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C8 Chapter 8

"You need to work to survive as a slave,not sitting down and watching movies. Will you disappear from my sight now! She gritted.

Bethel didn't blink twice,she rushed out to the maids quarter where she joined the other maids.

She joined Catherine and two other girls in cleaning after which she helped Isabella at the kitchen. She still doesn't have an appetite to eat so she rushed up.

Anna appeared in her presence again,her hands on her waist.

"You can go to bed after my cloths are washed,slave"she mocked.

Bethel's heart beat hardly in her chest. she doesn't know what to expect. Being Harry's slave is one thing she can endure but having a lady like herself torturing her is a thing she can never endure.

How can two beasts be torturing her at the same time?

"Am not everyone's slave. I am Harry's slave and only him has the right to command me" Bethel replied. She made an attempt to walk away,but not so fast as Anna pulled her back.

"Do you know who you're talking to?"Anna queried,visible fury in her eyeballs.

"As far as you're not the one on a dollar note,why should I care so much?"she replied as she jerked her hands off.

Anna was shocked for seconds,she never thought she will have a sharp tongue.

She raised her hand,bethel didn't see it coming. Anna slapped her hard across her face.

"I am Harry's mistress and I have to torture you as well"Anna yelled angrily.

Bethel rubbed her cheeks,her hands itched to slap her back but it would be a waste of energy,she will gets punished slapping her master's mistress.

"Follow me"Anna ordered.

"I am not your slave,I won't" bethel uttered in horror,she walked away leaving Anna skyrocketed on her spot.


Harry was a bit surprised when he was informed Diego was around and wanted to see him.

He knew he came to taunt him about his ex wife betraying him and making him a man who can do without sex..

"Good day" Diego smirked as he walked into Harry's office.

Harry glanced at him with his usual cold face. "Why are you here, Diego?".

"J and K contracts...I heard it was awarded to you and you rejected it".

"So?"Harry asked,standing up to pack his stuffs. He was done for the day.

"Well...how does it feels to know Carle is in my place after you bragged about not lossing her to me,she even came to me willingly...wow"Diego grinned,he loved the expression that formed in Harry's eyeballs.

He look so much affected on hearing Carle's name.

Who would have thought that her name will still have an effect on him?.

"And the aphrodisiac injection,it was all my plan..."

Harry couldn't hold his anger anymore,he collared Diego and released punches freely on his face till he spat out blood. Diego couldn't fight back because Harry was so fast.

Harry angrily push Diego towards the glass door,making him crash with it.

"Take the dirt away" he muttered the moment the securities walked into his office.

He picked his car key and walked out. His arousal for sexual desires arrived,he will forever hate women. If there's an afterlife,Harry will definitely choose a life women doesn't exit in.


Bethel wore her nightwear and had wanted to sleep when the older woman came inside her room with two shopping bags and a new phone pack.

"They are all yours"Irene smiled.

Bethel's mouth hung open,unable to say a word.

The woman had been sending her things,could it really be Harry's doing? Maybe he's not that heartless as she thought.

"Umm,are all these all from Harry?" She questioned.

"No,I bought them" Irene answered as she was told to answer.

"Thank you ma'am"Bethel said immediately.

What was she even thinking? Harry is like a beast,he doesn't care.

"Anytime"Irene added and left.

Bethel opened each bags,she gaped at the sight before her.

The cloths all came with tags and each cloth cost up to $7,000 or more.

And there are close to 25cloths.

Where on Earth will Irene get money to buy all these for her,a slave?.

Bethel sighed and walked out. She would tell the old woman to stop spending recklessly on her.

She walked down the hallway and crossed many stairs,it then dawn on her that she doesn't even know the older woman room.

She sighed and started walking back but not until a particular door caught her attention.

The door was beautiful and designed with flower petals. On the door was a gold inscription "Angel".

Bethel couldn't help but wonder what room it was,because it was damn attractive.

She moved closer to the door and placed her ears closely. She heard voices.

*I don't like the new nanny*

*Angel,you can't keep changing nanny*

*I want only you, ma'am Irene. I don't want any other nanny*

*It's okay,go to bed honey*

Bethel took her ears away and found a place to hide. Shortly after she hide,Irene came out and close the door slightly.

Bethel came out of her hideout and walked closely,she stood at the entrance.

The sight in her presence took her sight away. The girl whom she heard Irene called Angel laid on the bed sleeping peacefully.

She's Harry's daughter!!

Her lashes were fringed heavily just like Harry's,and they stood proudly against her cheek bone.

Her skin was spotless,she was indeed beautiful with her dark satin hair which fell freely on her face even in sleep.

Her room was like a mini paradise to Bethel,starting from her wardrobe,her mirror,her toys, everything was breathtaking that she was tempted to pat the girls hair.

She hates Harry but not her.

She moved closer and took a closer view at the sleeping beauty,she covered her well and walked out, she walked straight into Harry.

"What are you doing here?" He blurts out, bethel stiffened as he wrapped his hand around her neck and squeezed,choking her.

Bethels breathing hitched,she found it hard to draw in breaths.

"You don't ever come in here again,Bethel. Ever. Because I will truly kill you then"he wasn't using all his strength but he was truly choking her.

She tightened her hand on her nightwear to keep from holding his hand.

He let go. His eyes bloodshot.

Bethel lowered her head,her neck burning as she tried to drag in breaths. He hates her so much,why?.


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