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C2 Two

Gabriella groaned and buried her face deeper into the pillow at the sound of her doorbell. She was not expecting anybody so at first, she thought she heard wrong or mistook her dream for reality.

After a while, the person outside her apartment showed no mercy by continuously pressing the bell which left Gabby with no choice but to go open up.

She was prepared to lash out on the individual but words terribly failed her when she opened the door.

Her best friends, Isabelle and Seraphina had the biggest smiles on their faces. Bella was with a bouquet of red roses which rested against her chest and supported by her left arm. She also had two gift bags on her right hand.

Seraphina was holding a big and beautifully designed cake box. And on the floor beside Gabby's door laid about six other gift bags.

"You two are supposed to have class this morning right?" Gabriella asked with a big frown.

"I need to put this down, I hope the cake in it is as yummy as the weight," Sera said before passing by a confused and shocked Gabby and making her way into Gabby's small but cosy apartment.

"Happy Birthday my love!" Isabella gave Gabby a peck on the cheek before handing her the roses.

"Forget about our morning classes. We ditched them to come celebrate with you!" Bella justified.

"You guys got all these for me?" Gabriella asked as she took a glance at all the gifts once more.

Bella and Sera looked at each other and smiled.

"We only got this for you." Bella gestured to the gift bags she was holding.

"On our way in, we bumped into a delivery guy who said all these items were for you. We signed and accepted them so here they are. Happy birthday Gabby, you know I love you so much." Sera explained and pulled Gabby into a half hug, careful not to ruin her beautiful roses.

"Thank you, Sera and thank you too, Bella. I love you guys."

"Does that mean these are all from your Lover Guy?" Bella smirked.

Gabriella's cheek turned red as she looked elsewhere except into her best friends eyes.

"I knew it the moment I sighted all of it. It's only one who is in love that will go all the way to give a beautiful surprise." Sera said before picking up the gift bags that were by the door. They all entered the apartment with Bella shutting the door quietly behind them.

Gabriella King had always been someone that not only likes peace and quiet but someone that also enjoys her privacy.

The three best friends stayed off-campus and no matter how much Sera and Bella pleaded for Gabby to come live with them in their big apartment, she refused.

Unlike her best friends, Gabby was from an average home so she was comfortable with the apartment her parents rented for her.

A living room which was connected to the kitchen. It also has a cosy bedroom with a bathroom/tiny closet.

Though it was small, she made sure she decorated it nicely to get that homely feeling. But she visits Sera and Bella's apartment from time to time.

"Girls!!!!, it may not be from him. Are you guys even sure all these are for me because this is strange. I've never received a surprise this HUGE"

"I'm sure they are from him," Sera said. "Though the delivery guy didn't mention your surname but Hey, you're the only Gabriella in this building and today is your birthday!"

"Btwn, why did it take you so long to open up? I was already thinking you were shagging someone who decided to give you a good fuck as a birthday present." Sera added

"Seraphina!!!!!!" Isabelle cautioned. "Of course she can't shag no one that isn't Mr Lover Guy"

Gabriella heaved a tired sigh. "You girls will be the end of me."

"I didn't go to bed early so yeah I was tired. Not that I owe you two any explanation." Gabby said.

"Of course you do because you're our friend," Sera said.

Bella smiled, "I have no doubt the man in question is the one who kept our best friend awake. You guys talked on the phone till past midnight right?"

Gabby blushed and her friends giggled. It was sort of entertaining seeing their best friend so in love.

Bella was right, Gabby didn't go to bed early because she was on the phone with Sam. He called forty-five minutes before midnight-her birthday- and when it was midnight sharp, he wished her a happy birthday. They talked some more before they finally decided to go to bed. He didn't mention that he was going to send anything to her so yeah, she was surprised and very happy.

"Okay, I think it's time we open all these gifts. I really want to see what he got you." Bella said excitedly.

Gabriella nodded and started with the bouquet of roses she was holding. She reached for the note attached to it.

"Happy Birthday Gabby! Many more fruitful years. Please accept all that I sent you with love and make sure you enjoy your day." Isabelle read out loud with a big smile on her face, brushing off the fact that the handwriting looks kind of familiar.

"Aweee. You definitely have to marry this dude regardless of his age." Sera giggled while Bella nodded in agreement.

"Please let's not go too far. Besides he's not a 'dude.'" Gabby defended.

Sera looked at Bella. "I think she already likes him more than us."

Gabby pouted, "You know that's not true."

"I hope so or else Bella and I will hunt you forever."

"Anyways, Can we see the cake now?" Bella pouted with the desire to eat as many pieces as possible.

The trio made their way to Gabby's neatly arranged kitchen counter where Seraphina placed the cake earlier and they gave the birthday girl the honour of opening the cake box.

"No way!"

"Oh my God!"

"I'm sure this cake was made by the best baker in the world. This is insane!" Sera, Bella and Sera said respectively. Their eyes not leaving what happened to be one of the most beautiful and yummy looking cakes they've ever seen. The cake also had "Happy Birthday Gab!" on it.

