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Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C11 Utilizing Trash
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C11 Utilizing Trash

That night, Zhang Yingying was called to Zhang Family by Madame Zhang. As for the reason, she was clear!

"Grandma, why did you call me over?" In the mansion of the Zhang Family, Zhang Yingying respectfully said to Madame Zhang.

Madame Zhang sternly shouted, "Don't you know the reason? That Elder Zhang is Martial Arts Grandmaster? If it wasn't for the mysterious expert, Zhang Family would be in danger!"

Zhang Yingying quickly knelt in front of Madame Zhang respectfully and said, "Grandma, with you here, the Zhang Family cannot disappear."

Madame Zhang stroked Zhang Yingying's hair and said, "You really know how to speak!"

Seeing that Madame Zhang was not angry anymore, Zhang Yingying lowered her legs for the old lady and said, "Grandma, this time it is really too dangerous. If not for that mysterious expert, the Zhang Family would really be finished.

If we had a powerful Martial Dao Clan behind us, the situation wouldn't be like this! "

Madame Zhang frowned and asked in puzzlement, "What do you have in mind?"

"Grandma, there is a foolish son in the Lee Family of Nanlin." Zhang Yingying said.

"Silly son? You mean that Lee Hanfeng?" Madame Zhang frowned and a flash of realization appeared in her eyes.

Lee Hanfeng was the leader of the Three Young Masters of Nanlin in the past. He had already stepped into the category of Acquired Martial Cultivator at a young age, and had even been the leader of the Zhang Family's younger generation.

However, this Lee Hanfeng had once mistakenly entered an ancient secret realm. He had learned one of the secret techniques on his own accord, causing him to go crazy. Not only had he lost all of his combat strength, but he had also been mentally stimulated and became a fool.

"No, no matter how poor the Zhang Family is, we can't joke about the happiness of the younger generation of our family!" Madame Zhang said with an extremely ugly expression.

Right now, only Zhang Yingying's peers were suitable for marriage in the Zhang Family. She could not bear to sacrifice the happiness of her own granddaughter.

"Grandma! Although Lee Hanfeng was a fool, it couldn't be denied that his talent was extremely strong, and he was once the leader of the Three Young Masters of Nanlin. With his powerful bloodline, his son must be very strong. Furthermore, the Lee Family's influence was very great. Our marriage alliance with the Lee Family would only bring us benefits, there wouldn't be any disadvantages! "

Madame Zhang's face had a trace of hesitation as she said with great reluctance," Zhang Yingying, I know that you have good intentions, but I can't bear to part with you! You married a trash like him. You are just a breeding machine in the Lee Family, you have no power at all.

Furthermore, with Lee Hanfeng's current condition, he won't be able to live for long. You will become a widow.

How can I bear to do that?"

Hearing Madame Zhang's words, Zhang Yingying's face instantly turned pale. She could not possibly marry such a fool.

"Grandma, you misunderstood my meaning. I will not marry a fool. I mean to let Zhang Lin remarry into the Lee Family."

Zhang Yingying said with a smile.

Madame Zhang narrowed her eyes and looked at Zhang Yingying. Her expression was somewhat ugly as she said, "Linlin is already married. Will the Lee Family want her?"

"Grandma, although Chu Feng has married into our Zhang Family, Zhang Lin has no relationship with him. I estimate that Zhang Lin is still a virgin.

Ordinary girls wouldn't be willing to marry the silly son of the Lee Family. If we let Zhang Lin and Chu Feng divorce, the Lee Family would be very happy to accept her! We are just using trash!" Zhang Yingying said with a gloomy expression.

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