard thought about what job Katherine could be doing for the military, "maybe a common cook or something... You are just a nonentity who can't amount to anything in life. I know that someday you will crawl back to me and beg to be accepted back."

Katherine was amused by the words of the foolish man before her who had mistaken her identity, "if I didn't come back to beg you for good seven years, what makes you think I will come back begging you someday?"

"What are you here for?" Richard ignored her question and asked, his face full of disgust.

"I'm the Surgeon General that you want to see, I'll have invited you to my office but you are not worth it so I intentionally ordered that you stay under the sun. What do you need me for?" She asked.

Richard suddenly bursted into a sardonic laugher, "has poverty made you gone insane now? You! Surgeon General? Hahaha ...." He scoffed even louder, "the Surgeon General's name is Juanita and she's even from Eastern Ocean City. You even have the gut to claim to be the Surgeon General...hahaha... What are you trying to do? To make me feel like you have made it in life or what?"

"Listen Katherine, all your documents are with me, moreso, as long as I'm alive here in Western Ocean City, you will never amount to anything good. Don't think I will forgive you for sleeping with another man while we were married." Ronald said.

Katherine's smirk remained in her lips, "Fine, you can keep on waiting for the Surgeon General then." Katherine then walked over to the Military's medical base, she commanded the the nurses there to keep him waiting until night. Afterwards, she began to walk back to her house.

A car suddenly pulled over beside her, she paused but couldn't see the person inside the tinted glass. Perhaps, one of officers wanted to offer her a ride home.

The window of the tinted glass lowered gently and her heart almost flew away when she saw the person holding the steering...the god of war!

Her mouth shivered but she tried to remain calm, she immediately saluted him, "Good afternoon, Marshall."

The door opened by itself and he gestured for her to come in, Katherine then went ahead to sit then the door closed. The door had an automatic opening and close.

It look very awkward that she's saluting her husband on sight as though they never had any personal relationship. What was she supposed to do though? Greet him like a husband? He's also the Marshall so he must be addressed properly too.

As the car moved, Katherine didn't have the gut to speak to him. She couldn't even look at his face, she was scared and she couldn't hide it. Unlike when they first meet, she had spoken freely to him because she thought he was a low ranking officer whom she can command at will.

The car immediately pulled over before her new bongalow. The doors of the car in both sides opened automatically and they both stepped down.

Without saying a word, they both walked inside. Once they got inside, he spoke, "come with me to my room."

"Yes sir," Katherine replied like a subordinate and followed him inside his room. The room was obviously the master bedroom in the house as it was larger than other rooms.

The god of war was dressed in a suit, one wouldn't know he's an officer with his dressing. He sat on the office chair that was by the edge of the room and looked at Katherine who was standing still before him.

"I believe you remember why we are married?"

"Yes sir," she replied.

"We are husband and wives now, be free!" He said. Only then did Katherine felt a little bit at ease. All these while, she didn't dare to address or speak to him like they were married but rather like a subordinate to her superior.

"Just because I'm the Marshall doesn't mean I'll break the agreement we made a few days ago. After six months, when you are about returning back to your city, we'll divorce."

"Thank you," Katherine said, looking at his stoic face. His expression held so much power and his broad shoulders were intimidating. Now that she looked closely at him, she was confused as to why her triplets bore the same resemblance with this man. Is it just a coincidence?

"Bring your kids here." he commanded.

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