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C5 Chapter 5

Carle received all the queen treatments from every persons she came across. Even the waitress in the hotel where the ball party was being held. The waitress left several customers in order to attend to her. She likes respect. She likes to be noticed.

"Carle, the food here is excellent, I can assure you" Diego hummed in ecstasy as he took a bite of his steak.

Carle blinked her lashes..

"Your taste is classic" she finally said.

"I can't wait to give you a heir" she added. Diego dropped his fork at that moment. He wiped his mouth with the serviette and made to leave. Nicole wondered what was wrong.

She didn't say anything wrong, after all they are now married.

"Excuse me, Carle. I need to attend to some business. I will meet you in the suite" he said and with that he left.

Carle was stunned. Was that the reason he choose to retire to Irish Travern for their this hotel? So that he could have more chance with his Mexican business partners?...

Carle was displeased. They came to the ball party to have fun but Diego has turned it into a business process, thus totally ignoring her.

She drank water to calm herself down. She stood and grabbed her purse. She took the direction that took her to the fourth floor. Soon she was in the elevator.

She walked, tapping her feet angrily on the floor like it's the cause of her misfortune.

She banged into a door only to find out that she has entered the wrong suite.

She met her familiar young lady. The lady's eyes narrowed at the sight of her.

"Are you looking for Harry?" The lady asked. Then it became cleared to Carle. She had seen this woman with Harry at the ball party.

Ohh here comes Harry new sex slave!

Carle chuckled.

"You're in the wrong room" the lady uttered. Carles eyes narrowed. She cast the lady a very degrading look. Beautiful but she can never be up to her. Harry can never like any other woman asides her. It's either her or no one else.

She knew he hasn't gotten over her. Perhaps he might have hired this lady, maybe as an escort or to be his pretense wife. She scoffed and left the room. Her suite is even next to hers.

What kind of madness is this!

Carle wondered as she threw herself to the bed angrily.

*** **** *****

Bethel close the door and returned back to the couch. She wondered what Carle came looking for. Could it be Harry? She thought for a while but later she shrugged the thoughts off and concluded it is none of her business.

It didn't take long before she doze on the couch where she sat watching movies...

She needs a lot of rest after the exhausting party. In fast her escape plan had been sabotaged.

***** ****** *******

Carle got worried. It's hours past midnight and her husband hasn't returned to the suite with her. She was scared she would have to spend another night alone. He didn't sleep with her on their wedding night, the day before and he wants to repeat that again today.

She dialed his number several times but he refused to pick. She got worried sick. She decided to go to the pool area to check if she is going to catch a glimpse of him.

She fit her feet into her flip flop and sent out in her robe. She left her suite. She had barely taken few steps when her eyes met with those intimate dark eyes that once looked at no other woman aside her. Harry!

She pressed her lips together and stared at him, his amazing figure was everything. He is handsome and doesn't even need a tag nor a crown to show the power he exuded. He was on a call with a briefcase on his other hand. Funny enough, he walked past her without even glancing at her. He acted like he didn't even see her there.

Like she doesn't exist.

Carle was pained as she watched his retreating figure.

"Harry...." She called but he was long gone.

****** ***** *****

Harry got into the suite only to meet Bethel so deep in sleep. He dropped the briefcase and continued with his call. The call took as long as an hour. It was with a very serious minded business partner.

Finally the call came to an end. He dropped his phone and entered the washroom to take a long shower. He stood long under the shower. He recollected he saw Carle. He smirked and minded his business.

It is true that he can never love another the same way he loved her and that shit hurts him a lot. The fact that she knows every single thing about him made him felt terrible.

One thing he would never give to a woman is his trust. It is really necessary if he wants to protect his peace.

He stepped out in towel and finally got clothed. Although, shirtless. He started off with his business, the main reason he came to Mexico. He worked for long hours making different calls and alas he was done. His eyes landed on the young lady who slept on the couch. His eyes stupidly landed to her fat ass. She doesn't have any stain. He breathed and walked forward..

He squated before her and watched how beautiful she was even in her sleep.

He pushed his face closer to take in the scent of her, she scented like flowers. In as much as he wanted to dirty her up with his cock, he restrained himself. She is on her period and that is really hurting her already.

He leaned closer and lifted her to the bed. He laid her carefully and then slowly, his lips peached on her forehead or maybe he wasn't thinking straight.

***** ****** ******

Bethel felt a something soft lingered on her forehead. She couldn't tell what it was but whatever it was, it felt good.

Minutes passed by and she felt nothing of such again. She opened her eyes still feeling sleepy only to see Harry in deep sleep beside her. He looked handsome and he slept so innocently like a baby. One would have thought that he incapable of something dangerous because of how soft he looked while sleeping.

Well, it's hard to say. She felt bad to say that his body is a body that had been made from perfection, from his unmarred fair skin to his small beard that defined his prominent jaw line and the diamond earring that always glinted with every small movement of his head. His hair was dark and slicked.

Slowly, she trailed her finger on his smooth perfect face and his eyes snapped open immediately. She restrained herself immediately.

Their eyes locked and her breathing quickened. His eyes flashed gold, a frown knit on that handsome face of his.

Her heart raced under the intensity of his gaze. For a moment, everything else zoned out and it was just the two of them. Her breath came out shaky as his eyes slowly ran down her body. She didn't miss the glint of desire that crossed his eyes.

The cold reminder that she is a slut to him for the rest of her life made reality hurt her like a sharp slap in the face.

He owned her. He is her master and she is his slave all together. To do with everything and whatever he likes.

She cast him a cold glare that didn't last for minute's before lowering her head in submission.

He drew nearer to her on tbe bed, his eyes on her. She immediately faced the other side, turning her back to him. His eyes fell on her jutting back blades and his eyes took in her plump behind, feeling himself throb hard.

Feeling the awkwardness caused by the silence, Bethel finally decided to say something.

"Hmm...Your....your ex wife came here earlier....I do not know...what she wants" She doesn't know if the information was necessary but she told him anyways.

"It's none of your business. Just focus on being my sex slave and that's all" His words hit her like a ton of break and she could only hold back her tears from falling.

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