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Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C16 He Saved Mrs Zhang Within Three Days
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C16 He Saved Mrs Zhang Within Three Days

Most of the matters in the Zhang Family were handled by Zhang Yingying. This was naturally one of the methods he used to help Zhang Yingying seize power.

However, it was good that Zhang Yingying had always been obedient and did not cause any trouble for the Zhang Family.

After hearing these words, Madame Zhang's expression was also ugly to the extreme. She waved her hand and said. "In the future, one person will go to the streets to advertise 24 hours a day."

Wasn't this to let the entire Nanlin see them as a joke?

A person of their status actually had to look for customers on the streets every day like a migrant worker?

The children and relatives of the Zhang Family were all important figures in the Nanlin. This kind of thing could never be done!

Zhang Yingying looked at Zhang Lin and suddenly had a plan in her heart. She sneered in her heart.

"Grandma, how about we find a way to marry the Lee Family? At that time, even if the Zhang Family is destroyed, with the support of the Lee Family, our problem will be solved immediately. If the Lee Family can give us a piece of soup, our Zhang Family will be able to continue existing."

Zhang Yingying suggested.

However, her words immediately aroused the dissatisfaction of the younger generation of the Zhang Family. Everyone knew that the Lee Family only had such a foolish son.

If they were to marry him, wouldn't they become a joke?

Furthermore, they were the only ones who didn't marry in the Zhang Family. It was impossible for Zhang Yingying to be the one to do such a shameful thing. Who would be willing to do such a thing?

A trace of cold light flashed across the corner of Madame Zhang's mouth. She pretended to not understand and said, "En! This suggestion was not bad. Then who do you think is suitable?"

"Grandma! I think Sister Linlin is suitable!"

"Anyway, Sister Linlin is already shameful enough!"

"But Linlin is already married!"

"As long as she divorced! Isn't a widow and a fool a perfect match!"

The others immediately echoed in agreement.

"That's right! In any case, Linlin has already sacrificed herself once. Sacrificing her once again is not a big deal!"

"Furthermore, we can't always let Linlin have nothing to do, right? Could it be that we still want to raise her for nothing?"

"Besides, Lee Hanfeng is not a fool. He is still in good health!"

Zhang Lin clenched her fists tightly. Her fingers had already pierced into her fair skin. Drops of blood dripped from the gaps of her fingers.

But at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in Zhang Lin's mind.

"You will save Zhang Family in three days!"

This voice belonged to Chu Feng. Zhang Lin hurriedly looked around but did not find Chu Feng's figure. Immediately, she felt a little strange.

However, Zhang Lin did not understand why Chu Feng told her all this. Usually, she was the one who took care of the business matters of Zhang Family. Naturally, she knew what the current situation was.

How could she save the Zhang Family within three days? Also, no one else was able to enter the Great Qin Group, but she was able to succeed in three days?

"Linlin, it's settled then! Today you will go and settle the divorce procedures with Chu Feng!" Madame Zhang did not even look at Zhang Lin.

"I have said before, I will not divorce!" Zhang Lin also said with a strong voice.

This made the people of Zhang Family feel a little surprised. Zhang Lin, who had always been submissive, why would she suddenly resist?

Moreover, the one she resisted was the true ruler of the Zhang Family.

"Linlin, you are not young anymore. Why can't you understand something?"

"That's right! Your grandmother is doing this for your own good. Why don't you know how to repay favors!"

"That's right. If it wasn't for the Zhang Family, your family would have died a long time ago!"

All the relatives said sarcastically. Zhang Lin was the most suitable person to do such a shameful thing!

"Didn't you offend the Great Qin Group?"

"I will bring the Zhang Family back to life. Of course, I will try to ease the relationship between me and the Great Qin Group!"

"It is impossible for me to divorce. Unless I die!" Zhang Linlin suddenly opened her mouth and said, her eyes flashing with a trace of crimson.

Zhang Yingying's lips curled up into a trace of ridicule and said with a cold smile," Zhang Lin, let Zhang Family revive from the dead? You should at least give us a deadline!"

"Within three days, I will settle everything!" Zhang Lin said coldly.

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