Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C9 Get Rid Of Chu Feng
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Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C9 Get Rid Of Chu Feng
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C9 Get Rid Of Chu Feng

Compared with other rich men in business, warriors had a supreme existence.

Legend had it that those who mastered it could extend their lifespan and more often than not, their lifespan exceeds a hundred years.

In contrast, some real giants were just like ants in the eyes of the Martial arts family!

"If I must say, the person must be a young man. He saw me being bullied and stepped on the rainbow clouds to save me and the Zhang family!" a sweet-looking lady with a hot figure spoke all of a sudden.

"Why are you being so confident? It can't possibly be a young man. It must be an old man who is just growing stronger."

"Well, even if he's older, I don't mind. There's nothing wrong with his age. At least, he is an Innate Expert. If I can marry him, I'd be very happy!"

"Yes! That's true. Unlike some people who got married to a good-for-nothing man."

A few of the girls said in a mocking tone. Whenever something like this happened, they always took the opportunity to ridicule Lin.

"That's true. Had it been that Sister Linlin wasn't married yet, there would have been a long queue of men in pursuit of her."

"If it wasn't for Young Master Chu, who married her, we would have had another competitor in the Zhang family!"

Chu Feng didn't say a word as he listened to their rant. He just looked at them with a smile, but no matter how much they mocked him, he didn't care. Besides, they all were like ants in his presence!

After cleaning up the corpse on the ground, they all left one after another. Even Madame Zhang was overjoyed that the Zhang family was able to escape such a huge calamity that would have claimed the lives of everyone.

When they returned home, Lin went straight to the bathroom. She was not in a good mood at that moment. She remembered how she had once imagined that a hero would step on a rainbow cloud to marry her, but three years ago, all her wishes came to naught.

Lin's aunt, Lin Fei'er, looked at Zhang Renzong with a face full of anger and said in dissatisfaction, "Brother-in-law, just take a good look at my sister. When she married you, you admitted to wanting my sister to live a good life!

Initially, I thought you were from a rich family, but look at how my sister has turned out ever since she married you.

Just take a look at you. You're still living in such a small shabby house. My sister was blind back then!"

"Fei'er, stop talking this way!" Lin Qinglan said with a gloomy expression.

"Sis, am I wrong? Why did he let Linlin marry that good-for-nothing man? Why didn't you fight with your uncles?

Why did you make Linlin miss out on having a good life for herself? Sis, it's okay for you to marry trash, but why did you make Linlin suffer the same fate?"

Although Renzong's expression was a bit sad, he didn't refute her. Moreover, he knew that his sister-in-law was right. If he wasn't useless, how could he have let Qinglan suffer with him?

For this reason, even if his sister-in-law lived in his home, and wanted to raise Fei'er, he wouldn't have any objections.

"Brother-in-law, I think you should hurry up and make sure that Linlin divorces that trash of a man. With the kind of beauty she has, she can easily find a powerful man to marry."

"No way!" Qinglan and Renzong said almost at the same time.

"Back then, Father was the one who married both of them. On his deathbed, he even held my hand and told me I can't let them get divorced. If I force Linlin to divorce Chu Feng, wouldn't that be unfilial? I don't agree!" Qinglan said with a stern face.

Although Qinglan knew that Chu Feng was a bit useless, he was not that bad as he had been with Lin for three whole years. Besides, she had good feelings about him.

Although she had wronged her daughter by agreeing to the marriage in the first place, there was nothing she could do to change it.

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