Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C3 Taking Back Your Words, I Might Spare Your Life
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Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C3 Taking Back Your Words, I Might Spare Your Life
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C3 Taking Back Your Words, I Might Spare Your Life

All of a sudden, everyone gathered in front of Elder Zhang like stars surrounding the moon. Their attitude showed that they wanted to be in his good books.

Even Zhang Lin, who was holding the Jade Buddha in her hand, moved close to him and said respectfully, "Elder Zhang, I hope you don't mind. Chu Feng is quite ignorant about gifts, so he decided to give you this Jade Buddha."

Elder Zhang stared at Zhang Lin as she spoke. He got angry and knocked over the Jade Buddha with his hand and said with contempt, "What sort of thing is this? Am I a beggar in your eyes? How dare you send such a cheap gift to me?"

Getting ridiculed like that, Zhang Lin felt embarrassed. Although she was a daughter of the Zhang family, her social status had nosedived and her living condition became worse as soon as she married Chu Feng. The several thousand yuans used for the Jade Buddha was her total income for half a year.

Chu Feng frowned and stood beside his wife, saying, "Since when did a swindler dare to call himself a Martial Arts Grandmaster? Zhang Yingying, you had the guts to invite a charlatan here. In my opinion, you are the one trying to cause harm to the Zhang family!"

Immediately he said this, everyone was shocked and the entire Zhang family became so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

"That's nonsense. When that man agreed to pay a visit to the Zhang family, it was three years ago. He is probably dead. How did I harm the Zhang family?" Zhang Yingying said in panic. Although her heart was beating fast, she tried her best to defend herself, which even made the people around her feel she was guilty.

"Oh! Really?"

"That person is probably dead? Is that why you invited this fake Martial Arts Grandmaster? A large portion of all these things he receives will go into your pocket, right?"

Chu Feng said with a cold glare as he pointed at the treasures that were offered by a group of relatives.

Cold sweat covered Zhang Yingying's forehead as she looked at Chu Feng in disbelief. What he said was right. She was greedy for these treasures. That agreement was made three years ago, who knew if that person would come back? Back then, he was badly injured by her grandfather. He must have died a long time ago. As far as she was concerned, the chance of him coming was zero!

However, Zhang Yingying didn't expect that Chu Feng would easily detect her lie, thereby making her lose dignity in front of the Zhang family.

With a dark expression, Elder Zhang said, "Hey! Take back your words now and I will spare your life."

Although he pretended to be calm, his arms were already shaking under his sleeves. If it wasn't for Zhang Yingying's promise to pay him a huge sum of money and at the same time, guarantee that the person wouldn't come, how would he dare to come here?

If someone in the Zhang family discovered that he was not who he claimed to be, he would not walk out of this place alive.

The crowd, who had their doubts about Elder Zhang, suddenly came to a realization.

If this old man did not have the ability, why would he dare to come here? Not to mention at this time!

"Chu Feng, won't you apologize to Elder Zhang and Yingying?"

"You got Elder Zhang angry. How can he possibly let you leave here alive?"

"Have you practiced Martial Arts? How dare you call him a liar?"

The mocking voices of the crowd rose and fell one after another.

Chu Feng did not try to say anything in his defense. He was the dignified Celestial Lord Hongchen. If he couldn't tell whether a person possesses cultivation base, there is no point of him cultivating anymore. Besides, the members of the Zhang family were all ordinary people, Martial Arts Grandmaster was a strange thing to them.

"Elder Zhang, you're here? How impolite of me not to welcome you!" At that moment, everyone heard the shaky voice of an old woman. The patriarch of the Zhang family - Madame Zhang had arrived.

All the relatives greeted her respectfully. Ever since the Master of the Zhang family died, she was the only one in this family, which used to be a part of the Martial Dao Clan, had a slightest knowledge of Martial Arts. Madame Zhang had the final say in the Zhang family.

It could be said that as long as Madame Zhang was alive, the Zhang family would still be considered as a family of Martial Arts practitioners, so the authority to command the Zhang family was entirely in her hands.

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