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C9 Chapter 9

Bethel knows what Harry is capable of doing to her and just the thought of it had panic closing down her throat.

"You don't ever come in here, Bethel. Ever. Because I will truly kill you if you get close to my daughter" he repeated once more.

She nodded,trying to drag in breaths.

He released his tight hold on her neck and bethel could swore she felt relief in her spines.

The moment he left her neck,she took to her heels,but not until his hoarse voice stopped her.

"To my room".

Her heart beat in her chest,she doesn't know what to expect,maybe it's his usual sex craving.

She obeyed and walked into his bedroom,he showed him from behind minutes later.

"Don't just stand,strip" he commanded,yet pressing his phone. Bethel couldn't pick up what he was thinking or feeling,his face remained expressionless as ever.

Her hands turned sweaty. She started removing her clothes one after another,she removed the bands on her hair, loosing it wildly. Then she removed everything from her singlet to her pant.

Naked,she tried not to stare at him,her gaze pinned to the floor.

"To the bed" his voice came again.

Bethel swallowed into nothing, pressing tightly in the bed,almost hugging it like a second skin. She felt movement behind her,his body covering her,her fat ass cushioned his heavy erection perfectly.

Bethel kept her eyes tight. You don't have to look,she told herself,her eyes not blinking nor opened. But when he snaked his hand to her front and caress her breast,she moaned out.

She felt disgusted within herself for moaning. She is suppose to be in tears not moan..

Harry pressed closer to her,he was still completely dressed. His touch was surprisingly gentle as he forced her to look at him,her heart ran out of her chest when his handsome chiseled face stared at her. Up close,she found out he had a tattoo on his neck,more like a signature.

"Give me your back"he whispered.

Bethel did as she was told. The ruffle of cloth was heard,then he came behind her.

He steadied himself towards her opening,his hand holding her hip as he worked himself into her. He didn't take her roughly as he did the other night in her room.

Instead he pushed slowly until he was all the way inside her.

It hurts her as always,but there was something else. A feeling she couldn't explain. She moaned as she took each of his strokes.

He began a long but steady movement.

Bethel clenched her hand on the bed,she was scared he will hurt her or twerk her nipples hardly or slap her clit hardly. She was afraid he will yank her hair or hurt her badly.

But he didn't.

Instead he kept up the steady thrust. She didn't understand what she was feeling but it was overwhelming,it wasn't pain. The feeling was sweet.

He caressed her breasts at the same time,he angled his thrust. Her moans got wild as he began a faster pace. Plunging in and out of her.

When he tangled his hand in her hair she stiffened,waiting patiently for him to yank her hair and slap her ass but instead of hurting her,he pulled her back to meet his thrust.

"Ohh ...heavens" the sound escaped her mouth. An unbearable sensation burst through her,the feelings washed her completely.

"Ohh my god,harrrrrrryyyy"..

"Master,not Harry"

"I'm sorry,master" bethel apologize.

He pulled away from her and she laid there trying to catch her breath.

Her eyes watched as he turned away from her. He never remove his cloth with her. She has never seen his organ but she knew it's large and manly because of the way it feels inside her.

Is it also his hatred for her that makes him stay clothed with her?.

"get out of my room" she heard.

She quickly wore her cloths and rushed out. Why is he so heartless? If only her father never sold her out. Bethel had always imagine a happy life,a life she is contended with, a life her husband will love only her, they will both be happy..

Maybe dreams do not come true because this is not close to what she imagined at all.

She admired Angels room for a while,she pitied the little girl for having a father like Harry.

She had wanted to walk away but the little girl cry made her stop. She didn't knew when her legs took her into the room.


*Mommy is here,she wants to take me away!!!

*She will take your princess away!!


*Nanny,don't let her take me away!!!

*Dad,your princess won't go with Mom right!!!

Bethel pitied the little girl even though she found it difficult to understand her words,she was seriously crying in sleep.

"Nanny is here okay,mom won't take you away" bethel assured and tried touching the little girl.

"Mom is here,I don't want to go with her. I want to stay with Dad forever"

"Baby,mom is not here. She won't take you away, okay" bethel assured,she didn't know when she took the little girl in her arms,patting her hair slowly.

She sang a popular lullaby for her, she slept immediately. Bethel sighed and tried putting her back to the bed,she started crying again.

She sang another lullaby for her and tried putting her down,her cry got louder this time. She doesn't want bethel to put her down.

On hearing Angels cries, Harry abandoned what he was doing in his room and rushed to her room.

Bethel stiffened the moment he showed up, Angel was still crying in her arms.

"What did you do to her?" He asked, his voice icy and dangerous.

Bethel opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. The sight of visible hatred,raw and deep in Harry's eyes made her stomach chun.

"I didn't.....I didn't" she shook her head.

"I warned you, Bethel"

Bethel didn't knew what happened next but she shut her eyes,the moment she felt him close.


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