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C3 Chapter 3

Bethel find her way into the bathroom, she relaxed in the bath tub and let the warm water ease her pains,her fears...

And even if it eases them,it didn't ease her inner wounds.

The only thing in her brain was to escape.

"He must have an ulterior motive for keeping me here,it's not because my father owed him"

Her inner mind kept telling her but she has never met him before neither did she offend him in this life.

"why is he insisting on keeping me as is slave!!" She thought.

She slowly moved out of the bathtub and turf the white towel around her naked body.

Sarah entered the room in the moment,she was putting on a check maid uniform, black flat shoes,a hat on her head and her hand held a box.

Bethel walked forward to meet her and was about to ask why she was there.

"good evening Bethel. Mr Harry asked me to get you ready for the ball party going on in one of his hotels. He would be ready to pick you in an hour" she concluded, dropping the box on the bed.

"A ball? And what does that has to do with me! Bethel stated,matter of factly.

"Bethel look,this is no time for argument. I have to get you ready now,sir Harry hates lateness" Sarah said, bethel smiled and sat on the chair as instructed.

She will be leaving this mansion. This is her chance to escape. Her chance to escape Harry. She is going to run away. She will get a chance to leave the party before Harry notices her absence.

Minutes later,she looked at her face in the mirror and could barely recognize the person who stared back at her, she looked so beautiful, her skin shone,her eyebrows perfectly carved. Her lips shone deep red,her hair was in a perfect bun,silver pins glittered from her hair. She was gorgeous.

Sarah brought out a deep blue gown from the box, Bethel gasped.

The dress was magnificent,she put it on and stared at her reflection in the mirror,it had a v neck,it's sleeve hugged her shoulders exposing her neck,it was long and hugging her body so tightly.

The dress had silver stones from the neck to the breast region. She was a beauty,she could barely recognize herself.

She turned and noticed it was opened at the back,her legs were on full display,she smiled at herself.

Not because of the dress! But because she's getting the chance to run away.

Sarah finally brought out the shoe from the box. Also,it was pure silver from the straps to it's heel. It had stones on it,blue,silver. It looked so beautiful.

Bethel had never worn shoes as beautiful as this.

She gently tucked her black coal coloured hair behind her ears and cleared her throat to get Sarah's attention.

"Mr Harry really want you to look beautiful tonight,please make him happy. He spent a lot on what you're wearing" Sarah said. Bethel couldn't speak,she was dumb founded but that doesn't stop the fact that she's going to run away.

"Thank you Sarah" she replied.

Just then,the for opened to reveal the beast himself.

Harry!. Sarah left them immediately.

Harry was fixing his tie but immediately he saw bethel,he stopped. They stared at each other for seconds. He was shocked. He was breathless. He was frozen in his spots. He didn't have the chance to look at her properly....

He only captured her from her father because he hates the fact that she reminds him of Carle, the same innocence that made him the man he is today.

He didn't expect that bethel will be a woman of seven beauty, staring at her alone made his shafts hard.

Bethel collected her face and clenched her fists in anger. This monster took her virginity,he's planning to break her. Keep her in his possession and she will never make that happen, she will escape tonight.

She lit her eyeballs to glance at him, he was wearing a deep blue tux, his hair was nearly combed backwards, his green eyes held lust as he stared at her. He was tall. He had a great physique. He was just so handsome but inside of him lay a beast.

"Stand and follow me" he uttered, icily.

Bethel cast him a long hard glare without moving from where she sat.

"Do you have a problem with your ears? Harry's eyes reddened,he hates to be denied.

Bethel sprang up." I don't have a problem and if you're trying to say I have a problem then you're wrong because you are the one who has the problem! You have the problem of capturing a woman and even laying with her on your bed just because her father owed you money. You are disgusted! You're a beast! She yelled and try to walk away but not so fast as Harry grabbed her.

And it all happened once,he sent all the makeup kits on the table crushing and breaking on the floor, he placed her on the table and whirled her around so he could have her back, he lifted her gown to her waist level and came behind her.

He tore her pant,he was so angry..

His animalistic urge had taken over him.

"I will show you how a beast behaves" he whispered huskily into her ears making her shiver,his hand grabbed her face and crushed his lips with hers,all bethels pleas fell on deaf ears as Harry was already consumed with his dark past.

He unbuckled his trouser and at once,he entered her.

Bethel gasped as he began moving in and out of her,his lips kissing her neck,bitting it lightly,making her moan..

The feeling was good,bethel doesn't know why she liked it.

Harry began to thrust harder and deeper. Bethel gripped the table tightly as his throat became so much faster,the whole table was shaking ,their moans was so loud that she's sure the house maids are hearing them.

Harry finally cum.

He stopped and kissed her long and hard on the lips,bethel almost bite his lips in pain. He pulled his shaft out of her and started putting back his trouser. Bethel felt disgusted within herself.

"That's how a beast behaves" Harry uttered,he pulled her to kiss her again but she pushed him and ran inside the bathroom weeping.

"You have just 3minutes to meet me in the car. For your sake,I would advise you not to exceed the time given". Harry groaned and walked out.


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