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C2 Chapter 2

Anna took her legs and started scrubbing it, she scrubbed every other part of Bethel's body she almost scrubbed out her skin.

minutes after they were done..

Bethel was clothed in a white silky night wear, the cloth was so exposed,it was long with a slant at the front that exposed her sexy legs, her nipples sticks out hardly.

Bethel was seductive..

she hated to be here.

” follow me to the masters bedroom” Anna said, bethel stood shocked for a while,she suddenly started crying, Anna was surprised.

” when you knew you can't do this job, why did you accept the pay?” the confused Anna asked. Bethel wiped her tears,she wasn't ready to tell anyone her story.

Anna shook her head and lead the way.

minutes later they arrived, bethel walked in only.

Pain wouldn't allow her admire the room interiors,she hated this man,this very one in her presence..

Tonight she will be loosing her virginity to pay her father's debt.

Harry dropped the phone he was pressing and poured some wine in his glass,his cold eyes finally met hers. He bored into the holes of her eyes then smirked.

” strip” he said very icily.

Bethel looked like her world turn apart,it's the dream of every woman to give out their virginity to the one that love them tenderly. This is no where close to what she imagined.

” I beg of you,let me go” she went on her kneels instantly.

” You're my slave,I will do to you whatever I like”

bethel saw there was no point begging, she removed the only white nightie Anne wore her, her creamy breasts plunged out.. the expression on Harry's face changed a little bit, his eyeballs turned darkest

” give me your pant” he ordered.

her hands trembled as she took it off,she threw it to him, he caught it and smelt it.

” black! I love it!!..

” on your kneels!!

” crawl to my feet”

she sob lightly and obeyed, conniption gripped her as soon as she got to Harry's feet, Harry pulled her up by her neck..

His eyes didn't change as he took in her body, he palmed one of her breast to his cold unfeeling eyes.

Harry carresed her body and bethel wished the ground would open up and swallow her,her touched her nipple and twisted it,bethel screamed in pain..

that same moment he slid his finger into her opening,that same moment,he bite her sexy neck in sweet kisses but she never knew the demons fighting in his heart.

” I hate you!!! bethel screamed.

” I don't even want anyone to love me” Harry replied and increased his finger thrust into her hole.

fear was an entity in Bethel's tongue, she would try her luck in begging again.

” I beg of you,it was my father who owed you and not me!! she screamed and that was the height of it...

There was no expression in Harry's eyes, bethel knew it was so stupid to continue begging,so with shaking hands, she tried freeing herself.

Harry pinned her down, she felt she was going to faint but he pulled her up to sit in his lap and his hand went to her breast giving it a rough squeeze, Bethel arched her back as Harry touched every part of her body.

Never had a man touched her like this but here she is in a stranger's lap. After pressing her for so long,he got up with her in his arm and took her to his bedroom where he lay her with her legs spread.

Once,he pulled his zip,his phallus nudge her opening. Bethel's eyes popped open at his size, he was so huge...

he grabbed her thighs,his fingers biting into her flesh and in a flash,he thrust in roughly.

she screamed at him,lunged at him..

Bethel held her breath in pain as he hurried himself fully into her.

Her shout filled the slivery built room,

she couldn't control the pain,

it hurt more than she expected it would.

Harry thrusted into her fastly,he increased his pace...the desire that clouded him was indescribable. Sure,he wasn't doing this for fun.

Bethel's sob increased,she wanted to leave. Move away from his brutal possession but he caged her in an immovable position,he thrust into her persistently.

He touched her. Everywhere. From her chest down to her legs. Leaving prints all over her body.

Bethel's voice cracked,she felt tears in her eyes rolled to the corner of her ears, she closed her eyes not wanting to look at his eyes as he took her fiercely like an animal, when his thrust became intensive, bethel screamed.

The duvet already got smeered with blood and more was still dripping from her woman hood, she sniffed repeatedly trying to control her tears...

Harry pulled out as soon as he cum. He zipped up, Bethel curled into a ball to nurse her pain.

” get out!! Harry said icily.

Tears blinded Bethel's vision, strength was far away from her. She managed to crawl out of the beg and wore her clothes..

she staggered out while crying seriously. she lost count on where to go...

To the cell?

To Anna??

To the head maid???

she was confused, she followed the foot map and returned to the cell.

she sat on the cold floor and cried her eyes out. The cell door flew open, it was the head maid.

Mrs Irene looked at Bethel pitifully.

” Bethel! she called softly.

” whaaattt!!! bethel lit her eyes up and broke into another round of fresh tears.

” Sir Harry said.....

” what??? Harry this. Harry that.. what does he wants from me!! bethel screamed.

” if you want to survive as a slave you don't need all these. Follow me your room has been prepared” Mrs Irene said.

Bethel sat still without moving,she was so much in pains.

” are you still thinking about it? if you're done thinking,call me” Mrs Irene said, she left.

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