Gabriella was smiling like crazy. She made a mental note to thank the hell out of Sam. She would definitely do that later when her friends had left. They will tease her if she calls him in their presence.

"Gab huh?" Bella teased

Gabby's cheek turned crimson red. Sam was used to calling her that and She loved the nickname. She couldn't help but think he sounded so sexy whenever he said her pet name.

Sera reached for a cake knife and passed it to Gabriella. She led the happy birthday song while Bella sang along and reached for her phone to record and perhaps take pictures.

They all ate a few pieces before Bella commanded that they take a break and check out all the stuff Gaby's mystery man got for her.

They proceeded to the tiny carpet area of the living room where all the gift bags were. The three best friends got comfortable on the carpet and waited for Gabriella to start unveiling her gifts.

A jewellery organizer that had a number of bracelets, anklets, matching necklaces and earrings. Two wrist watches, three boxes of Gabby's favourite chocolate, expensive perfumes and a beautiful pair of red heels.

She moved to the second to the last box and carefully reached for the item inside because it looked very fragile.

Gabriela tried to keep her happy tears at bay when she came face to face with a Macbook air.

She remembered mentioning it to him two nights ago that her laptop was faulty. She had planned to repair it with her savings but TADA!, her Sam surprised her with the type of laptop she didn't think she would own until a few years to come.

"I'm so convinced that this guy loves you." Bella smiled while Gabby shrugged shyly.

"I'm sure he must be very hot and sexy." Sera grinned.

"Of course he must be. Do you think Gabby will agree to date someone who isn't a Greek god?" Bella voiced out.

"We aren't dating!" Gabby blushed.

"Maybe not yet. But you guys will, eventually. I can sense it." Bella smirked.

"You will say 'Yes' if he pops the question right?" Sera asked.

"Phina?!!!" Gabby groaned while Bella chuckled.

"Chill Gabby, I'm sure Seraphina meant you will say yes if he asks you to be his girlfriend," Bella explained while Sera burst into laughter.

"So you were thinking I was referring to him proposing to you? Nice thought, bestie." She said in between laughter while Gabby looked away in embarrassment.

"You're such a bully Sera. You should try picking out your words carefully next time." Bella said.

"I think I said the right thing, Gabby just misinterpreted. I swear I'm not jealous, I'm just excited and thrilled to see Queen Gabriella whipped by a guy."

Bella nodded in agreement. Every girl deserves to be loved and spoiled, most especially by a guy and her friend, Gabby, was not an exception.

"So when will you and Sammy jammy finally meet?" Bella asked excitedly. She was aware her best friend and lover guy call and text themselves almost every time but she knew they've not seen each other physically.

Gabby quirked an eyebrow. She had never revealed Sam's name to her best friends. They even came to know about Sam earlier than she had wanted to tell them.

The trio were very close so Sera and Bella couldn't help but notice some of Gabby's stylish behaviour.

She was closer to her phone than usual, always texting and having this "I'm in love smile" on her face. And immediately a particular phone call comes in, she would excuse herself to answer in private.

So, on a fateful night, her besties stormed into her apartment and forced her to open up. She told them all they needed to know but held back a few details.

"Unintentionally, we do see his name flash across your screen, whenever he calls or sends you a text," Sera explained and Gabby nodded.

"I have no idea when we are going to meet. Though he had proposed several invitations. He wants us to meet but I keep coming up with excuses."

"Why?" Bella asked a little heartbroken.

"Still unsure cos of his age?" Sera asked concerned and waited patiently for her best friend's reply.

"I don't know." She whispered and then heaved a sigh.

"He treats me with respect, he listens to me even during my ranting days, he makes me laugh, never for once did he make me feel I'm far younger than him, I look forward to hearing from him every day and knowing him has obviously made me a happier person."

"On the other hand, everything just seems good to be true. I'm afraid if we take a step further, like seeing each other, something might go wrong."

Sera intertwined one of her hands with Gabby's own while Bella gave Gabby a light squeeze on her shoulder.

"You like him very much and from all that I've heard and seen, I have no doubt he feels the same. If your heart tells you YES then I think you should give meeting him a try." Bella said.

"I agree with Isabelle. Your happiness matters the most and if everything about Sam makes you happy, then you shouldn't be afraid to take a step forward and see what the future holds for you two. You wouldn't know if you do not try, you know!"

Gabriella nodded.

"Or you're worried he might cheat on you with someone his age?" Sera voiced out.

"I swear I'll cut off his balls if he breaks your heart. I wish Bella and I could see him to give him a Warning."

Gabriella smiled sadly, "I don't know how Sam did it but I've come to trust him. My heart tells me he wouldn't cheat on me or intentionally hurt me and I hope he lives by that."

Bella smiled proudly, "I'm happy to see you so in love. I'm proud of the woman you're becoming."

Sera giggled, "Same here"

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