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C6 A Female Guest

Katherine's heart beat at his request. She wouldn't have mind bringing her kids to him but the problem is that the kids has the same resemblance with him. Will he just ignore and think that it's just a coincidence or will he want to know why the kids look like him?

They have never met until few days ago so obviously, the resemblance is just a coincidence. "Sure," she walked out. Once she was out of the room, she felt as if she had just escape fire. Although the temperature of the room was cool, she felt her body burning. How will she live with this type of man whose surrounding scares her to the gut.

She soon appeared at the boy's room. Apparently, the two boys had their own room and their sister had her room that was right beside theirs.

"Sweethearts," Katherine walked up to the kids who were busy with their laptops. Both Michael and Mark raised their head up as soon as Katherine called their name.

"Mom!" The little ones smiled.

"Michael, bring your sister here," Katherine commanded and Michael walked out quickly. She came back in a jiffy with Marie.

Once the family of four were all seated inside the room, she spoke, "there is something I didn't tell you guys."

"What's that?" Mark asked.

She sighed," we won't be living here alone. We will be living with a man."

The two boys exchanged surprising glances then Mark quickly spoke, "mom, have you finally agreed to be a man's girlfriend?"

Before Katherine could reply, Michael spoke," of course, mom has finally allowed a man into her life. I hope that this man will be handsome and lovable."

"Mom, is that true? Do you get us a new daddy now?" Marie asked.

Katherine was shocked at her children's assumption, "Erm...this man is... a friend. Just a friend but we will be living together," she said. She didn't want the children to know the type of relationship she had with the god of war. Afterall, the relationship will come to an end in the next six months and everyone would go their different ways.

"Mom is shy to tell us the truth," Mark said and laughed along with Michael.

"Who in the world lives with a man who is just a friend?" Michael teased and laughed alongside Mark. The kids were six years old, though they were young, they have read a lot on the internet that makes them way smarter than their age plus the three kids have a very high IQ.

"Mommy, tell us, he's really your boyfriend, huh?" Marie winked and Katherine blushed.

She immediately stood, "he wants to see us all, let's leave."

"Okay," the kids stood upright.

Katherine then warned, "Make sure you act with caution before him, okay?"

"Sure," Michael said. As the kids walked out behind their mom, Mark whispered to Michael's ear, "mum seems nervous of that man. If she's her boyfriend, then she should not be nervous, right?"

"That's right. We will soon find out the truth," Mark said in a low voice back to Michael.

"What are you saying?" Marie asked his brothers.

Michael ruffled Marie's hair lovingly and said," Marie, don't worry about it, okay?"

"You guys hide things from me a lot? Do you think I'm not as smart as you, huh?" Marie was angry.

"Common!" Mark said and placed his hand across her shoulder, "it's nothing serious."

Marie only hummed. Her two brothers treats her like she's younger than them whereas, they are triplets and are of the same age.

A few minutes later, the family of four stood before the god of war's room. Katherine knocked gently and a cold voice sounded from inside, "come in."

Katherine twisted the knob of the door and the family of four walked in.

"Good afternoon, sir," the three kids greeted politely, looking at his handsome, cute but icy face.

The god of war looked at the kid's face, not only were they beautiful kids, they even have a very close resemblance with him.

"We will be living together as family from today henceforth, I want you all to feel free around here, okay?" He asked, his voice was calm as he addressed the kids.

"Okay," Marie responded but the two boys didn't say a word.

"What's your name?" The god of war asked Marie.

"Marie," she responded. She already fell in love with the tall and handsome man before her. She didn't know why her heart reached out to him and connected easily to him.

"Come here," he commanded Marie.

When Marie was about to take the first step, the two brothers held both of her hands as Michael was staying by Marie's left side while Mark was staying by Marie's right side.

"She won't come to meet you," Michael spoke. Unlike Marie, the two boys did not trust the man sitting before them. He looked domineering and like one who would bully their mommy. He hasn't even smiled since they came here.

The god of war was shocked at the two boy's reaction. No one has ever obstructed his command. Who are these two little rascals, he thought to himself.

Katherine said to Michael and Mark, "let go of Marie, let her go to meet him."

"No, we don't trust him, he may hurt Marie," Michael said.

"He won't," Katherine said. Although she didn't know much about her new husband, she guessed that he wouldn't be wicked as to hurt a little girl.

"No!" Mark said. The two boys even went as far as standing before their sister. As if they were ready to fight the god of war if he comes for their sister.

The god of war crossed his legs and found the two boys actions to be very amusing. Why were they even scared of him? Have they heard something dreadful about him? He thought to himself.

"I won't hurt her," he spoke.

"Is that a promise?" Michael asked him.

Such ordersity! The god of war thought angrily. In all his years in the military, no one had dared to question his command but here are these two little boys daring him. They even want him to promise them.

Honestly, even Katherine didn't know where her little boys got their boldness from.

"It is," the god war said and the two boys whispered to themselves after which they moved back and let their sister walk over to the god of war.

Once Marie got before him, she spoke freely, "you are handsome." She smiled shyly.

He furrowed his brow in surprise. Handsome? Hummm! Would be fun with these little kids in the house. "I can see that your brothers really love you." He added," if you need anything, you can always come to me, okay?"

"Sure," she smiled.

"I need to have some time with your mommy now," he said. Katherine soon lead her three kids out of the room then walked back inside.

"You can call me Derick, doesn't speak well for you to keep referring to me as Marshall here at home." He said.

"Can our marriage be a secrete? I don't want other officers to know. Plus, I agree to call you by your name at home, but please let me address you formally outside of this place so others wouldn't suspect we have anything in common," she said.

Derick thought about her request, he wanted to ask why she wanted their marriage to be a secrete but he waved it off. It was better for their marriage to remain a secrete, that way, his enemies wouldn't be able to use her or the kids as his weakness.

"Agreed." He said and added, "did you notice that your kids and I bore the same resemblance?"

Katherine's heart shook on hearing these words. She helplessly spoke, "just a coincidence."

"Coincidence?" He thought and said to her, "you may leave now."

Katherine nodded and walked out.

Derick's heart raced back to what happened seven years ago. He had returned from war and went to the club with some officers to celebrate, he didn't expect for his drink to be spiked by an enemy. He didn't know how he found himself in a dark room eventhough he had been drinking with other officers on the table. Then all of a sudden, he smelt the sweet fragrance of a woman, half conscious of himself, he pounded on her and made his way with her. He wasn't so sure if he ask for her consent or not, if he forced her or if it was a mutual agreement but overall, he felt guilty.

For seven years, he had searched for the woman but never found the woman. He wants to make antonement for his sins but how can he do that when the woman hid from him for many years. But seeing the three kids who had the same striking resemblance as him made his heart troubled.

Then he picked up his phone and placed a call across to his most trusted officer, the one he made his assistant, Lieutenant General Alessio Patrick. Once he answered the call, Derick spoke, "I need you to work harder in finding the identity of that woman that saved me seven years ago."

"Got it, Marshall. I was just about calling you, sir." Alessio spoke


"You have guests, sir. Your godfather and a female guest from Aurora Island are here to see you."

A female guest?

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