Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C1 Stop Making a Fool of Yourself
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Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C1 Stop Making a Fool of Yourself
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C1 Stop Making a Fool of Yourself

"Young Patriarch, you have to come back with me this time around. The Old Patriarch is seriously wounded, the Young Master has been kidnapped. The Chu family is in grave danger!"

"Besides, the Patriarch said that as long as you're willing to return with us, we can bury the hatchet."

On the commercial street of the Nanlin City, Chu Feng was holding two ancient coins. He was dressed in white shirt sleeves. As Chu Feng heard what the man said, he spoke with a smirk on his face.

"The Chu family is in grave danger? How does that have anything to do with me?"

"Ever since I was a child, nothing I did could satisfy the Patriarch as my talent in the Martial arts was poor. When I lost in the family competition and got my cultivation abolished, you guys heartlessly kicked me out of the Chu family."

"I have endured all sorts of humiliation ever since I married into the Zhang family. Whenever did the Chu family care about how I feel? Had it not been for my unique path of cultivation, I would have become a straydog. Now that the Chu family is in trouble, so you want me to help you. Wishful thinking!"

Five years before now, Chu Feng lost his cultivation and was disowned by the Chu family. They even broke his four limbs. He ended up on the street. If it wasn't for Zhang Lin's grandfather giving him something to eat, he would have died by now.

After four years, through hard work, Chu Feng passed that difficult phase and became the Celestial Lord Hongchen. Still, he refused to ascend into heaven. He returned from the secret realm to protect just one person - Zhang Lin.

Three years ago, the Patriarch of the Zhang family, Zhang Yuanzhi, ignored everybody's objections and married off Zhang Lin to Chu Feng. This caused a great commotion as people felt that Nanlin City's top beauty was married off to a wastrel. This made the Zhang family become a laughing stock in Nanlin.

When Patriarch Zhang was heavily injured two years ago, Chu Feng wanted to save him, but Zhang Yuanzhi hanged himself. To honor him and repay for his show of love, Chu Feng vowed to protect Zhang Lin and her family for the rest of his life.

Everybody mocked him for being such an idiot. Despite being the dignified Celestial Lord Hongchen, the humiliations and disesteem towards Chu Feng never stopped. But none of these bothered him. After all, he was trying to comprehend the world of mortals.

Today, the honored guests of the Zhang family came to visit. Chu Feng had already refined two artifacts. Although their value wasn't high, those who knew good things would surely regard them as treasures!

He didn't give a damn about the Chu family. The Chu family was Chu Lee's home. He, Chu Feng, had been kicked out of that home!

As he returned to the Zhang family house, a woman, who looked breathtakingly beautiful, was standing at the door with an anxious expression on her face.

Zhang Lin used to be the most talented girl in the Nanlin City and was also the savior of Chu Feng's life. She became an object of ridicule when she got married to Chu Feng three years ago. Nobody could hold a candle to her beauty and temperament. She would be perfect if she didn't always carry a cold expression.

As Chu Feng approached her, he chuckled with delight, "Linlin!"

At the sight of him, Zhang Lin frowned. With a cold expression, she said, "There are highly esteemed guest coming to visit today. Hope you prepared a worthy present."

Chu Feng played with the copper coins in his hand and answered, "Yes, I did."

As she looked at the copper coins in Chu Feng's hand, a trace of disgust appeared on her icy face. "What's the value of two copper coins?" she wondered.

As luck would have it, he already prepared a Jade Buddha, so it was unlikely that he would be embarrassed by others.

Little did Zhang Lin know that the two copper coins she looked down on were Treasurefall Copper Coins that had been refined by Chu Feng himself. Even in the Kunlun Jade Void and the Immortal Domain Myriad Sect, Treasurefall Copper Coins were also considered treasures.

"Distinguisheds guest will come today. All relatives of the Zhang family will be present. No matter what happens, just bear it."

"As for the two copper coins, you don't need to present them. Don't make a fool of yourself!"

Zhang Lin said with disdain.

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