Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C7 A Hasty Retreat
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Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C7 A Hasty Retreat
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C7 A Hasty Retreat

Everyone from the Zhang family had bitter looks on their faces, but they did not dare to say anything in refutation. Although the old man was arrogant, his strength scared everyone.

What just happened some minutes ago was engraved in their hearts and it was quite difficult to erase.

"Go on your knees now, or you all die!"

The old man said arrogantly with a hint of ridicule in his eyes.

The people in the Zhang family all hesitated, but no one knelt.

"Yingying, where is the Martial Arts Grandmaster you invited? Won't you bring him out?"

At that moment, a voice rang out causing everybody's expression to soften. Although the Boxing King had lost, they still had a Martial Arts Grandmaster. With his ability, how could it be difficult for him to protect the Zhang family with his powers?

When the old man heard this, his facial expression changed. Although other people might not know the existence of a Martial Arts Grandmaster, how could he not know?

The Martial Arts Grandmaster is also known as the Postcelestial Stage.

The Postcelestial Stage was already a weapon that brokethrough the peak of humanity's martial power and could be called a weapon of humanity.

In terms of martial prowess alone, he was a character that could take the heads of several army generals.

However, the next moment, the old man's lips curled up into a sneer, Martial Arts Grandmaster? An Innate Expert?

How could the Zhang family, a clan that was about to break away from martial arts, invite such a person?

Such a person no longer cared about worldly wealth. The only thing that would arouse his interest would most likely be cultivation techniques, rare treasures, and cultivation pellets.

How could a third-rate martial arts family like the Zhang family have such a treasure?

"Yingying, go and call Elder Zhang now!"

"That's right! Quickly ask Elder Zhang to help us or else the Zhang family is doomed!"

"Yingying, what are you waiting for? Why aren'tyou making a move?"

A group of relatives questioned her, but still, Yingying didn't want to call him because she knew that the person she had invited was a fake.

He was just an actor, nothing more. If he were to face this old man, wouldn't he be courting death?

But as it were, right now, Yingying had no choice but to order the servant beside her to call Elder Zhang.

"Sister Yingying, Elder Zhang has escaped!"

The servant said in surprise by the time he came back.

Everyone was shocked and they kept looking at Yingying with a hint of suspicion in their eyes.

If Elder Zhang was truly a Martial Arts Grandmaster, why did he run away?

"Are you done with your show?" The old man asked in a mocking tone, walking towards Yingying as he held his long sword.

Yingying's face became as white as a sheet. Her forehead was covered in a cold sweat and she looked on in surprise as the old man approached her steadily.

"You were the one who invited the Martial Arts Grandmaster, right?"

"Bring him out right now, or else, I'll kill you!"

The old man said with a sinister smile.

At that moment, Yingying's knees dropped to the ground. She looked at him in horror and began begging profusely, "My Lord, I beg of you, please don't kill me. Please."

"Kill her first! She is grandpa's favorite granddaughter, killing me would be worthless!"

"She is the daughter of the Zhang family and the person that grandpa loves the most."

Yingying yelled as she pointed her finger at Lin witha trace of resentment in her eyes.

The old man looked at Lin as he smiled wickedly. Everyone here was going to die today anyway and it would be better if he started with her.

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