Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C15 The Zhang Family Is in Danger
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Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C15 The Zhang Family Is in Danger
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C15 The Zhang Family Is in Danger

The scariest thing was that there were countless experts who wanted to obtain some benefits from the Great Qin Group.

In the end, they all disappeared, causing many Commercial Master to guess that there must be a big figure behind the Great Qin Group.

If they could befriend him, it would be a great opportunity for them.

In an instant, countless families went to pay a visit, hoping to befriend him, but none of them could enter the entrance of the Great Qin Group's company.

The Great Qin Group had a wide variety of businesses, and the Zhang Family was running a food and beverage business. Originally, the two families could work together and win, but they didn't expect that ever since the Great Qin Group moved in, they had used a huge amount of money to lower the price of the Zhang Family's stock market.

Obviously, the Great Qin Group was going against the Zhang Family. Furthermore, the Zhang Family's liquid funds were almost used up overnight. Many negative news had been released in the Zhang's Restaurants. Madame Zhang had not slept well for a few days because of this incident.

Putting aside the external threat of Great Qin Group, the Zhang Family was also constantly plagued with internal worries.

The Zhang Family had always stood tall in the Nanlin. Now that their reputation had been destroyed, it would be a huge blow to the Zhang Family.

After a few days of insomnia, Madame Zhang invited her relatives to her old residence.

Madame Zhang sat at the head seat and looked at her relatives. She said with an ugly expression, "This time, someone must have made a move on the Zhang Family. Zhang Yingying, how's the discussion on the Great Qin Group going?"

"Grandma, I don't know why. When the Great Qin Group heard that I'm a member of the Zhang Family, they didn't let me in. It's been so many days, but I haven't even seen the boss of the Great Qin Group."

Everyone's facial expression became extremely ugly. A middle-aged man with a gloomy expression slowly walked out and said to Madame Zhang, "Mom, why don't we attack them?"

When he said this, he used his hand to gesture at his throat.

Madame Zhang suddenly slammed onto the table and said with an ugly expression, "You are not allowed to mention this matter in the future!"

"But the Great Qin Group has gone too far."

"If I say no, then no!"

Madame Zhang frowned and said. Then she shook her head helplessly and continued, "You don't know the power of the Great Qin Group.

Many Martial Dao Clan wanted to attack the Great Qin Group, but none of them survived!"

"We'd better ask how we offended them and try to ease our relationship!"

After she finished speaking, the faces of the people from the Zhang Family turned ugly. They had been there in the past few days, but what about the result?

When they arrived at the Great Qin Group, they couldn't even enter the main gate, and they were even insulted by them. They were all important figures, and they didn't want to do such a thing.

"How's the Zhang's Restaurants doing? Have you found out who is the one who wants to mess with the Zhang Family? Do you have any way to remedy this? " Madame Zhang asked helplessly.

Although the matter of Great Qin Group was somewhat troublesome, it was not the root of the threat to Zhang Family. Zhang's Restaurants was the most important thing in Zhang Family.

It could be said that the Zhang's Restaurants was the foundation of the Zhang Family's existence in the Nanlin.

If their reputation was completely ruined, the Zhang Family would really fall in the future!

"I haven't found out yet, but the number of customers has fallen to a low point, and it's difficult to turn back!" Zhang Yingying said with an ugly expression.

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