Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C10 A Worthy Husband
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Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C10 A Worthy Husband
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C10 A Worthy Husband

When Fei'er heard her sister's words, her eyes turned red in anger as she wailed, "Sister! I'm doing this for Linlin's sake and also for the good of the family. If I didn't save you in the past, would you still be alive today?

Linlin is such a good girl. Don't you feel bad about this? She is your biological daughter for heaven's sake! Even if you don't feel sorry for yourself, I feel sorry on your behalf."

At this moment, Chu Feng opened the door and walked out, turning a deaf ear to the noise around him. He leaned against the cold wall and looked out of the window to look at the starry sky. He didn't have much time left anymore and the laws of the world were still rejecting him. He didn't know what cultivation level Purple Clouds were at right now. Could it be that Zixia escaped to find him?

Unknowingly, the cigarette he was holding had already burnt to ashes. He waved his hands and the smoke in the corridor dissipated.

He turned around to see what was going on and noticed that Lin had walked out. She faced her aunt, Fei'er, and said, "Aunt, you don't have to force my parents. I'm not going to divorce Chu Feng!"

"Linlin, you want to spend the rest of your life with that good-for-nothing man? You want to also tow your mother's path by staying married to a good-for-nothing man?" Fei'er asked in surprise. As far as she was concerned, even if Lin got divorced today, it would be pretty easy for her to find a man with power and wealth to marry her. She was just trying to do what was best for her niece.

Due to her mistakes when she was young, she could no longer bear children, and so, she always treated Lin as her daughter.

How could she bear to see her daughter being tortured like this every day?

"For three whole years, he has been washing clothes and cooking in this house. Do you have any complaints about that? For three years, did he ever complain when you said he had no future?

For three years, when did you give him a chance to prove his worth? What else did you let him do other than to serve you at home?

Indeed, I don't think so highly of him, and I feel that he doesn't have the guts. But this was Grandfather's decision and in the entire Zhang family, who can refute Grandfather?

Even though he has already left us for two years now," Lin said to her aunt.

When Chu Feng, who was at the door, saw all of this, his lips curled up in a smile. He didn't expect that Lin had some feelings for him after they had been married for three years. He felt fulfilled in his heart that all his efforts weren't in vain.

Tears trickled down Lin's white face. It was now that she realized that she had feelings for her husband whom everyone considered useless.

All this while, she had thought that she and Chu Feng would part ways sooner or later. However, when she thought about it, she felt some kind of reluctance in her heart.

She was not a ruthless person. No matter how terrible Chu Feng was, he had stayed with her for three whole years.

It was at this time that Lin realized that her husband wasn't a useless man as everyone, including her, had thought.

Rather, they never gave him a chance to prove himself. When did Chu Feng, who was always occupied with household chores, have the chance to work outside?

At that moment, Chu Feng slowly pushed the door openand walked towards his wife. He reached out to wipe the tears on her faceaffectionately.

"I've said it before, tell me whatever it is that you want and I'll make sure I fulfill it!"

"I just don't want you to be looked down upon by others. I don't want my man to be a good-for-nothing. I don't want you to continually live a life of being ridiculed by others every day! That's all I want," Lin said thoughtfully to Chu Feng.

"I promise you!"

Chu Feng said concisely.

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