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C6 Chapter 6

Bethel's mind wandered back to the happenings at the party, Harry's expression the moment he set his eyes on the lady that called herself Carle. Bethel could swore she has never seen hate as deep and raw as that.

”whatever,why should I care about that?" She shrugged and entered the bathroom. After having her night bath,she put on her flimsy underthings and wore one of the nightmares Mrs Irene gave to her.

She locked the windows and door before laying tiredly.

She knew the exact moment when she was no longer alone.

She had locked the door,and only one person has the key to open the lock. Harry Grayson,he's her master and she's his slave.

Her eyes snapped open and she stared at the door. Harry stood there,his face cold, unreadable as always. Bethel need no soothsayer to tell her what he wants.

Doesn't he knows any other word aside sex?.

A chill went down her spine,as he stared at her with hatred abd visible anger as always.

"Get up and strip" he groaned,his voice icy.

Fear of the unknown filled her body, she sat up and removed her wears with trembling hands.

Naked,she stared at him with pleading eyes but he looked more terrifying and formidable.

"Lie on the bed and give me your back"

She did as was told,her hand tightening on the cheap bedcover, she let her tears fell freely.

His body covered hers from behind and she felt him pressing against her from behind. He nudged her openings with his erection and worked the head of his phallus into her at once.

Bethel let out an erotic cry as the intense pain spread inside her. It hurts badly,the burning sensation was too much for her to handle. He's not doing all this because of the money her father owed him right?

Harry thrust into her all the way to the hilt,she let out an agonizing wail,he lifted her so her middle stopped touching the bed and he began pounding into her earnestly.

He was bruising her badly and he covered her completely with his body caging her.

His hand found their way to her breasts. He pinned her nipples so hard and didn't let go,he kept pounding deep into her with rough thrusts,the sound of skin slapping skin heard.

"I beg you let me go! It was my father who owed you not me!” Bethel pleaded.

"Not because your father owed me, don't you understand why I hate you with every bones in me” Harry groaned,his phallus bumped her cervix,she let out an erotic cry.

The moment his eyes met with her warm brown eyes, animalistic urge for desires took over him. Those eyes of hers,her innocent creamy breasts,her skin which was without a blemish....everything reminded him of Carle,

Carle the betrayer,Carle who injected him an aphrodisiac drug and made him a sex addict.

He fisted Bethel's hair and yanked hard on it. She yelped,he pushed both of her legs apart,causing her to spread more for him.

He pushed her shoulders down on the bed,grabbing hold of her hips,his thrust more deep in her.

Bethel's cries were all over the room,Harry kept up the brutal plunges while Bethel continue screaming.

Harry moaned,he was taking pleasures from her in a very brutal way.

He let go of her breasts and snaked his hand down the nub of her womanhood and he slapped her hard down there.

She cried out tearfully,she squirted. He slapped her clit again. Her thighs shook badly,her screams resonating the room

Her body was shaking under his ruthless possessions.

He kept up the rentless thrusts,the force of his thrust rattled the bed. Bethel didn't know how long passed,she didn't know how long he maintained such brutal strength. She was too tired to scream,she can only whimper in tiny sobs.

He pulled out from her,arranging his clothing,not even a single expression on his face. He didn't spare her a glance as he walked out of the room just like he came.

Scared of this new world she lives in,she sob like a wounded thing would do.


Anna checked herself out again before walking out. She had put a lot of efforts in selecting the most seductive nightwear. Harry would be needing her service tonight,she wants to look seductive for him.

She put on a smile as she cornered to the path that led to his bedroom. She knocked. No reply.

She knocked again,there was no reply. She sighed and restrained herself from opening the door,it's part of the rules. She can't enter his room if she wasn't summoned.

Anna was furious he hasn't summoned her eversince Bethel arrived.

"Does he takes pleasures from her now and won't be needing her service anymore?"

She was lost in thoughts,she jerked the moment the door opened to her face. It was him,Harry.

His hair was dripping wet,she could tell he just had his bath. The white T-shirt he wore clung to his muscles sexily.

"I didn't summon you?" He uttered and walked out.

"I....I..just want...to.. check" she starmmered.

"I won't be needing you tonight and after this month,I will end the contract with your embassy" Harry cuts in and walked away.

"Whaaaaaaatttt??" Anna gasped,trailing behind him.

She knew where he was heading to, to his daughter's room.

She sighed and watch him from the window,he had squatted behind her bed,patting her hair slowly.

"Daddy!!!" Angel called,sleepily.

"Daddy is here okay" Harry's voice came out calmly,he lifted her into his arms.

"Daddy,I love you. Mommy won't take me away from you right?" Angel asked,sleepily.

"You're my princess,no one is taking you away okay" Harry assured and patting her back. He lay her back on the bed and pecked her forehead.

Anna scoffed. "Harry won't be needing my service because of Bethel!" She walked to her room,boiling in visible rage.


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